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How To Repair Crypto Com Card Declined

Over 10 million people utilize the bitcoin trade platform It is one of the greatest marketplaces where you may exchange more than 250 cryptocurrencies for their actual value. The site provides users with tools to build the ideal portfolio and conduct secure cryptocurrency trading. Even better, you may get incentives on crypto assets up to 14.5%.

Additionally, they collaborate with Visa. With the Visa card, you may get up to 8% back on your purchases. However, despite how fantastic may seem, occasionally, consumers run into problems. When attempting to finish their payment verification procedure, most consumers have complained bitterly about a transaction issue.

In this post, we’ll go over all there is to know about the Crypto com card declined by Issuer problem and talk about some fast remedies to remedy it.

How Do I Use My Credit Or Debit Card To Buy CRO Or Cryptocurrency On The App

  • Tap the Buy button, choose CRO or your choice cryptocurrency to buy, and then tap the Trade button.
  • Enter your credit or debit card information on the following page to establish a secure connection to the payment gateway.
  • Keep following the on-screen prompts to enter your card information. 
  • A minor sum of $0.10 SGD (or local representative) will be temporarily kept for up to 7 days to authenticate your card; to finish the procedure, kindly confirm this transaction.
  • Return to your CRO or cryptocurrency wallet’s Accounts page after finishing, touch the BUY button, input the required quantities, and choose your credit/debit card as the payment method.
  • The purchase will be executed when you confirm it with your password or fingerprint.
  • Please use the in-app chat to contact our Support Team if you experience issues with your cryptocurrency purchase. Please keep this data available since you could be questioned about the transaction’s date, time, or approximate value.


  • Remember to only share sensitive credit/debit card information with the issuing bank.
  • New restrictions on card transactions were put in place by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on March 16, 2020, restricting the use of debit cards to regional POS and ATM transactions only. Numerous local banks still refuse to conduct crypto sale/purchase transactions, despite India’s Supreme Court removing the prohibition on cryptocurrency trading. Please check with your card issuing bank on enabling international online purchases for your card before purchasing cryptocurrency or topping up your wallet. Please again verify the acceptable usage policy of your issuing bank if your card has been made available for online purchases, but transactions are still failing.
crypto com card declined

Fees That Cardholders Might Anticipate

Cardholders should prepare to pay charges to the credit card company and the exchange where the currency was obtained. Research the precise cost of each transaction and the financial advantage (or lack thereof) before putting the charge on your credit card.

Fees For Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The exchange may impose commission and service fees when buying or depositing cryptocurrency using a credit card. For instance, the exchange sells Bitcoin. Users are permitted to buy cryptocurrency with Visa and Mastercard credit cards. However, there is a 2.99% transaction fee with a $20 minimum transaction for American cardholders.

Based on the exchange, distributors may also determine customer fees based on several variables, including the vendor’s location, the value of the purchase, and the credit card type being used.

Company Fees For Credit Cards

Some credit card providers interpret the transaction as a cash advance when cardholders buy cryptocurrency. This has several serious drawbacks. A cardholder may be charged a variety of fees, including: 

  • Cash advance service charges: Some credit cards consider buying cryptocurrencies a cash advance. This means that you’ll have to pay an extra fee when purchasing digital money with your card, in addition to the merchant or exchange’s charges for accepting such payments (which could range from 3% up). The cost can be as much as 10%, depending on which provider applies it; however, they are usually only charged 5%.
  • Interest rates for cash advances: The annual percentage rate for cash advances is often higher on credit cards—over 25%. This is a market-dependent variable interest rate. In contrast, a typical credit card transaction has a grace period of up to 25 days before interest is charged. From the day the transaction is made till the credit is fully repaid, interest will begin to accrue.
crypto com card declined
  • No credit applied toward incentives or bonuses: Generally, credit used to buy cryptocurrency (and so obtain a cash advance) is not eligible for any transaction rewards or applied toward expenditure that would ordinarily be eligible for a welcome bonus.
  • Lower credit limits: The credit limit for cash advances is frequently less than the cardholder’s total credit limit that applies to the card itself. The conditions and restrictions for cash advances may limit the number of large cryptocurrency purchases cardholders make.

