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Best Of Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App Reviews

Secure your family. Ensure your children’s safety. Track calls, text messages, and location. Follow online activity.


Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App


uKnowKids allows you to look through calls, text messages, multimedia files, and the GPS location of the target mobile device, including a Geo-fencing feature.


This app is more monitoring rather than remote managing. It won’t give you access to any instant messengers (except Facebook Messenger), nor will you be able to block or limit access to any application or website.

The Verdict – 7.4/10

An enhanced parental control app requires too many features that this app lacks. With the help of uKnowKids, you will be able to look through some activities of your kids without the possibility of managing them.


uKnowKids can provide extensive monitoring of common features any phone has – call history and messages as well as photos and videos stored on a kid’s device. Parents can look through contact details and learn the social circle of their children. One essential feature is beneficial – it is GPS locating and Geo-fencing.

However, a lack of essential features like monitoring of instant messengers endangers children, as parents can’t timely get acquainted with cyberbullying accidents. According to this, uKnowKids cannot ensure top-level protection for kids.

Reports & Logs – 7/10

uKnowKids works with the most common phone features: calls, SMS, multimedia files, contact lists, and a list of applications installed on the target device.

Social media, IM chats, and browsing history cannot be monitored and managed by this application. There is no keylogger, and the app cannot check calendar events.

Features – 3.5/10

The functionality of the app is extremely limited. As we have mentioned before, the app is mostly monitoring, so it cannot block access to particular sites or applications or delete inappropriate apps from the target device. This app will not allow parents to limit time spent playing games or browsing the Internet, which is one of the greatest cons of the app. More than that, the app doesn’t block in-app purchases and installation of new apps. Also, parents won’t be notified if a child receives threats or messages containing rude language.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

uKnowKids offers parents a personal dashboard where it is possible to look through all tracked data – there is no need to get access to a child’s handheld device. Simply log in to your dashboard and all necessary information will be in hand.

On the other hand, the app has several lacks security features. For example, you will not be notified if your kid will change a SIM card. And with this app, you will have to install additional antitheft software, as uKnowKids can’t remotely lock or wipe data from a lost or stolen device. Still, with the help of GPS tracking, it is possible to find out the precise location of the lost phone.

Help & Support – 4/10

uKnowKids has no free support, and it doesn’t work around the clock. If you have some questions about the functionality of the app or have technical problems with it, you can send an email or use a contact form provided on the official site of the app – and it is not convenient when you need a fast solution.

Conclusion – 7.4/10

The application cannot be considered error-free protection for kids as it lacks a lot of features any good parental control app needs. Though with its help, you will be able to monitor main phone features.

Still, the app is constantly updating, so it is constantly improving.


Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App


TXTWatcher has several essential options any parental control app should have: call history and SMS reviewing. Also, the app enables a user to monitor applications installed on the target smartphone or tablet.


The app has an exorbitant price – one of the highest you can find. Unfortunately, the price you pay for the app is the money to burn because the app doesn’t meet any requirements thoughtful parents have for apps of this kind.

The Verdict – 4.1/10

It is an application with an unreasonably high price and cropped functionality. You can find much better apps that will cost you half of their price. This app can’t provide sufficient protection to your children.


The application will come in handy in case if you want just to keep track of the cell phone activities of your children without active involvement. However, the price of the app diminishes any advantages of it, if there are any. This is not about children’s online security – it is about monitoring only.

TXTWatcher reports a parent about any SMS, incoming and outgoing call a child has made. Any new application installed on the target device will also be noticed as you will receive a notification. Unfortunately, these are the only possibilities of this application and, actually speaking, it is possible to find free applications with such options.

Reports & Logs – 2/10

The application lacks too many options like monitoring emails, contact details, or browsing history. GPS location and Geo-fencing are unavailable here, so you won’t be able to find a lost device. No chats nor social media messages are monitored, so your children will be at risk of online sexual harassment or cyberbullying.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

The app misses all the essential features of a usual parental control application. No possibility to limit or block applications as well as block websites with inappropriate content. Take into consideration that you leave your child on the Internet unkept – it is just the same as leaving a toddler in the street alone.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

With the help of the app, parents are able to get remote monitoring of the target device and look through the available information, poor as it is.

There is no possibility to protect the personal information stored on the target device – you can’t block a phone or wipe an SD card. Another lack of functionality is an omission of SIM card change notifications.

Help & Support – 2/10

The customer Support system is scarce too. Any questions you have about the app you have to address via email, or you can use the contact form provided by the official website of the app. But don’t count on quick replies as Customer Support works at certain hours.

Conclusion – 4.1/10

The most expensive single-purposed parental control application ever. The price here is unreasonably high, and the functional level is incredibly low. This application can’t stand on guard of children’s activities on the Internet because it has no possibility to block inappropriate content, websites, or keywords. Taking into consideration that the main dangers of using the Internet are cyberbullying, sexual harassment and online predators, the efficiency of this monitoring application slims to none.


Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App


Many useful monitoring features. Compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Keylogger and remote control. Social media monitoring opportunities.


