Sunday, December 26, 2021

ConnectX and blockchain in outerspace

Blockchain in Outerspace? Why not, says ConnectX

What is special about connectx and blockchain in outerspace? Users of the ConnectX network can access their data using their mobile devices. The mere thought of bleak space surrounding the universe often spurns much imagination to journey into its infinite blackness armed to the teeth with fact-based theories, wild imagination, and farfetched conjectures. 

Notwithstanding these, it has logically been considered that space could host a satellite station capable of internet-less storage. It is not a farfetched reality considering that storage is becoming a real source of concern in the transmutation of global data creation. Many experts have considered several options including literal cloud storage and the not too literal ones too. 

Sixteen years ago, global data production amounts to a staggering five exabytes (five billion gigabytes). But that figure is no longer a jaw dropper as it presently stands for that same amount of data generated in 10 minutes. 

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Space-Age Storage

A Satellite-Based, private network is championing the next step in developing a future-proof data storage solution. The platform will store digital wallets and financial information and will also perform cryptocurrency services without the need for the internet. This “Internet-less” private network is ConnectX.

ConnectX has announced its plans to facilitate the immutable growth of the cryptocurrency community via its state-of-the-art, secure platform safely tucked away in space as a constellation of small satellites in low earth orbit.

Putting servers in space offers the least costly alternative to energy solutions, with the benefits of seamless solar power and zero gravity that will allow the drives to spin with less resistance.

In addition to this, the cold atmosphere of space will eliminate servers overheating, resulting in faster delivery of services. The platform will accommodate every cryptocurrency transaction and other sensitive data on its network for less cost, more security, and global accessibility. 

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Users of the ConnectX network can access their data using their mobile device in the initial launch of the platform, prior to a proposed device that will unite (internet-less) with the satellites, thus removing the risk of a breached communication or any third-party interception. 

Lance Parker the CEO of ConnectX elaborated more in his CCN interview. 
“Our first deployment will be the Internet as the interface. It will use mobile Internet access to get to our ground station, initially, until we have a full deployment, and then it will be a direct connection eliminating the use of the Internet using an entirely new symbol structure and modulation scheme that changes the economics on the order of magnitudes for each satellite node. It also adds another layer of security, using our symbol structure rather than binary.”

X Marks the Spot

ConnectX project is the brainchild of Lance Parker. It was conceived over 7 years ago. Lance’s innovative idea received a full-fledged expośe when it was featured in a 2015 Fortune issue.

The ConnectX project is backed by the hired talent of leading engineers who are experienced in space, aeronautics, and satellite communications. The project team also boasts of a member who invented and designed one of the first satellite mesh networks for the U.S. Army. 

ConnectX network is built to self-heal and reroute messages in cases of communication failures. Wherein nodes quickly dispatch data and automatically replicate. The platform constellation of satellites is a circuit of secondary satellites that flies at a higher orbital altitude and backup satellites that fly in position and also provide a replacement for any faulty satellite.

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