Sunday, December 26, 2021

ConnectX and blockchain in outerspace

connectx and blockchain in outerspace

Blockchain in Outerspace? Why not, says ConnectX What is special about connectx and blockchain in outerspace? Users of the ConnectX network can access their data using their mobile devices. The mere thought of bleak space surrounding the universe often spurns much imagination to journey into its infinite blackness armed to the teeth with fact-based theories, …

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Chainium ICO Review

chainium ico review

Blockchain technology has, most importantly, granted us decentralization and transparency. Many new ICO-based projects want to connect that technology with already-known ideas in order to improve them. In this TokenTops ICO review, we will take a look at a project that wants to enhance the equity market. General Idea Chainium is essentially a blockchain for the …

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Cash Poker Pro Review

cash poker pro review

CASH POKER PRO In today’s TokenTops ICO review, we will be looking at a new interesting casino game project. After visiting Cash Poker Pro’s website, we are welcomed by a very brave statement that says, ”It is a platform that will change the world of poker”. Do they really have that much to offer to be able …

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BitFort ICO Review

bitfort ico review

General Idea BitFort wants to create. They have three core beliefs that they want to emphasize on their platform: Security, Trust, and Suitability. BitFort tries not to promise any unreachable profits for the platform investors, and they want to remain as transparent and truthful as possible. The main goal is to create a platform that is …

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Bitcoin Mining Power Consumption Worth Over $1.5 Billion

bitcoin mining power consumption worth over $1.5 billion

In what is increasingly becoming a banner year for Bitcoin, including smashing through eight all-time high records and commanding 53% of the crypto market’s $250 billion market capitalization, the pioneering cryptocurrency has been predicted to consume the world’s electricity by February 2020. The prediction comes from Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, which uses the relationship between …

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ClearCoin ICO Review

clearcoin ico review

General Idea ClearCoin wants to enhance its advertisement possibilities and explore new marketing opportunities. With the power of the blockchain, they want to create a platform, which will connect advertisers and publishers and allow for real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment. ClearCoin ICO Review wants to enhance …

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Let the Blockchain Games Begin

blockchain games begin

Can IBM’s ‘Blockchain as a Service finally facilitate mass adoption? In the last few years, blockchain technologies have gained real traction in finance. Blockchain’s general ledger relies on transparency, honesty, and security – all of which are vital within transactions. Blockchain has also been applied outside of the financial industry. In trade, for example, it has been …

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Is the Blockchain Broken?

is the blockchain broken

Competitors are preparing to exploit inherent weaknesses in Blockchain This May, Bitcoin’s value rocketed by 65 percent. By the following month, one bitcoin was equal to $2,000. It looked as if the cryptocurrency had finally broken out of the trough of disillusionment into mainstream adoption. However, it became clear that the blockchain-based technology had bitten …

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Companies Run By Code: Using Blockchain for Better Business

companies run by code

Blockchain has many applications beyond the financial As we all know, blockchain has a key role in how cryptocurrencies work. The currencies themselves are disrupting traditional payments, but blockchain has proven that it has many applications well beyond this. While digital currencies have expanded their influence, the number of applications of blockchain technology has only …

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Big Energy Businesses Backing Blockchain: Detailed Information

Big Energy Businesses Backing Blockchain

Earlier this year, LO3 Energy set up a peer-to-peer microgrid in Brooklyn, New York. The initiative enabled consumers to generate, store and sell solar energy within the community, instead of buying directly from the grid. How does it work? Blockchain. Smart contracts validate sales between members of the community, storing the transactions in the general ledger. This …

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