The app requires a jailbreak to run all features appropriately. TopSpy is illegal due to its stealth mode, recording conversations, and surroundings.

The Verdict – 7/10

TopSpyApp offers many good features for comprehensive child protection. However, the app includes solutions that are illegal due to violating human rights.


The application allows parents to monitor cell phone use, online activities, and location remotely. In addition, it lets manipulate the target device without physical access. TopSpy also provides some special features like keylogging for more profound surveillance.

Despite all those helpful opportunities that the app provides, TopSpy has one serious disadvantage – the app operates illegally. Thus, it allows users to record phone conversations and surroundings that violate personal rights and break the law.

Reports & Logs – 7/10

The app logs all required cell phone data, including calls, text messages, emails, location, multimedia files, websites visited, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, apps, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook. In addition, a keylogger allows parents to view kids’ online activities performed via a private browser mode.

However, there are some more features to be desired for more comprehensive security. Thus, it would be reasonable to add Instagram to social media as well as Snapchat and Kik to online chat monitoring. These services are most popular among teenagers these days. At the same time, they are a huge source of online dangers like online predators and cyberbullying. A lack of a geo-fencing option is a considerable loss too.

Limits & Restrictions – 6/10

TopSpyApp lets you view all downloaded applications and block those you consider inappropriate for your kids. The app also allows blocking websites and restricting callers and message senders who can reach your children on the phone. Keyword restrictions are supported too.

On the other hand, the app lacks application limiting (by time) and limits the number of text messages sent per day.

Security & Management – 7/10

The application has nice remote management options. Thus, you can access the data tracked from any place via your Control Panel. In addition, you can lock or wipe the target device remotely. However, there is no chance to monitor SIM card changes and get notified about it. That would be a great addition to the app so as to cover children with more reliable protection.

Help & Support – 8/10

TopSpyApp offers 24/7 customer care assistance. Thus, as soon as you need any help, you can send a request by using an email, contact form, or live chat. The app gets updated systematically as well.

Conclusion – 7/10

Generally, TopSpy gives you great monitoring opportunities. Many of its features can really provide your children with comprehensive security both online and during daily activities. But there is one considerable detail that disregards all the aforementioned benefits. TopSpyApp is outside the law. It violates human rights and, thus, is not recommended for use.


Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App


Provides many useful features for monitoring children on the phone. Includes geo-fences to notify you when restricted areas are entered.


Lacks website and app blocking. Doesn’t support social media and online chat monitoring. The app operates outside the law.

The Verdict – 4/10

StealthGenie will provide you with wide monitoring opportunities and your kids – with pretty good protection. However, the app is illegal.


This monitoring application comprises many really workable monitoring solutions. Thus, you can keep control over cell phone usage and track website surfing. It is compatible with all major OS like Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Geo-fencing is another bonus you will surely appreciate.

Nevertheless, there are some functions the application lacks. Thus, you will not find either website or app restrictions among the options that StealthGenie provides. It will not allow you to monitor social media and chats too. Moreover, StealthGenie violates human rights by allowing voice and surroundings recording as well as stealth mode operation.

Reports & Logs – 4/10

The app lets you track cell phone activities quite precisely. Thus, you can monitor calls and text messages, emails and websites visited locations (plus geo-fencing), calendars, contacts, and multimedia files.

Unfortunately, StealthGenie doesn’t support social media monitoring. Online chat monitoring is not supported as, well. It’s important for such software to provide access to social networks and chats children use, as major dangers the underage face come from these particular sources. A keylogger would be a benefit as well, though it’s missing in StealthGenie’s functionality.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

The app will not provide you with any ability to set restrictions or put limits. Thus, you will not be able to block websites if your children visit inappropriate ones. Neither to block apps or set time limits on their running. Nor restrict phone calls by number. Nor text messages by keywords.

Security & Management – 10/10

StealthGenie provides remote control over the target device. SIM card change notifications are supported as well. The app lets you wipe and lock the phone, as well as send SMS commands to manipulate that target device remotely.

Help & Support – 5/10

You can easily contact StealthGenie’s client care team by sending your request to 24/7 Customer Support. Alternatively, you can use live chat for the same purpose.

However, there is no phone number to contact the team directly. Thus, you will have to wait a while, until your request is processed.

Conclusion – 4/10

As you can see from the aforementioned, StealthGenie has enough running powers to secure your children and let you keep an eye on them remotely. However, there are many solutions to be desired. Most crucial of them are social media and online chat monitoring – a serious lack. But the worst is that StealthGenie is illegal. Thus, each time you run the app, you violate the personal rights of the target device owner by recording his or her voice and leaving him or her no chance to detect StealthGenie on his or her phone or tablet.

Screentime Labs

Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App


With the help of this application, you can secure yourself from unexpected expenditures – your kid will not be able to spend money on various applications.


It is a single-purpose application that deals with application lists only. That means that you will get no access to calls, messages, emails, and multimedia content, to say nothing of GPS tracking. It also has nothing to do with Internet usage – you will not be able to block websites or monitor the content.

