Sunday, December 26, 2021

How New Bitcoins Can Make You A Millionaire

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8 years ago some weird new internet coin has been introduced to the world for the first time. It was nothing more than a random coin you’d use in your favourite computer games or for other people it was nothing more than random encrypted numbers on the screen. There were some people that acknowledged the technology behind it, but for other quite general users or most importantly for investors, it was nothing interesting or worth getting into.

These coins were bought and hold mostly by computer geeks and people who just wanted to try out this new blockchain technology, whatever it was. At the beginning bitcoin didn’t even have any value. It was so speculative that you could buy other things by directly negotiating with the seller on how many bitcoins he believed the service or the item would cost. This way the infamous transaction of 10,000 BTC for two pizzas happened. 10,000 BTC is now worth… 40 million of US dollars! It’s impossible to imagine that someone could have waste it on some pizzas. But the tricky part is that back then no one even suspected that one day it could become so valuable.

Would you care if someone now bought a pizza with 10,000 Facebook emojis or pictures of kittens from the internet? Bitcoin was irrelevant back then. Nowadays we are speculating when will it hit $5000 mark. There are people that believe that’s a matter of year or two before it hits $10,000 per coin and so on. People have realized that bitcoin has a great value in itself. But the possibilities of waking up as a millionaire are shrinking as the bitcoin’s price grows.

How new bitcoins can make you a millionaire

Imagine that it is around year 2010, the first bitcoin exchanges are starting to develop and you have bought $1000 worth of bitcoins at the very early stage, let’s say at the rate of $0.5 per bitcoin. So you own 500 bitcoins. You believe that one day they will be worth a lot that’s why you store them securely. Let’s now forget about them for another 7 years or so. Now we are back at the present. It is the September of 2017, Bitcoin is worth almost $4000, you are the happiest person on the earth, you dig out your private keys, access the wallet and cash out… 2,000,000 dollars! What a time to be alive, let’s spread out the news to everyone that bitcoin is the best investment in the world.

However, what if you try to buy it today? Is there any chance you will wake up a millionaire after another 7 years? You invest $1000 and can’t even buy a full bitcoin. At the rate of $4000 per coin you can afford only 0.25 of it, but it doesn’t get your morals down as you believe strongly it will still make you rich in a few years. You wait patiently and bitcoin passes incredible milestones of $10,000 then $25,000, $50,000… and finally after I’m not even sure how many years and on what conditions, maybe the world’s economy collapsed, but somehow it hits the unbelievable mark of $100,000 per coin! Can you imagine it? You run to your wallet, cash it out and… You have $25.000? Wait, what? You have been waiting ten years only to get $25.000? I mean, it’s a lot of money, but it’s not even a small part of what people had promised you. You were supposed to wake up a millionaire. What went wrong?

You see, it’s not efficient anymore to invest in bitcoin if you want to become very rich within your lifetime. It’s price is already too high to make your $1000 grow into a million.

So is it over? You have missed your chance?

Reinvent the brave investment

Well, let’s think what the people who have profited the most on bitcoin have done. I’ll tell you – they have bought it at a very cheap price. But you know that bitcoin is already too established and there is no chance, at least in the near future for it to fall into few dollars again. So it is over…?
Well, you are missing one thing – there are other new coins, tokens and technologies that are on the early developing stage and they are worth that $0.5 per coin as bitcoin used to. In order to wake up very rich one day, you need to find that new golden coin that will explode in next years and be worth a lot. That’s the rule – you buy when it’s cheap and sell it when it’s high.

Most of new projects that are focused on developing new technologies are issuing their own “bitcoins”. These tokens or coins are given away through Initial Coin Offering (known as “ICO”) and that’s the coins that you should research and buy. It is also the reason why we provide all of the information you can find on TokenTops about these “ICOs”. They are the “new bitcoins”, among them there are coins or tokens that will be trading one day at thousands per coin, while today they can be worth not even a dollar.

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Back in 2010 or even 2015, the hardest part was to decide whether blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have any future. Today we know the answer, but the hardest part have become choosing which project to support and in which tokens to invest. We know that one day they will be worth a lot, but the million dollar question is – which of them? We try to provide you with ratings and reviews, so you can answer this question easier. But you have to be as brave or as geeky as the first bitcoin investors and choose your ICO wisely and believe in what it promises to offer. This way if you invest $1000 right now, you can wake up a millionaire one day.

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