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DreamTeam ICO Review

Game industry has rapidly developed from being a fun activity for a leisure time to becoming a big competitive industry and real e”sport”. Of course there are many casual players, but with tournaments and awards of million of dollars, playing games becomes a real job and these players are treated like physical sport players. Today we will take a look at ICO project, that wants to help develop the competitive game are by enabling players to find teammates, practice and form teams.

General Idea

DreamTeam wants to allow players to form what the name indicates – a dream team. They want to provide a platform for users to find other players, practice with them, form teams and compete among other teams. DreamTeam will become a sort of a practice ground for casual players to start their professional career. However funny it may sound for some people, esport has become a multi-billion industry and there is a lot of money to be made.

Top competitive titles

People familiar with gaming industry probably know titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, CS-GO, Overwatch, Call of Duty or even Minecraft. Nowadays, the majority of best selling games are focused on multiplayer modes and include teamplay interactions. These games has millions of registered users. Apart from players, there are also millions of people interested in following these games, watch streams and gameplays and participate only as spectators.

Professional Teams

There are 250 Million players that could form teams and start even an amateur career at first. However, they don’t have efficient tools, platforms and means to do this. And this is the market’s need that DreamTeam has noticed. For now, players can only meet on game chats, maybe game-themed forums threads or subreddits, but there is a lack of developed “finding player” sites and platforms.

Moreover, not only you can find your teammate on this platform, but also manage your whole team like a proper business. All payments can be made within the platform, in case you and your team makes it big sponsorships, media rights and whole marketing business can also happen there. Most importantly, you get all the analytic tools to improve your gaming strategy, create and practice various tactics and keep track on all stats.

From couch to stadiums

As the platform provides all necessary tools to get into the professional esport world, you can start and manage your whole career there. You can form your first team with your friends or people from all over the world. The tournaments awards and salaries can be paid on the platform thanks to the blockchain technology and smart-contracts. And with sponsors and big medias, you can find yourself being a professional, rich and well-known esport champion.


User registry and player matching is done thanks to the database of players stored on the blockchain. Register is visible to everyone, but the information there is anonymous and impossible to change, thanks to that fact all the necessary security and transparency is achieved.

DreamTeam ICO Review


DreamTeam Token (DTT) is Ethereum based with the ERC-20 standard, which means you can store it like many other ICO tokens in your favourite Ethereum Wallet. In the future they plan to move onto more convenient platform like Waves for example or even create their own protocol.

Apart from DreamTeam platform, there are plans to include the token in a general gaming market, so that games and software or even gaming merchandise and esport tickets could be both with it. They will be also listed on popular exchanges, so these tokens can be also traded like any cryptocurrency.

ICO phase

They aim to distribute the token in two big token-sales followed by smaller pre-sales. As usual, they offer bonuses for the early buyers, so the quicker you decide to buy their tokens, the cheaper it will be. The initial price is 1 ETH for 2000 DTT.

Monetization Options

The tokens will act as a payment mean within the platform. There are numerous options and services to buy there. From team management related ones like salary payouts, team transfers, sponsorships and media rights contracts (which are signed and validated with smart contracts). Even crowdfunding and donations can be be set up and sent to the teams, so that the platform doesn’t only limit to the players, but also their followers and fans.

As a player you can also buy premium services for example so that your player profile is listed to on the top of search results or make your rank officially validated and your account on the premium mode.

Data Analysis

Apart from platform only for players, all the data they can provide is a great and valuable asset in terms of developing the game industry, user experience. It can be used as consumer researchers to develop new games or for players to get important stats and improve possible tactics to master one particular game. This data will be also used to teach AI and improve machine learning. This way every team can get their own virtual advisor to forecast their rankings and propose matches or team improvements.

A dream team

Developers behind DreamTeam are indeed a dream team. They already have experience in the gaming industry and it doesn’t mean they had been playing games. There are real and traceable previous projects to prove it. As an advantage for the blockchain side of this project, acts the fact the developer have worked on very successful Dash project.

Final Thoughts

The gaming market is rapidly developing and with the esports industry being relatively young, such platform has a great chance of succeeding. There are not many similar places, yet there are a lot of players that would like to try professional gaming, form their own teams and participate in big tournaments for big prizes. If everything from forming and managing the team, practicing for tournaments and then getting a prize, can all happen within the platform, this seems like an ultimate solution.

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