Sunday, December 26, 2021

iPhone Recovery Stick and Other Cool Gadgets for Parents

Being a parent is exciting and challenging at the same time. With having kids, you have a lot of problems to face. However, technological advances can make your life and parenting experience much easier. Amazing gadgets appear every day; thus, you have a wonderful chance to take advantage of the coolest products.

We’ve prepared a list of the most useful gadgets and apps for parents, from iPhone recovery spy stick to apps that allow monitoring teen driving. Take a look right now!

iPhone Memory Stick

iPhone Memory Stick will help you to stay informed about what is happening on your kid’s iPhone. It allows for recovering deleted messages, call history, photos, and more. You can easily check all the information you need to be confident that your child is secure at all times. iPhone spyware detection is essential for preventing sexting, cyberbullying, and other dangers related to smartphone usage. Cell phone spy stick lets you oversee the contact list, web history, saved media files, map history, and monitor all deleted stuff.

iPhone stick is multifunctional and easy to use, that’s why it is popular among parents worldwide. If you want to monitor your child’s iPhone usage and online experience, use Recovery Stick on a daily basis.

iphone recovery stick

Oco Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera

With the help of this amazing gadget, you can always keep an eye on your child. Oco gives the opportunity to follow the live stream of any room in your house. You can check what is going on when you’re not at home to be sure that your kid is safe. This tracking camera has motion and sound sensors that ensure the best watching.

Nextdoor App

Nextdoor provides an exclusive connection with neighbors. It allows staying in touch with the local community about different issues, such as finding a new home for your kid’s outgrown bike or asking about a lost dog. What is best of all, the Nextdoor app is free. Join the network and forget about the worries – your neighbors can help you resolve important matters.

iphone recovery stick

Westinghouse Unplug Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

All children enjoy singing and dancing. This gadget will help you create a musical environment to entertain your kids while you’re busy. It can be connected to all tablets or smartphones with ease and in a matter of seconds, so it is a cool gadget to use on a daily basis.


Speedbump is a cool app for smartphones that allow parents to check their teen’s driving speed. Teenagers are at great risk of getting into car accidents as they are more likely to speed. Speedbump will help you to track the speeding habits of your child and correct unsafe driving to avoid possible terrible consequences.

iphone recovery stick


Parents need to remember a lot of things. Surely, sometimes they forget where they put their wallet, keys, or smartphone. TrackR will help to solve such problems. The app will even find your phone if it is silent. TrackRStickR is a great device for modern parents.

Do you use any software or gadgets for parents? Please, share your experience in the comment section below.

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