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IPhone Family Locator App- Why You Need iPhone Family Tracker

Typically, the majority of parents are happier than childless people, according to research by Katherine Nelson, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Psychology at Sewanee: The University of the South. But let’s admit it: even for those parents whose ‘load’ is relatively light, parenting is very often stressful. For some people, stress starts even before getting pregnant due to reproductive issues. Classically, legends are spoken about tense times during pregnancy.

After a baby is born, a total change of daily – and nightly! – routine tests the limits of every woman and man. As the kid grows, the issue of disciple emerges. Many parents hope that with time (or at a certain child’s age), stress will drastically decrease or even end. But this is a misconception; it has been well said that little children – little worries, big children – big worries. And being worried about the safety of your offspring becomes probably even more stressful with each passing year.

iphone family locator

As kids grow, parents start letting them go to school and extracurricular activities or hang out with friends by themselves. What do parents do to settle their nerves when this happens? That’s right, and they buy their kid a phone so that he or she can always stay connected and notify adults if help is needed. At the same time, this measure cannot bring parents 100% peace of mind. The kid can just miss or ignore the call or message from his old folks, leaving them anxious and furious about where they are and whether they are ok.

Luckily, technology comes to the rescue. Almost all modern smartphones have GPS modules that can be used to track their location. Add here the fact that teens today barely go somewhere without their phones – and you’ll see the way to deal with the worrying issue. Virtually, the only variable in this formula is the OS of the device your kid is using – Android or iOS. The chances are high that it is or will be iOS, as Apple gadgets are extremely popular among teenagers today. With a family tracker, iPhone can be easily turned into a tracking device that allows parents to keep tabs on their kids’ whereabouts.

iphone family locator

Over 90%

teenagers today own a smartphone. Often, this gadget is one of the most important things they value and main communication tool. That’s why kids keep their phones around 24/7.

Apx. 2/3

American teens use an iPhone. A study on teen consumerist emotions by Piper Jaffray bank report also revealed that around 70% of teens want an Apple device to be their next phone.

Nearly 30%

families track minors’ phones. Parents use either gadgets’ built-in utilities or stand-alone monitoring apps designed specifically for the purpose of locating mobile phones and pinpointing them on the map.

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of family tracking via mobile phones is that it’s arguably the best way for parents to feel calmer about their kids. The fact that you don’t need to buy a separate gadget to monitor children’s location is a significant benefit, too. By the way, this is a good reason to make sure your kid has a phone with him at all times instead of withdrawing it for any minor wrongdoing. Alternatively, you can utilize parental monitoring or screen time limiting apps to prevent children from spending too much time on the screen or using it at inappropriate moments (at school, table, at bedtime, etc.).

And one more thing. Parental monitoring is an arguable issue. For some people, it is unacceptable; others see it as a must. The truth is somewhere in the middle – as it always is. Analyze dangers that your kid is exposed to while using a smartphone and what consequences monitoring can have to your relationships with your little ones. We advise you have a sincere talk with your son or daughter, explaining that you don’t mean to invade their privacy but wish solely to protect them.

Use Pumpic as iPhone Family Tracker

Pumpic is a state-of-the-art mobile monitoring software designed specifically for parents. It works perfectly with all Apple handheld gadgets like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (we’ve got stable GPS tracking for Android, too). Reliable location tracking is one of the most prominent Pumpic features. The app helps parents monitor their kids’ whereabouts at all times, thus decreasing the level of stress and providing adults with peace of mind.

For iOS devices, Pumpic has two solutions – iCloud (without jailbreak) and iOS (with jailbreak) monitoring. Here’s what both solutions can do:

  • Provide real-time location monitoring;
  • Let you request the current location at any time;
  • Show the entire location and route history.
iphone family locator
IPhone Family Locator App- Why You Need iPhone Family Tracker 6

There are several fundamental differences between iCloud and iOS solutions in terms of GPS tracking. The first one has already been mentioned – the iCloud solution does not require jailbreaking the monitored iPhone. And the second distinction is that to track Apple devices through iCloud, and you don’t need to install the app on it. Respectively, to reap the benefits of the iOS solution, you must install a visible app on the jailbroken device.

IMPORTANT: Please, be advised that iOS (jailbreak) solution supports iOS versions only up to 9.1 as there is no jailbreak for iOS 10 available (as of the end of 2016). At the same time, the iCloud solution fully supports the latest iOS version.

Monitoring data collected by Pumpic can be viewed through either a web-based interface or the Control Panel app available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Pumpic aggregates not only location tracking info but also a broad range of other data (see the full list of monitoring features below). Hence, in order to avoid piling too much information and filling up the phone’s memory, the CP mobile app displays only the most important details (call and text logs, location, browsing history, etc.). The full reports are presented in the standard Control Panel accessible via any Internet browser. You can check out the demo Control Panel for each solution on our website:

  • iCloud (non-jailbreak) solution demo CP – 11 monitoring features;
  • iOS (jailbreak) solution demo CP – 27 monitoring features.

Having installed Pumpic on your kid’s iPhone, you’ll always stay aware of where your son or daughter is and where he or she has been. Thus, parents are empowered to provide their children with a maximum possible protection from multiple dangers kids may face when out of home.

iphone family locator
IPhone Family Locator App- Why You Need iPhone Family Tracker 7

To Secure Your Child, Pumpic Goes Beyond Simple Location Tracking

Pumpic is far more than just a family locator app for iPhone. It is a comprehensive parental app for mobile monitoring. With Pumpic, parents can always stay aware of what their kids are up to thanks to keeping tabs on their communications, Internet activity, multimedia files, and other data. Although our software has over two dozen of features, it is really easy to use thanks to its straightforward structure and intuitive design. To sum up, Pumpic is a great parenting assistant and stress relief tool as it provides you with important information that lets you ensure the all-around protection of your little ones.

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