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General Idea

FTEC wants to become the ultimate tool for all cryptocurrency trading methods. It is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks. The main idea is to provide both newbie users, as well as experienced traders with all of the necessary tools, which make trading much easier and more efficient.

Coinbot. club

ftec ico review

As an advantage is a fact that they already have an existing and working product to showcase how the FTEC ecosystem could be used in the future. Coinbot. The club is basically a trading bot. After registering at the site and setting up the account, the user can connect to API exchange and set up and adjust the algorithm, for example, by determining the total number of trades and amount of money used there.

Before they started developing Coinbot, they conducted research and analyzed various online polls. They noticed that most of the people, who currently use cryptocurrencies, do it in order to profit in the future. Some of them buy and hold the coins, while others try daily trading strategies. This shows that there is a demand for trading-related platforms on the market.

They have also conducted market research to see how other companies and projects perform and what they offer to the users. FTEC noticed that many of the existing tools lack flexible systems of notifications or convenient portfolio monitoring. Moreover, FTEC would like to add features like a multi-level partner program or the ability to analyze news backgrounds to determine better coins to buy.

Smart Trading System

ftec ico review

The whole platform will consist of various smaller tools that can be useful for traders. A smart Trading System is a set of 12 modules that automatically conduct trades while connected to the exchange of user choice. The algorithms are tested, verified, and debugged, which means that there is no risk of losing money due to failed code.

Adaptive Social Assistant

This can be a very interesting feature, that not many other services are offered at the moment. Adaptive Social Assistant is a bot that can provide you with all of the interesting information and news from the cryptocurrency world by sending you links and posts from blogs and social media platforms. It can be adjusted to filter and look for particular information or keywords. This way, the trader can always have the latest news and make better decisions about his investments and trading strategies.

Neural networks will be used to look for information much more efficiently. It will not only find obvious patterns from the word combinations but also will enable to analyze of the relations between different news over time, which will increase its efficiency in the future.

Trader’s Behaviour Analysis

ftec ico review

In order to maximize the profitability of the trading algorithms and strategies, the platform and the system will be monitoring and analyze the user’s trading history. It will be able to form a recommendation on what settings or strategies to change to achieve higher profits.

It can even give notifications and overall evaluations of trading behavior. FTEC provides an example in their whitepapers, where the platform could inform users: “You are a very nervous trader. In 85% of cases, you get out of trades too early. Try to set your Take-Profit level 2% higher than usual.”


Apart from providing technological solutions, bots, and algorithms, FTEC wants to teach new users the basics of trading. Cryptoacademy would consist of courses, lessons, and informational materials to help improve your trading skills.

ftec ico review

The Token

FTEC tokens have the most common ERC-20 standard. The tokens will be used as a payment method within the platform. All services that will be added to the ecosystem are connected with the blockchain. By paying with FTEC tokens, the users will get discounts for the included services. The developers believe that this will boost the interest in tokens, as they will be providing a real economy for all the users of the ecosystem. Not to mention, the token will, of course, also allow the almost instant transfer of funds within the platform.

ICO Phase

The pre-sale of the token is scheduled for the 11th of April, while the main token sale is expected to start on the 8th of May, 2018. The hard cap for crowdfunding is set at 55000 ETH. The price will change during the ICO Phase, which means the earlier you buy, the more coins you can get for that price. At the end of the sale for 1 ETH, you will be able to buy 12 700 FTEC tokens, while at the beginning of the pre-sale, 1 ETH could give you 29 320 tokens.

Final Thoughts

The project seems to be prepared quite well. The content of the site and the documentation provide all of the necessary information. The whitepapers transparently showcase all of the platform features and use cases. As cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, there is a need for tools that could make it easier for traders to profit.

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