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Gladius ICO Review

Nowadays, many companies depend strongly on their online presence. Maintaining your own website is very important in running your business. However, with the development of technology and malicious people that may want to harm your business, there came direct online attacks on your company called DDoS attacks. They can heavily impact the business and can cost a lot of money, not only because of lost uptime, but also a loss in consumer trust and it can act as a very bad advertisement. In this TokenTops review we will take a look at a project that aims to help you defend from such attacks.

General idea

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Gladius aims to solve the problem of online attacks and minimize the risk of such attack doing harm to your site. They can achieve this by letting you connect to their protection pools close to you in order to increase power of your site, therefore making it easy to defend in case of any DDoS attempt.


DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of attack that floods the server with traffic from various sources, meaning even thousands or more from different IPs all being sent at the same time. Looking at the numbers and statistics doesn’t gives us hope for any possibly bright future. Only last year DDoS attacks has contributed to the 150 billion dollar loss for companies that has become a victim of hackers. Average attack lasts 6 hours and almost 50% of sites are vulnerable and popular enough to most likely face such attack. This year only there has been 300,000 reported attacks.

While big and well-established brands and companies are the one to face the biggest loses in such cases, it’s not true that they are the one to be targeted and should invest in security systems.

Site improvement

gladius ico review

First of all, by using the Gladius platform you are not only being protected by DDoS attacks. As you are empowering your site with high bandwidth data transfer, your site will load faster and it will be easier to reach by users from every part of the world. This is the feature that in fact makes it easy to defend yourself against DDoS attacks, as they are essentially floodings of your server. But your site won’t be disabled and flooded if it’s able to withstand a lot of traffic. This applies both in case of attacks, but also in case of a lot of user getting interested in your product or project.

Contributing your own power

Gladius secures the sites as it provides them with data pools that they can connect to in order to increase their servers power. However, what makes such solution able to grant possibly endless data transfer is the fact that anyone can contribute to these pools by running nodes in the background on your own computer. An user donates unused amount of data that otherwise would be wasted, so he doesn’t even notice any inconveniences on his part, but all of that power joined together from thousands of computers can make a significant impact and grant security to many sites.

Earning Tokens

By running Gladius client on your computer, you are renting them your own spare network bandwidth. As a result they reward you with part of their tokens. So you get money in exchange for something you wouldn’t even use up.

gladius ico review

ICO Phase

Their official token sale begins on the 1st of November and will last a month. The initial exchange rate for their token is set at 600 GLA being worth 1 ETH. As their are Ethereum based you can get them directly into your favourite Ethereum Wallet with the rest of your tokens from various ICOs.

Development stages

They have planned to lunch the platform fully while coming through three progress stages. First, in order to showcase their product, the platform will not be officially working, but will be accessible to anyone to check out their basic functions, design and possible services. After the ICO phase is done, with the funds gather through token sale, they are going to launch a working platform, however at first limited only to be used by chosen websites. That is also a time when first nodes will start running. As there will be more and more users contributing to the network pools and once it is fully developed to withstand strong attacks it will go into a full production stage and become available to everyone.

Gladius Team

The team is relatively small but has good amount of members to fill all needed positions to deliver such product. As an advantage acts the fact that they combine both young and fresh minds with older experienced and wise people. This seems like a very good and productive combination. You can check their reliability as they are all linked into real linkedin profiles with all the qualifications and previous jobs listed there.

gladius ico review

Final thoughts

With the spread of the technology, there comes even more easier access to the bad side of it. It becomes very easy to launch a DDoS attack and in fact take down any site. You don’t have to be a professional hacker or own very expensive equipment. This means that the numbers of attacks will probably only raise. They recognize their competition in Cloudfare, however they may have an advantage over it, as they are decentralized and new, while Cloudfare has already failed few times in the past.

If Gladius idea of joining the transfer power together from thousands of computers work, they will be able to provide almost unlimited network power which will be able to protect from any kind of attack. If they manage to gather a lot of users, they have a really high chance of succeeding.

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