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FundOS ICO Review

During the blockchain revolution that we are, in fact, in the middle of and are witnessing every day with new projects and crypto assets coming onto the markets, there is big money to be made. But a potential crypto investor needs to choose his assets perfectly in order to even expect any potential profit. And with many new assets coming up every day, the hardest part is now to choose which one to invest in. In today’s TokenTops full article review, we will take a look at a project that aims to help these crypto investors.

General idea

fundos ico review

FundOS will be a platform that would include every tool a crypto investor needs to easily manage his assets and maximize potential profit. They are simply a smart-contract-based crypto asset management system.


With smart contracts management, an investor can easily send his assets to other wallets or exchanges. As the platform operates on the blockchain, it is all stored and recorded there. Therefore you can easily track your investment in cryptocurrencies as well as others. This will help in inventing and improving various investing strategies and can highly contribute to whole research on market behavior and crypto investors with 24/7 access to the market data being constantly updated.

The FOS platform will also allow the creation of investment funds that consist of many other cryptocurrencies linked into one fund.

FundOS Wallet

fundos ico review

It will be the master tool to access all your investments. Not only will it act as simple asset storage, but it will have all the needed information with price charts and market data to help an investor make a good decision on what to buy. With mobile apps yet to be developed, they will allow the investor to manage and monitor market movements wherever and whenever he wants.

When it comes to showing a working platform, a great advantage is a fact that they have published a working demo of their Global Eye Fund.

Artificial Intelligence

The most interesting thing about this project is the AI that will help in making decisions about which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Developers noticed that with so many assets coming up on the market, it is hard for a human to monitor them all. A well-set-up AI can do it for you. You can choose all the information you want to look for and set bots to buy when the price is the most suitable.

The golden rule of investing is to buy low and sell high. With such a bot, you don’t have to look constantly at thousands of price charts. The investor can get a notification when anything interesting is happening or even set the AI so that it will buy it automatically in such cases.

fundos ico review

But you don’t have to rely on it fully. If you want to remain and use your old and tested methods, AI can only act as your personal advisor. And with so much data and other investors’ movements to analyze, you can develop new investing methods.

FOS Token

FundOS Token is not directly linked to any particular good or set value. It is a token used within the platform to take care of any necessary fees, run transactions and act as a key to FundOS. Of course, when it hits the market, it will develop its value based on the popularity of the platform and act as a normal tradeable asset.


fundos ico review

Their first pre-sale starts on the 9th of October, 2017, and will last till the end of the month. You can reserve a place earlier to get a bigger bonus when it comes to the initial price of this token.

The team

The FOS team consists of very experienced people with many years of previous work. It’s a pity they haven’t linked any LinkedIn accounts or put photos of the team. However, by the descriptions, they are members of the real existing Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Club, and there are people both from investing and financial fields as well as programming and blockchain developers, so they will most likely be able to deliver the working platform. With the first demo being available at an early stage, months before the actual ICO, we can feel optimistic about the final development.

Final thoughts

We have to agree that blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular. Because of that, new cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets are being created almost every day. It is a great possibility for some lucky researchers to buy tokens or invest in projects and currencies that can later pay off significantly.

As FOS is developing a tool that could help manage all these investments and, with the help of AI, make it easier to buy during the most profitable time, there is a potential market and demand for such a platform to be used by both experienced investors and traders that want to set bots to make their methods even more efficient, but it is also a great place for newbies in the crypto trading world to seek help from AI estimations and follow moves of experienced traders. There will be some competition as there are other projects that aim to create easily manageable crypto funds as well, but there is nothing that FOS lacks, so they can compete with other projects with great confidence.

They are in the very early stage of both ICO and development stages, so we will keep an eye on this project as they have that potential. If you are interested in more details and up-to-date opinions and information, you can check out this ICO’s TokenTops profile and read what our users think.

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