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Enjoy Life ICO Review

Bitcoin’s price seems to be constantly growing. More and more people are getting interested in this new digital phenomenon. With many mainstream news covering bitcoin performance, people get to know blockchain technology and the whole cryptocurrency world, which is of course not only limited to one cryptocurrency that is bitcoin.

There are more and more tokens and coins, as well as new usages for the blockchain itself. As the difference gap between crypto and mainstream world widens, there are projects that want to focus on joining these two worlds. The ICO that we will be taking look at today, aims to offer a new usage for cryptocurrencies in mainstream businesses.

General Idea

Enjoy Life ICO, in a way does what their project name suggests. They want to deliver a platform where every user can freely, securely and comfortably receive, store and send both cryptocurrency and fiat payments. The whole ease of these activities comes with the omission of any third party converting services or confusing and complex payment systems, personal accounts and online stores. Enjoy Life wants to be that connector of crypto and mainstream worlds.


Their platform will focus on the multicurrency aspect, meaning that both fiat and cryptocurrencies can be used there. That fact can act as a huge advantage while looking for the potential customers, as they don’t have to limit themselves only to crypto enthusiasts or simple fiat users. It’s also worth noting that the Enjoy Life platform already operates in 4 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and the US). The platform will ultimately consist of 5 core elements and services.

Multicurrency wallet

The idea is to track all and issue all the payments in one app. The multicurrency wallet combines both crypto and fiat currencies. Now only payments in bitcoins are possible, but they already announced adding ethereum to the platform as well, with other top currencies to be featured in the future. Implementing a currency doesn’t only limit the app to issue payments with it, but also to exchange it to the other ones easily and instantly within the wallet.

Discount program

The main feature that they want to make them distinguishable from other general cryptocurrency payment platforms is the developed bonus and discount system. The payment app is constructed to profit both the user and the businesses when any transaction is successfully made. Business would need to pay a one-time fee for registration and activation of the Enjoy Cashier account.

When a marketplace is connected to the application, the blockchain behind it can act as an ultimate data storage for all the transaction made, making it easier to account and manage business finances and profits. It also encourages businesses to compete among each other by offering interesting discounts for the Enjoy Life users. The user can therefore benefit from using a simple paying platform. The convenient feature is the fact that an user doesn’t have to fill in any special codes for these bonuses, as they will be automatically available to the platform users.

Enjoy Life ICO Review

The token

ENJL token will be used of course as a one mean of payment within the platform. It can be used normally for buying various products or services. Apart from this, it is being developed to be used also within the marketing side of the platform, as they plan to help businesses in general advertising. The token can also allow the user to act as a Sale Agent to earn on promotion of services.


The main coin offering and token sale will take place starting at the 1st of December and will end in the new year, at the 15th of January. However, it is possible to buy the tokens earlier during the pre-ICO limited phases. The early offering will start at the 1st of November and will last about two weeks.

The initial price of the ENJL token will be only $0.5. The final selling price is expected to be around $20, therefore if everything goes as they have planned, there is some profit to be expected, but of course the developers price cannot be perceived as the ultimate worth of the coin, therefore the market and listing of the token on the exchanges will verify it’s true value.

The interesting bonus for the early investors is the profit sharing of their country of choice. On their website, it is stated that: “All investors who purchase from 500,000 tokens during the ICO have an exclusive opportunity to choose any country”. After doing so, the investor would be getting a percentage of all profits made by businesses of this country. For a year, every three months, it will be paid automatically directly to his Ethereum wallet.

The team

The team covers neatly all the needed fields and positions to develop such platform. There are people responsible for the technical side of the projects, programmers and developers with previous experience especially focused on the mobile apps. There are people with even 10 years of experience in marketing or project management. Legal advisors will keep an eye of the businesses that will connect to the platform from all over the world.

Final Thoughts

The platform seems like something that could be easily adopted both by the crypto and mainstream world. As the advantage acts the fact that they are already working with a few businesses and have connected them with Enjoy Life platform.

They have chosen a very interesting field, but on the other hand there are already many ICO projects that want to improve and provide payment option with both crypto and fiat currencies. However, Enjoy Life additionally offers and focuses on the bonuses, discounts and general perks for users buying goods trough their apps. The competition is always healthy, therefore the market will decide which project will become the ultimate payment platform for cryptocurrencies.

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