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Keylogging Software For Your Devices You Cannot Miss

Keylogging software is a type of software that logs all the keystrokes typed on a keyboard. This can be used to track someone’s activity, or to steal passwords and other confidential information. There are many different types of keylogging software available, and they can be used for both legitimate and malicious purposes. Some keylogging software is designed to be undetectable by antivirus programs, making it a powerful tool for criminals.

Keylogger for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Track each tap and every button your kid presses.

Why is it essential to activate the keylogger on your child’s phone?

keylogging software

Children learn from not only their parents and schoolteachers. The majority of information they get comes from the surrounding. That’s why to protect your kids from ambiguous knowledge; it is essential to follow their time spent online and filter incoming data.

65% of all information children learn comes from the surrounding

33% of teens have experienced threats online

1 in 3 children reports the abuse to a trusted adult

More often than not, kids tend to keep their private life secret from their parents. It means that if danger comes, there is a chance that you will not even know about it. Parental control software helps you monitor your children’s activity when you are not nearby. It will secure your kid and avert danger:

  • keep track of all keystrokes
  • follow password inputs
  • monitor Internet activity

How keylogging Software Secures Your Kid

Control cell phone usage

  • Monitor calls and SMS
  • View media files storage
  • Follow contacts and calendar

Follow Internet activity

  • Monitor social networks
  • Block 18+ websites and apps
  • Follow browsing history

Keep track of kids remotely

  • Track current GPS location
  • View the entire route history
  • Secure kids on the road


Keylogging software is reliable and feature-rich parental control software designed to protect kids by monitoring their mobile devices. Except for cell phone keylogger, the app lets you follow other aspects of your kid’s life. Considering that children and their smartphones are inseparable these days, keylogging software enables parents to monitor their kids’ activity constantly and remotely from any spot of the world.

How Keylogger Works

keylogging software

When it comes to keylogger software, parents usually get confused due to the obscurity of this function. Let’s shed some light on it to make everything fall into place where it belongs.

When we talk about keyloggers for Android or iPhone keyloggers, we at the same time mean a keyboard tracker – a special program developed to capture button presses. With its help, a user can view personal text messages, passwords, credit card numbers, and literally everything that an owner of the target device types in.

Thus, a keylogger app can help you monitor each tap on a touchscreen and every button your kid hits while using his or her cell phone. After keylogger activation, you will be able to:

  • Control if your kids use dirty language or any other words inappropriate for children;
  • Follow all publications they make online and track their communication;
  • View passwords they set and change them if the situation requires;
  • Monitor all suspicious text messages to prevent inherent dangers or threats;
  • Avert cyberbullying and contact with online predators.

Such an option as a keylogger allows for providing your loved ones with all-around protection and preventing any possible danger


Sharon F. (Pueblo, CO)

“When I decided to buy the first smartphone for my daughter, I also asked a shop assistant to install an Android key logger at once. However, it did not satisfy my expectations at all. My sister suggested keylogging software as a parental control system. I tried it and have kept using it until now. I can see literally everything that my daughter does with her smartphone. I have no worries about her any longer”

Paula J. (Boise, ID)

“Great app! Everything is visible in calls, SMS, Internet connection, chats, and games. I can control my son completely. There is nothing he can hide from me. He spends more time doing homework, finally gets better marks, and has stopped smoking. Thanks for such technology. I did not suspect that such simple monitoring could have such results.”

Walter K. (Denver, CO)

“It is hard to overstate the help that keylogging software provides. I work days and nights. Meanwhile, my son keeps wasting his time with his tablet in his hands. Now the app lets me monitor his activity from work. I can follow him and know where he goes, and I can see who calls him and monitor each button pushed. I can work without worries now.”

How It Works

keylogging software

Pick a subscription plan

Visit our Store, check out available subscription plans and choose the one that meets your expectations and monitoring preferences. After you submit a payment, you will receive an email with setup instructions.

Set up

The keylogging software app installation process will take you no longer than 5 minutes. Follow the guidelines in the subscription email to complete the setup. Note that physical access to the target device is required for Android and iOS monitoring; simultaneously, you don’t need it to launch iCloud monitoring.

Track remotely

To see the data from the target device, access your Control Panel via Mobile App for iOS & Android (which has a limited amount of features!).In the Control Panel, you can view logs, media files, location history, set restrictions, and manage your devices and subscriptions.

iPhone Keylogger for Parental Monitoring

Track every keyboard stroke on the target iPhone: search phrases, messages, passwords, and more.

