Sunday, December 26, 2021

How to add new ICO to your wallet

In the previous article, you’ve learnt how to set up your wallet where you will store all your ERC-20 tokens. Now you’ve got that new ICO and it isn’t listed anywhere yet? Don’t worry, you can add it yourself.

Open your wallet

We will be focusing on the method with the help of, but most of the wallets will probably have very similar options.

How to add new ICO to your wallet

Choose your method of accesing the wallet (in the previous article we’ve downloaded a Keystore file and set up a password).

Add Custom Token

Find an “Add Custom Token” option on your main screen. It is probably somewhere on the right panel near the bottom.

Click on the “Add Custom Token” button to get more options.

That’s where you need to fill all the necessary information.

Get information

After buying your ICO, the developer will most probably send you all the details of the token. But there are also sites that have information about all the new tokens. For example you can visit Etherscan.

How to add new ICO to your wallet

You can search your token there. The “Contract Address” and “Token Decimals” are the information we are currently looking for.

Fill in and see your tokens

Fill in all the information, click save, and you’ve just added your new token! It should now display the amount you have on your address.

Also don’t fear that because you can’t see your token you don’t have it. What we’ve just done it adding the token to simply be able to monitor it on your address, but it has been there even without all of these options to fill. If it disappears for some reason, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your coins, you just can’t see them, but they are safely in your wallet.

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