Sunday, December 26, 2021

BitFort ICO Review

General Idea

BitFort wants to create. They have three core beliefs that they want to emphasize on their platform: Security, Trust, and Suitability. BitFort tries not to promise any unreachable profits for the platform investors, and they want to remain as transparent and truthful as possible. The main goal is to create a platform that is supported by an app, which makes cryptocurrency investing and transfer less complicated and much more rewarding.

Current Problem

BitFort has noticed a few problems with investing in cryptocurrencies and its results. Many investing platforms promise much more than they can offer, which leads to financial problems pretty quickly, with huge crashes and many disappointed investors. If it happens to a bigger platform, it can even take its toll on the overall price of particular cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Moreover, it gives bad press in the mainstream media and gives a bad impression of cryptocurrencies as unstable and full of scam attempts. They believe that transparency is essential to convince users and investors to trust the platform.

The Platform

bitfort ico review

The platform will consist of different features that will help investors multiply their money with a focus on lending and arbitrage trading. One of their goals was to provide users with these possibilities through very easy-to-use apps and websites. The dashboard was created to be user-friendly, easy to understand, and operate. This will help investors minimize the time worrying about working the system.

The application, which will be available on IOS and Android, will enable to transfer BitFort tokens from one user to another to buy and sell them effectively in a simple and secure way. This will make the process less complicated and much quicker. Additionally, the future plan is to include other coins within the application and wallet.

Lending Program

In order to bring something unique to make them stand out from other similar platforms, BitFort focuses on providing realistic potential returns. They give daily payments on loans, which vary from 0.5 to 1% per day. Moreover, you can withdraw earned interest almost instantly.

Another interesting profit feature of the platform is the use of Arbitrage trading. The team behind BitFort has 5 years of experience in running such strategies, and they have developed their own trading bots to do so. The arbitrage system buys and sells cryptocurrencies between different platforms in order to create almost instant and sure profit from the small price differences.

The Token

bitfort ico review

BitFort token will be used as the main payment option within the platform, as well as the main currency for the loans. It is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, which means it can be stored alongside other popular ICO tokens with the Ethereum wallet of your choice. There will be a supply overall of 26 million tokens. In the ICO, a total of 6 million tokens will be available, while 20 million will be locked for a year to sustain the price in the market.

One of the interesting features is the fact that the token will be available on their own integrated exchange to make it easier for platform users and investors to buy BitFort coins effectively and within the platform. Apart from their own exchange, they plan to be listed soon after finishing the ICO phase on a few other exchanges, like or HitBTC, for example.

ICO Phase

The token sale will take place in a couple of rounds, with each one having a different price. The first initial rate is set at $0.80 per token, with the last one reaching up to $1.30. This means the earlier you decide to buy, the cheaper you can get them.

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