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How To Monitor Your Kid’s Social Accounts

As a parent, it is important to be aware of what your child is doing online. This includes monitoring their social media accounts. Kids post things on social media that they wouldn’t want their parents to see. They may post about drinking or partying, for example. Or they may share personal information such as their address or phone number. It is important to be proactive and monitor your child’s social media accounts so you can protect them from potential harm. There are several ways to do this, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Viber

Viber is a well-known Internet telephony messenger these days. Developed for Android and iOS smartphones, the application allows users to exchange messages instantly, make calls, and share video, photo, and audio files. In addition, it is free of charge and requires only a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection.

how to monitor your kids social accounts

It is not surprising that Viber is very popular and widely used among kids and teenagers. The app enables them to contact each other, even when the current mobile balance is empty. Meanwhile, online access is available everywhere.

From these perspectives, Viber communication activity is what parents should consider and focus on when it comes to parental control and online safety.

Why Viber Brings About Online Danger

Viber is open to the public and toll-free. That’s why anyone can use it to contact your kid.

Your child might become a victim of online predators or cyberbullies via Viber.

A stranger might send your kid media files or text messages containing: violence, sex, bad or fighting words.

Anyone can find out your child’s real cell phone number via Viber.

Your kid might be pressured to reveal personal information like address, parents’ names, credit cards,, phone numbers, place of work, etc.

Your child might be exposed to sexhibition via exchanging photo and video files.

The list may be even bigger. But don’t think it is a try to terrify you. It is to give notice and prevent you and your underage children from possible threats.

What is the way out? Remote control application allows parents to monitor children’s online activity and mobile phone usage. Viber monitoring is also among its features.

To start quick and simple tracking, select a subscription plan that will determine how long you will use the service and which particular monitoring preferences you have. Download the app and install it directly on your kid’s device. Right after, start following your child from your Control Panel.

Enter your Control Panel and select Viber Tracking to see all the information on messages, calls, and media files sent from or received by your kid’s smartphone or tablet.

At the same time, you will be able to monitor other instant messengers (What’s App and Skype), follow calls, track location, and control online activity.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Skype

The World Wide Web has become a big part of our life. When it comes to children, most of them spend much of their spare time online.

On the one hand, the Internet provides great opportunities for communicating with other people regardless the distance, searching for any possible data within seconds, watching movies, sharing personal information, etc. On the other, it implies inherent dangers like online predators and swindlers, inappropriate content containing violence, and sexual implications. In addition, what is most important, the Internet is addictive.

how to monitor your kids social accounts

From this perspective, your kids’ online activity is what should be considered and controlled comprehensively, especially web communication.

A lot of popular telecommunication software provides text, video, and voice chat from computers, smartphones, and tablets via an online connection. However, the most known and widely used is Skype.

Using Skype, you can contact and exchange messages with anyone on Earth. It is a quick and simple way of communication, which is used both for work and in everyday life. A child can easily contact their friend who lives miles away and do things like playing table games, sharing secrets and troubles, and celebrating events as if they meet face-to-face. Children mostly use Skype for video and voice calls, which creates the effect of real-world communication.

However, regardless of all the advantages Skype provides, it can bring about a danger of contacting ambiguous strangers.

Why Skype May Be Dangerous For Your Kid

  • Strangers can contact your kid and seduce them. Skype is a popular way online predators use to reach their targets.
  • Your kid might receive files containing inappropriate content: pictures or videos with violent or sexual content, bad or fighting words.
  • A stranger might get into your kid’s confidence and find important personal information (address, credit cards, and phone numbers when parents leave home or are away).
  • Online predators might use video chat for sexhibition or force your kid for this.
  • Your kid might communicate with people; you would not approve.
  • Children may share information, links, or files that are inappropriate for the underage.
  • Kids might waste too much time chatting instead of attending to homework or household tasks.
  • Your kid might use Skype to contact drug dealers or any other bad company, which is a bad influence on them.

Considering the above, you, as a parent, should take action and prevent your child. How to avert possible dangers, you may wonder? As it is said, one fire drives out another. If there is software, which constitutes a threat, there should be some to prevent it.

The good news is called the parental control app. It is a reliable parental control app to see what your kids are texting via Skype, which simultaneously involves other useful tracking features. Install the application on your kid’s device and follow all the data sent or received via Skype.

Moreover, it will also let you track your children’s location, calls, SMS, browsing history, and emails, and block applications and websites you consider inappropriate. Parental control app secures happy and safe life both for your kid and you.

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