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Daseron ICO Review

In today’s Techncrypto full article review, we will try to see if we are forever doomed to buy things at a few already known by everyone sites and platforms that almost have monopoly in this field or is there any hope for a new developing project to introduce some improvements and succeed in the end. We will also see how can blockchain, encryption, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies improve a marketplace and the possibilities these technologies bring to the world.

The idea

Daseron ICO Review

Daseron’s team wants to contribute to the development of the digitized world and become a significant part of this new-wave technological revolution. They have noticed the problem that came with the spread and variety of information that the development of the Internet has granted us, which is a lot of false, fake and manipulative information. Any transaction or deal can turn out to be a scam, therefore they want to bring fact-checking into the content selling area.

What is the Daseron

It will be a marketplace where people can buy and sell products or services. The aim to bring fact-checking and security to the Internet makes this project possibly stand out from other similar platforms.

The technologies behind it

So we’ve got a place where people can sell and buy goods. Moreover, not only can they trade items or services, but they can do it fully anonymous. And their identities are not the only thing being secured, but the whole transactions are as well. A person doesn’t need to worry that someone tracks what he or she buys on the Internet. It may apply to things that someone would consider embarrassing and would like no one to know that he buys it or maybe simply doesn’t feel like sharing their home address with a company that knows how many expensive things he’s amassed.

What if it went so far that even a seller wouldn’t know who buys it? If we can’t trust people with our personal and vulnerable data, we can at least trust an artificial program. Daseron platform is held by an AI that controls and manages all the encrypted information.

daseron ico review

Blockchain enables to deploy the tokens that will be used for payments within the ecosystem. It also guarantees that the information will be securely stored and no one will change it. We can therefore always track the previous auctions of other user or check if the price hasn’t been manipulated in any way. This is also what, with the help of AI, contributes to a really great statistic indicator, as all the users will be rated based on their usage of the platform.

Both sides of the transaction will have access to numerous filters and variables to choose from which type of users they want to buy or to whom they are willing to sell. You can filter out anyone with bad reputation or someone who has caused some problems in the past, you can also directly target a particular group of user based on their interest or searched items, so you can more effectively sell your product. The possibilities are numerous and we don’t feel like our privacy is being put to danger as we are just encrypted numbers. It’s a middle ground that everyone can benefit from. The fact that they track the user habits, yet put it to a good use and respect the privacy is really worth noting as an advantage, as there are other well-known companies that are exploiting their users information for their own financial profit

Roles and events

To make the platform more enjoyable and encourage users to help improve it, there will be some additional activities and events. As the aim is to make every transaction and item listed be checkable and provable. An user can take up a role of a information hunter and provide good and technical description of items and services for some amount of token rewards. The marketplace is often associated only with physical goods, but they want also to focus on modern digital content like online stories, drawings or videos for example. There can be users that will specialize in providing an entertaining content or other who will focus on providing informational and training content in a how-to or tutorial like way.

In the end, the platform won’t end up as another Amazon for people to list their stuff, it can become a platform that will act as a center for everything one would need, from physical items that you need in your kitchen to funny videos to watch at your phone in the free time.

ICO – when and why

Their Initial Coin Offering has started on the 14th of August and will last a month. They need to gather at least 1000ETH (which is around $300,000) to start putting their project into effect. The funds seem realistic to gather.

daseron ico review

The gather money will be used for developing a stable and final version of the platform, as well as a marketing campaign to bring more users and encourage people to start exchanging their goods there.

Risks and opportunities

The main concern for an investor would be the fact that the competition in this field is very tough and large. They would need to beat already well established and successful companies like Amazon or eBay, but are they really their competition? Daseron actually offers what these mainstream companies can’t, which is full anonymity and digitization. With more and more users starting to feel concerned about their security in the Internet and popularity of VPN services or TOR browser to hide your identity as much as possible, I can see a market for a decentralized and privacy-oriented marketplace.

After finishing the ICO, the platform will actually be ready to use within 4 months, with next months being spent to introduce it properly and enter the market and then develop the userbase. They estimated that after one and half year they can expect a total number of users at around 100,000, which actually is not that much and can be relatively easily achieved. This amount of users can bring even $300,000 of profit per day.

Adding to this the fact that there is a token that will be listed on exchanges and it’s value will rise with the users using it, there is a bright future to look forward to for an early investor, as to see any profit the platform doesn’t even have to hit the mainstream or enormous amount of users. The goals are realistic and achievable and you can grab a lot of coins for relatively cheap price.

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