What Keylogger for iPhone can do and why you should use it

iPhone keylogger app is a piece of software for mobile that logs every key pressed on the target device’s keyboard. Today, they are widely used for smartphones and tablets as they have become “the first screen” for messaging and web surfing. Keylogger runs hidden in the background of an Apple gadget and captures personal messages, passwords, credit card numbers, website addresses, and everything else a user of monitored device types.

Although keyloggers are commonly perceived as some sort of obscure spyware, it’s far from being 100% true. Today, they contribute to a noble cause of protecting those who can’t or don’t know how to protect themselves, for example, children.




Nowadays, kids use mobile devices on a daily basis, with iPhone being one of the most popular gadgets among them. It brings the Internet with all its pitfalls and dangers at its fingertips. At the same time, according to a McAfee Digital Deception study, almost half of parents of teens with a smartphone aren’t aware of their kids taking different measures to hide their online behavior.

That’s why the iPhone key logger is a must-have for concerned parents. It lets you monitor each tap on a touchscreen and every button your kid hits while using a cell phone or a tablet. This means that parents are enabled to view even deleted messages to stay aware of what’s going on in their kids’ life.

Five Essential Uses for Keyloggers

keylogging software

For parents, knowing what their kid is up to is very important. With a keystroke logger, an iPhone gadget can be easily turned into a tracking device that reports all of the typing activities that take place on it.

Thus, you can use it to:

  • Get the full log from any text messaging app and see inappropriate words your kids use.
  • Obtain the log of all social network publications they make.
  • Get an idea of the type of websites they visit.
  • View passwords they set and change them if it’s needed.
  • Protect your children from strangers, bullies, predators, and other digital threats.

It’s natural that kids tend to keep their private life secret from their parents and see any attempt to monitor their activity as an invasion of their privacy. At the same time, it means that if (or when) kids turn out to be in danger, parents might have no idea about the threat to avert or even prevent it.

So if you want to stay informed about your kids’ digital life even when you’re not nearby, protect them from online dangers, and track texts they type on iPhone – monitor the keyboard of their devices with the parental control keylogger feature.

How iPhone Keylogger Secures Your Kid

Monitor what your kid types

  • View texts from any messaging app
  • Monitor SMS
  • Look through deleted messages

Follow Internet activity

  • Monitor social networks posts
  • View passwords
  • Follow browsing history

Protect your kid remotely

  • Avert cyberbullies
  • Track contacts with strangers
  • View logs from your Control Panel

All-Round Protection, Outstanding Experience

Keylogging software is reliable parental control software with a wide range of impressive features, specially designed to protect kids by monitoring their mobile devices. Apart from keylogger on iPhone, the app lets you follow all aspects of your kid’s life. Bearing in mind that children and their smartphones are nearly impossible to separate these days, keylogging software enables parents to monitor their kids’ activity constantly and remotely anytime, anywhere.

Over 10 000 Happy and Grateful Customers Worldwide:

Gerard H. – father of a 17-year-old daughter

“Keylogger feature is a life savior. I noticed that my girl became nervous and had rapid mood changes, but she never wanted to talk about what was going on. I had no choice but to install a monitoring app on her iPhone. When looking through the keystroke log with her Kik messages, I realized that one of her classmates bullied her. After I had talked to his parents, he stopped. My girl is OK now. ”

Aline W. – mother of a 14-year-old son

“I have a teen son – and he’s a real pain in the rear (oh, boys – what else can I say?). He was spending too much time with his iPhone. At first, I thought he was playing online games or whatever teens play, but he didn’t want to show or talk about it. Looking through apps he used, and browser history didn’t help – he was clearing it every day. With a keylogger, I was able to see even deleted website addresses he visited… Well, after that, his dad and I had a long about birds and bees talk with him. ”

Matthew T. – father of a 15-year-old son

“Definitely worth the investment. I’ve looked through several parental monitoring apps and picked keylogging software for its simplicity and wide range of features. It’s got all I need to track and control my reckless kid. Yes, it cost me a buck, but I’m not the one to scrimp on my offspring’s safety. I regularly use every one of Pumpic’s two dozen functions, with GPS tracker and keylogger being the most useful. Good app for good parents.”

Android Keylogger App vs Parental Monitoring Software

What are the main functions of the keylogger app for Android?
Check the device usage, all keystrokes typed, and much more.

