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Dogezer ICO Review

Nowadays, especially thanks to the spread of the Internet, we can support and invest in basically any project from anywhere in the world. Investing is not only reserved for the richest anymore. The donations and shares can be bought even for few dollars. This idea of a lot of small donation popularized a whole Crowdfunding idea. However, such investment still has it’s risks and we may not want to give our money to some random uncertain projects. In this TokenTops full review we will take a look at a project that proposes an interesting alternative to ordinary money investing.

General Idea

Dogezer aims to allow anybody to invest literally with what they have. It doesn’t necessary mean money. They focus on the fact that projects under development need lots of various types of support and you can become an “investor” by helping them in particular tasks depending on what skills or possibilities you have. This way an “investment” is not the money you send, but the work you can do, like doing some part of programming, designing the project’s site or general looks or simply managing their social media or running a marketing campaign and inviting other users.

Crowdfunded with labour

What seems like a great advantage of such “investment” method, is the fact that anyone can contribute to the project, even the people that cannot afford to donate some money, but enjoy the project’s idea and want to support it. Not only will they simply work to get a share and to expect later profits at this company, but as they will be directly involved with the development process they will appreciate and support this project more than they would do normally, as they are actually a part of it.

It is a great feeling when you can see your own work being put to a good use, and then see the already developed and working project with a lot of users. You can feel proud, as you have helped them accomplish this, even if that meant creating only that small banner for the site, or translating few documents. Developers who work closely with their “supporters”, or in that case we can even call them “co-workers”, will create a stronger bond, leading to forming and strengthening a solid community. And we know that active and supportive community is the greatest asset of any project.

Dogezer ICO Review

The platform

Dogezer platform seems like a complete tool, where a project’s idea can be born, then planned, managed, programmed, developed and execute.

This platform isn’t suitable only for new projects or start-ups. There are so many useful features, that even already established and developed projects can transition to this platform to make it easier for them to work further on their projects. It can go even as far as CEOs taking their work offices onto the platform to manage and organize the workflow much easier.

They want to use that “Freemium” model on their platform in order to make it available and usable for anyone, even the people that doesn’t have a budget to buy all the function, but still reward the paying supporters with extended and premium features. This is a great compromise to provide both quality and available to anyone services.


The platform combines many popular features that are already liked by the developers, as well as popular ideas from platforms like GitHub, Google Docs, Slack, as well as messaging apps, cloud storages, servers and databases.

Here we list the most interesting DoFeatures and their usages:

DoFinance – allow to neatly organize the payment method for all the teammates. It can be done through FIAT and CRYPTO currencies, as well as any future deals that they have settled on.

DoGit – known by the developers, rich git-based control system.

DoFiles – cloud storage of all the project’s files, which can be shared with particular team members, depending on what permissions we will set. As we don’t need to to trust total strangers who only create a small banner for the project and give them access to all the important files.

DoMessaging – is sort of Slack-based messaging system to organize the workflow and communicate within the team.

Dogezer being developed on Dogezer platform

What is even more interesting, is the fact that after Dogezer platform is fully developed they will launch Dogezer on the platform as a regular project, so that anyone can contribute to and help improving and further developing it.

Dogezer Token

The tokens will be used to exchange them for the premium services on the platform, as well as for starting your own project there. The exchange rate for the features will be adjusted based on the total tokens still available, as parts of them will be destroyed while buying the premium licenses and services.


Their Initial Token Offering phase starts at the 15th of January and will last a month. During that time they aim to distribute 100,000,000 tokens at the initial cost of $1 per 1 DGZ Token. With suitable possibilities and bonuses for early buyers to get the tokens even under $1.

The Team

They are divided, as Dogezer features are, on these Do”Categories”, so that there are people who take care of DoCode and DoDesign or DoTest, so that they work solely on the development of a working platform, as well as DoPromote, DoSupport to make sure project’s marketing side is also taken care of.

Is Dogezer worth attention?

The developers behind this project has realized that to successfully create, develop and deliver a project there are a lot of obstacles, especially when it comes to finances and workforce. Additionally, it turns out that the humans are taking the biggest part of the project’s budget and it costs a lot to hire all of these people. It’s hard for unknown developers to raise a lot of money hoping that investors will get interested in their project.

Such projects is actually a gamble for investors as they can never be sure if their investment will ever pay off and whether or not the project will even be delivered or ever become popular. New companies and start-ups can then try to fund it themselves, but if anything goes wrong they will end up literally broken. Naturally, these are exactly the problems Dogezer tries to solve and they seem like they have a good plan for it.

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