Sunday, December 26, 2021

Social Networks And Their Influence Today

Social networks began to emerge around the 90s, one of the first  “AOL Instant Messenger, “which had a great impact on adolescents and young people of that time.

Currently, social networks have become more than a simple means of communication; they have evolved in such a way that now they not only influence personal and social connections but now also influence the way of doing business; it is a tool that we implement to generate content in our work environment, which until now has been very helpful for new generations of entrepreneurs and new businesses that want to position themselves and be recognized for their brand with less budget.

Today they are not only exclusive for young people and adolescents; they are also used by other generations, adults, and even our grandparents (and more now due to this global pandemic). Day by day, social networks are evolving more and more, bringing with these positive factors for marketing processes and implementing new forms of advertising through these communication networks.

However, we can also observe negative things that arise from these, such as excess information (in many cases false or negative), content practically for adults without age restriction, and the very popular constant advertising, which has managed to saturate our ideal client causing a higher barrier in the process of selling on our social channels.

Be more objective

social networks and their influence today

That’s right; now we have to be more objective and specific in order to reach our ideal client; we have to get to know our audience better and be more creative with the content that we are going to offer them so that it is attractive and relevant to them and thus achieve our objective.

However, we must be aware and know how to use social networks responsibly, not only in our personal lives but also at work, we must take care of the content we offer and the personal information that we show because just as they have helped and have evolved in a positive way to Our work is also used for negative purposes, to steal information or personal data, to know your exact location, and in extreme cases for extortion.

Undoubtedly, you have to give them the importance they deserve and know how to use them with restriction, as well as knowing which ones and how to use them; Many think that social networks are for all types of businesses when in reality, you have to select the most appropriate for the business and audience you want to focus on since each social network is created for the main objective.

For example, it is not the same to make a recruitment publication on Instagram as to do it on LinkedIn; since Instagram is a visual social network with an approach to show the personality of your brand, it is far from being a channel for hiring or professional and corporate issues such as LinkedIn.

So rest assured that many of your users could stop following you if you intend to hire staff from your Instagram, so it is undoubtedly an issue to consider.

Which one to use?

social networks and their influence today

We have all asked ourselves, when starting a brand, company, or even working independently, what social networks should we use? Nowadays, it is very popular to be on “Facebook”; however, because it is the most popular social network in the world, it does not mean that your brand must be present; What do we mean by this?

Let’s take an example

If you want to launch adult products, Facebook will allow you to create an account. However, taking into account that it is the most popular social network in the world. You have to know that no matter how much you segment your account to that, this reaches your ideal client. It will also be available for minors to enter and interact. Possibly achieving a bad brand reputation among parents if this is the case we recommend you. Read Crisis Plan in social networks and tips for carrying it out.

The Facebook algorithm (sequence of sequential instructions) shares practically everything we do with our community. To increase the interaction and likes of our community. So if you like page XXX and comment on a publication of a super discounted adult product they posted. Quite possibly, Facebook will share it with your friends, co-workers, and family (dangerous, don’t you think).

In conclusion, it is not very convenient for an adult brand to use Facebook within its marketing strategy. Unless it has a “very creative” marketing agency that knows how to handle advertising in a non-grotesque way. But in the same way, it is not. Free from a possible bad reputation.

Does social media build or destroy?

social networks and their influence today

We have to take seriously who we give the power to manage our social networks. Whether it is a personal account, public figure, or company page. You have to have a strategic plan so that our work is effective and we see relevant results.

And for this, we are not referring to hiring the largest and most expensive social media agency in your country. But if you plan to entrust your brand’s reputation to a sobriety manager (a person with little or no knowledge of social media, metrics, and design that they usually hire to collect cheaper and be millennial). We recommend that you ask them to work under a plan in which you are involved. Supervise each text to be published. And verify that each publication transmits the essence of your brand (not just the visual identity).

Finally, keep in mind that  “it does not matter the number of followers or likes”, (unless your goal is to impress someone); since many followers end up affecting the reach of your publications, think of it like this: do you prefer 10,000 followers of all ages, countries, and languages ​​… or 1,000 potential clients?

Success on social media

The success of social networks is in the quality of our work and its constancy. And this will only be achieved with good social media bread and knowledge to carry it out. Read and take advantage of the results to improve, improve and improve. With this, we assure you that you will be successful in social networks.

There are also social media tools that will help you a lot (you or your agency). To carry out the administration of your social channels. Take actions such as planning and scheduling each publication. Having an overview of the best times to publish and launching advertising campaigns (paid). And even generating results reports to measure the progress of the strategy, all in one place.

For all this, we use the Pro 5 version of the Metricool tool, its cheapest paid version.

Finally, do not forget to give them the importance they deserve. Since the construction of your brand (or its destruction) depends on them. So if you do not have professional knowledge or the time to choose your best social channels. Content creation, design, and advertising strategies within your social networks. You can always hire a social media agency.

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