What Are the Functions of Android Phone Keylogger?

keylogging software

You may be asking yourself why you would need an Android keylogger without root installed on the smartphone or tablet. Keylogger is a software program used to monitor devices and see how they are used at particular times. The app is usually used by employers who constantly want to monitor the activities of their staff, by jealous partners who want to check whether their spouse is having an affair, and by parents who want to follow their child’s device experience.

A keylogger function lets to oversee the keystrokes typed on the smartphone or tablet. From your control board, you can see how the device was used during some period of time, and all keystrokes typed there. Moreover, it will be possible to check how much time was spent on social media, chatting, watching YouTube videos, etc.

According to Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone which is the key entry point to the online world. No doubt, such a great number of users make a great basis for the monitoring experience. They have started to use keyloggers to track every typing activity, including texts, password inputs, phone numbers, messages on social media, etc.

97%smartphone owners use text messaging as one of the most popular ways of communication

92%teenagers use smartphones to go online every day

51%parents worried that their children are exposed to online risks and dangers

You need to know that using keyloggers is still legal in many states of the United States and elsewhere in the world. But when the software is used by employers or suspicious partners, it is considered to be unethical and unlawful as it interacts the personal freedom.

But what if you are a careful parent and want to protect your child from online dangers, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and all other forms of violent behavior? The only right solution is to use parental monitoring apps. They are legal to use and let the parents know what is going on with their children. Moreover, it is easily installed by downloading the Android keylogger app file. Are you interested? Keep reading!

Opportunities Parental Tracking Apps Provide

keylogging software

Today teens spend a significant amount of time online communicating with peers, sharing personal data, watching videos, and installing different apps. They cannot always recognize strange behavior and can easily overshare information and become a victim of online predators.

If you notice that your child tries to hide messages from you or leaves the room every time someone is calling, this could indicate that something wrong is happening. Your role as an attentive parent is to react instantly and install parental monitoring software. With its help, you can easily follow all activities that take place on the kid’s device to be sure he/she is protected.

  • Oversee every conversation your child takes part in via SMS, chats, applications, and email. You can check all details very quickly to ensure that your kid doesn’t talk with strangers and is not exposed to an unpleasant experience.
  • Know where your child is at some particular moment with the help of GPS. It is essential for every parent to know that the kid is safe and when you have a bad feeling, simply check the instant location of your little darling from your control board.
  • Check how much time your child spends online visiting improper websites and following 18+ links. Parental controls give the opportunity to control online experience and block inappropriate websites.

With monitoring apps, you can be 100% confident that your child is secure and is not exposed to online dangers. Protect your family easily by installing parental control on your child’s device. You’ll be satisfied with the outcome for sure!

Get the Most of the Monitoring Features

Check mobile phone usage

  • View the duration of calls
  • Read messages
  • Watch notes and media files

Supervise online activity

  • Follow bookmarks
  • Block links and sites
  • Oversee social media

Control the phone remotely

  • Lock the device
  • Keep track of the location
  • Change password

Unique Features for Topnotch Security

Keylogging software is proud to have more than 24 supreme features that ensure the best possible protection from all online threats. From now on, parents can get the most out of this parental monitoring application and sleep well without worrying about their kids. Keylogging software is an extremely valuable app when it comes to finding the truth about using a mobile phone or tablet. Its unique Android keystroke logger will help to monitor all activities on a particular device at the chosen moment. Get acquainted with the following features and functions that guarantee the best protection.

Trusted by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide:

Sophie B. – mother of a 13-year-old daughter

“I rarely share my opinion about some goods and services, but this time I want to tell you about my experience of using keylogging software. I’m very happy to know about such an amazing app. With its help, I supervise my daughter’s online activities and block access to improper websites when I see that she is exposed to a lot of adult content. Thank you a lot for giving me a chance to take care of my girl even if I’m not nearby.”

Dylan K. – father of a 12-year-old son

“Thanks a lot for providing parents with an opportunity to protect kids remotely. I have a son but, unfortunately, cannot devote much time to him as I’m very busy at work. I come back home late and hardly have a chance to talk. Luckily, keylogging software provides the feature of remote monitoring so that I can check my son’s online activities from my control panel at work. That’s very convenient, so I’m 100% satisfied with this app.”

Nicole S. – mother of a 15-year-old daughter

“I use parental controls to check the calls history and messages on my daughter’s phone. She talks for hours after school, and I want to be sure that she doesn’t communicate with strangers. I also check her social media accounts from time to time and monitor WhatsApp as she uses it daily. I’m pleased with the level of security keylogging software provides. I know that my daughter is protected all the time, and I appreciate it a lot.”

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