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Genaro Network ICO Review

In today’s world, data has become the greatest and most valuable asset. The biggest revolution came with the development of recently popular cloud-based storage, which enables you to access your data wherever you want, and you don’t have to worry about losing it. On the other hand, to use such a service, you have to give out all the personal information to some third-party corporation. They can access your files and may demand extra fees for keeping them safe.

Blockchain offers a new solution for secure and convenient storage, especially when it is the first of its kind Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built on a Turing-complete public chain to provide blockchain developers with a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. A project that we will be taking a look at today may sound rather familiar to the people who follow many of the coming ICO projects, as there were already few projects that had tried to offer data storing technology; however, how much will it be different this time?

genaro network ico review

General Idea

Genaro Network wants to encourage users to share their spare disk space for rewards paid in their tokens. The ultimate cloud storage will be created from all the useful storage spaces. With the focus on Dapps, they want to become a base for new projects and provide blockchain developers with an easy way to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. With the introduction of the blockchain 3.0 concept, Genaro aims to contribute significantly to the development of blockchain infrastructure technology.

Other similar projects

When it comes to the now popular and mainstream providers, we can mention Google and Amazon with their free and almost unlimited drives and cloud storage. However, the blockchain solution is indeed pretty interesting and can be game-changing when it comes to the whole cloud storage industry. The platform doesn’t have to invest in any ultra-efficient and large servers as it relies on the number of users and their shared storage space. This allows everyone to earn some money with the space they don’t even use. This idea has been proposed before by a few other ICO projects that don’t seem to revolutionize the world yet. We’ve got projects like Storj, Filecoin, or Cloud Token.

genaro network ico review

Genaro approach

Apart from simply creating big cloud storage for general users, they want to focus on the Dapps and user application hosting. The Genaro Network will act as a base for other more powerful tools that require bigger space and computing power to be built upon it. The network can power from simple user apps that, for example, connect to some kind of a simple database, but it can also become a base for huge and self-expanding AI robots.

Main features

They have the upper hand over mainstream storage providers because of the blockchain, which takes care of the transparency and, most importantly, security and decentralization of the data and personal information that users will want to store on this network. No one but the owner of the private keys has access to the data, so there is no chance that the company will be able to use your information, and the chance of any hackers getting access is put to the bare minimum; as for now, it’s nearly impossible to break the blockchain encryption.

genaro network ico review

With endless storage and power comes almost endless possibilities of usage. The network can be used as a virtual machine base, upon which users may install and run any application. As the Genaro community can share storage with each other, they can also share rights to use their data, so the whole marketplace and ecosystem can be developed.

Focusing on the user sharing opportunity, they also want to provide users with tools and a platform to easily work with each other on various dapps. They can even run as part of shared codes or apps stored within the network. Genaro wants to provide mentorship, technical expertise, marketing support, and community funding to help the teams and projects fully develop and deliver their apps.

The Token

GNX token is Ethereum based with the ERC-20 standardization, meaning you can store it in your favorite Ethereum Wallet with the rest of your ICO tokens. Genaro Token is used for buying and sharing storage on Genaro’s decentralized network.

genaro network ico review

ICO phase

The token sale will take place from the 17th of November only to the end of the month, which is a relatively short period for coin offerings. This can mean that the developers feel confident enough about their project or that they want to keep the tokens limited and leave the distribution to the “miners,” who will get the tokens by sharing their spare storage space.

The team

Genaro is officially Singapore based. However, the team consists of specialists from all over the world, including Silicon Valley, USA, and Shanghai, China. The team is relatively big, so there are a lot of people working on the final success of the project. They are all traceable, and you can find detailed information on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. The developers and programmers have previously worked in big IT corporations, like Google or HP, and they have experience with blockchain technology. They seem like suitable people to successfully deliver the final product.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are other similar projects and ICO tokens that want to provide users with unlimited storage space and computing power, none of them has succeeded yet, so there is still a place for competition to arise. Moreover, Genaro targets the small developers and teams that seek help with developing and deploying their dapps, and the network will act as a base for future projects. However, the potential success depends on the number of users willing to share their spare space, but this shouldn’t be a problem because who wouldn’t want to share unused space and get paid for it instead of leaving it empty?

There is still a lot to discover about this project. In case you are interested in more information and user experience with Genaro, check out this ICO TokenTops Profile, where you can find experts’ and casual users’ ratings, reviews, and opinions.

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