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Crystal Clear ICO Review

Development of the blockchain technology has started or rather significantly accelerated the process of digitization of all fields of our lives and things that we use everyday. In this TokenTops full article review we will take a look at a project that claims to be ”a platform for the future of the service industry”. We will try to research them and see if they indeed has that potential.

General Idea

Crystal Clear Services aims to make it easy for anyone to use any service they want, even if they aren’t fluent with modern technologies. They believe that it should be easy to hire anyone or offer your own service, and they want blockchain to help people with it, making all offered services transparent and easy to use.

Blockchain usage

First of all, thanks for the fact that this platform will be blockchain-powered, we can for sure expect every service there being traceable and transparent.

crystal clear ico review
Crystal Clear ICO Review 4

Every performed service and it’s price will be recorded on the blockchain, and what once gets into the blockchain cannot be edited or changed, so you can be sure everything is being accounted properly and everyone can check it. You will be able to view previous performance of the person you want to buy something from, there will be available reviews made by previous clients, this way you can sort out any potential scammers or people with a bad reputation and use services only from trusted and devoted members. This will also encourage the workers to perform as good as possible to receive the best ratings in order to get more clients.

To protect the customer and provider even more, an escrow system will be integrated there, so that the payment will be sent after the service has been delivered and there is no way the worker won’t get paid for his job. In case of any troubles and disputes, it will be solved with the help of other platform users chosen to review the problem.

Interesting features

The general idea is simple and the main focus goes to the development of working platform that will make it possible for people to submit their services and look for such in case they need something to be done. However, there are few interesting additional features that may act as an advantage for this project.

For example, the workers will be able to get their own plastic card so that they can withdraw they earned money directly from the ATM. As there are many services that often perform and are based offline, bringing them all into a one platform will help greatly popularize blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. And such projects are always appreciated by users.

Easy to use

Despite the platform being quite advanced technologically and the usage of blockchain technology that may not be familiar for everybody, the developers aim to make it as much user-friendly as possible, with the focus on the most newbie and beginner users. They want to make it easy for them to order a service, they can pay for it with one click and then easily leave their review and feedback for next users.

The token

Crystal Clear Token (CCT) will be available as a standard ERC-20 token, that means you can store it without any problems in most of Ethereum wallets with rest of your ICO tokens that are also standarized for ERC-20. They are going to issue 10,000,000 tokens and the initial price of one is set at 0.01 ETH.

crystal clear ico review
Crystal Clear ICO Review 5

They will be used as a paying mean on the platform. You can pay with it for all of the services and the workers that will earn these tokens can later easily exchange them to fiat money or cryptocurrency of their choice.

ICO phase

Crystal Clear has already successfully completed pre-ICO phase that took place at 31st of July and ended at the 7th of August. They have raised 770 ETH then, which is quite an impressive amount considering it was only the beginning of the project.

Now the main ICO phase will last until the 8th of October, 2017 and will consists of small bonuses and promotions that will get lower and lower and the amount of tokens that you can get for the same price will go higher as we get closer to the end of the coin offering. If you’d get lucky and bought Crystal Clear tokens (CCT) at the first hour you could get even 40% more tokens.

The team

Crystal Clear team is relatively small, however all the necessary roles are filled. They have very experienced programmers and developers that are focused on the blockchain technology, as well as most popular programming languages. There is a marketing team to take care of proper advertisement and presentation of the platform, as well as a people to take care of the business and financial side of the project.

Summary and project potential

The fact that they are going to appeal to people unfamiliar with advanced technology or even the simpler one, can act as a great advantage if they succeed to deliver it in that easy to use way. We are using various services everyday in the offline world, and only 18% of consumers are doing it online, that means there is a huge potential market and a lot of people to get into the platform.

The review and rating system will allow you to make sure what you see is what you will get. If a service provider is checked by hundreds people online, than he can be trusted with what we need him to do. This way both the ordinary people as well as workers and service providers will benefit from it as people with positive history using this platform will want to use it again, so it will eventually create more demand and more jobs.

The only potential risk can be the question whether or not this team will succeed in delivering and successfully executing this platform, so the whole responsibility of success of this project most likely lies in the developers hands.

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