The Verdict – 4.7/10

ScreenTimeLabs is OK if the only trouble is the sum of money your children spend buying achievements in applications. It will help you with no other needs – no one talks about the online security of children here.


ScreenTimeLabs looks more like a supplement to another parental control application. The scarcity of features is unanswerable, and it is hard to explain the such high price for such poor functionality.

An application that can monitor other applications on the target device is useful, right? However, it doesn’t fulfill the main purpose of parental control apps – to secure children. Online protection is essential, but this app can’t block websites or check the online activity of kids. Nor can it monitor calls, emails, text messages, and social media. With this app, you can forget about GPS locating and geo-fencing, so the security of your children will be up in the air.

Reports & Logs – 1/10

ScreenTimeLabs enables its users to look through the list of installed applications on a smartphone or tablet that belongs to their children.

Other features common for any other parental control app like call logs and message reviewing are unavailable here. The possibility of monitoring social media, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and Kik is not included. As a result, your kid will be able to surf the Internet freely and visit any website he or she wants.

Limits & Restrictions – 3.5/10

The app gives a possibility to limit the list of approved applications and block inappropriate ones –ScreenTimeLabs fulfills this task successfully. In the case of any features like limiting SMS amount, website blocking, or phone number restrictions – the situation is pathetic. The app proposes none of that.

Security & Management – 5/10

Remote monitoring is available here so you can use any device, log in, and get access to the list of installed applications on the target device. After you get access to the apps, you can block them or lock a phone in case you want to save personal information on a stolen or lost device.

Unfortunately, without GPS locating this feature looks more like a means of irritating a thief, because you won’t be able to find the location of the target phone.

Help & Support – 5/10

To contact the Support team of ScreenTimeLabs you can use the contact form and email. Members of the Support team don’t work around the clock so you will have to wait for an answer. In addition, you will get email notifications concerning software updates.

Conclusion – 4.7/10

ScreenTimeLabs is not cheap, but the functionality is really poor. Purchasing an enhanced application with a full range of services and features could be a sounder solution because this application leaves extended stamping ground for online predators, cyberbullies, and other Internet perils.

A parental control application has to supplement the online protection of children; however, this app neglects this duty. What’s the point of using an app that practically does nothing for children’s security?


Parental Controls Mobile Monitoring App


SafetyWeb is an incredibly cheap application; you can hardly find an app as cheap as this one. The app features are call and text logging, reviewing photos and videos stored on the target device, and monitoring browsing history.


The app has no possibility of remote manipulation; you will not be able to block access to certain websites, applications, or content. There is no access to any online activities, including social media, emails, and IM chats. As a result, the protection of children remains insufficient.

The Verdict – 4.3/10

This app coincides more with spy applications rather than with parental control apps. You can’t control anything on the target device; this app fits for monitoring only.


With the help of SafetyWeb, you will be able to monitor calls, SMS, and multimedia content on the target device and look through the history of visited websites.

On the contrary, a user of the app will be able to supervise the activities of his or her children without controlling them because the app has no such options. Moreover, there is no possibility of monitoring emails, contact details, and calendar events. In addition, there are no anti-theft features as well as GPS tracking.

Reports & Logs – 2.5/10

The app sends reports concerning incoming and outgoing calls and SMS and creates a list of websites your child has visited recently.

Altogether, you will know nothing about emails, Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp, as well as what happens in Instagram your kid. And without GPS tracking, you won’t have the slightest idea where your child is at the moment. Taking into consideration that nowadays, cyberbullies are active on social media, the effectiveness of the app’s protection is tentative.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

SafetyWeb has none of the following features – that is simple as that. You can do nothing with the target device. You cannot limit access to inappropriate websites or block uncontrolled applications. Your child could become a victim of sexting, harassment, or cyberbullying, and you can do nothing about that because there are no keyword filters there. All personal information on the target device is on the line because you can’t lock the device or wipe an SD card.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

With the help of SafetyWeb, you can remotely monitor the content of the device as well as the history of calls and browsing.

Due to the deficiency of anti-theft features, the leak of personal information is more than possible in case if a phone is lost or stolen. Because of scarce functionality, you will not be able to block the target device, find the location of the lost one, or wipe the content in the stolen one. Moreover, there are no SIM card change notifications.

Help & Support – 5/10

One feature that distinguishes this app among many others is that you can make a phone call to the Support team. There is one thing that belittles this accomplishment – the members of Support teamwork at fixed hours, not 24/7. As a result, you cannot expect a prompt reply; however, you could try emailing them or using a contact form on the official website of the application.

Conclusion – 4.3/10

PhoneSheriff lacks a few features, such as keystroke and email logging on certain platforms, but it is ideal in most ways. This parental control app logs all basic smartphone activities such as calls, text messages, videos, photos, and contacts. It also provides you with GPS monitoring and several privacy features, such as the ability to wipe or lock the phone remotely. The company’s technical help and support are good, though 24/7 access would make it even better. PhoneSheriff offers a wide assortment of features that make it the best parental control app.

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