What’s Up With Declined Transactions

Let’s explore many facets of the Crypto com card declined by Issuer mistake. Platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges handle millions of deals each day. They enable you to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currency. By incorporating fiat payment options into exchange platforms, this is achieved. The model is identical to

You can add your own to the account by validating one of numerous fiat payment options. A key factor is the degree of verification. It is because it establishes the maximum amount of balance you may contribute. The majority of consumers have trouble with this step. You should have had to deal with this. rejects the card you are requesting to get confirmed.

Additionally, you get a notification that explains why your card was denied. When using their debit or credit cards to purchase, users can get the transaction error notice “Declined by Issuer.” The different reasons and solutions for the Crypto com card declined have already been covered.

Call your bank frequently to resolve this problem, and use your debit or credit card to make purchases on

How To Find A Declined Transaction On Your Account

When you purchase with your crypto com card, the funds are transferred from your account to the merchant account. If the transfer is unsuccessful, your card will be declined, and you will not be able to make the purchase. You can check the status of your transactions to determine why they were declined.

crypto com card declined

Log into your online banking account and look for pending or failed transactions. Check your account history on the crypto com website. Contact customer service and ask them to help you locate the transaction. If you find the declined transaction, you can attempt to resend the funds or contact the merchant to process the transaction manually.

Why Is Your Card Rejected

You run into a problem where Crypto com card declined your card during the procedure. Why does this occur, then? There are three main reasons why this could occur. Let’s talk about them and the solutions.

Server Problem

Problems with the card issuer’s server are the primary cause of a card being refused during a transaction. Servers frequently have internal faults and outages that halt all current transactions. Payments are denied in certain circumstances. Money is deducted even for completed transactions and more. The great news is that this problem is resolved in several hours.

The world’s card issuers take this problem seriously and focus on it nonstop. Therefore, if your card is being denied, wait a few hours and try again.

The Card Has An Error

The second possibility is that you are providing inaccurate information. Most individuals err in this way. They want to add the card and finish the transaction swiftly. They accidentally enter the wrong card information in haste. For example, you may substitute a different CVV, card number, or expiration date. So, before concluding, double-check the facts.

If you have made a mistake, the card will be declined again. The good news is that you can try as many times as you want until you hit the right combination.

crypto com card declined

A Lack Of Funds

The third explanation is that there is not enough money in your account. The card is denied if the required payment exceeds the available balance. Additionally, make sure you know how much you may spend on every transaction.

Even though the maximum spending limit is minimal, people frequently set out to execute a transaction for large sums of money. On the application or website of your card issuer, you may verify and modify this.

Fixing Crypto Com Card Declined Due To Issuer Error

The Crypto com card declined by issuer mistake must be fixed. Customer must:

  • Check the account balance to determine whether there is sufficient money to complete the transaction.
  • Once the servers are back online, double-check to see if there is any ongoing maintenance.
  • Carefully enter the card information and double-check to see whether the user mistakenly input the incorrect card information (months, expiration dates, and CVV)
  • A user could always attempt switching their payment option and retrying if none of these solutions work.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Preventing Card Denial by Issuer Error

It is unnecessary to wait until your bank has refused your card before taking action; if it does so at a crucial time, it may cost you both time and money. You should, to prevent the card from being denied due to issuer mistake:

crypto com card declined
  • Ask your card issuer if you may use the card to buy cryptocurrency. If a card issuer doesn’t, any attempt to buy cryptocurrency or carry out a transaction connected to cryptocurrency that hasn’t been enabled will be banned immediately, and the card will be refused without any notification. Therefore, getting permission in advance and letting them know is wise.
  • Restrictions also apply to different card types; certain locations only take MasterCard. Therefore, always carry a backup card.
  • Additionally, ensure the card hasn’t expired or been reported lost, stolen, or canceled in any of those cases.
  • Verify that you may use your card to transact online or in other countries.
  • Verify that there is enough money in the account and that your spending has not already surpassed or will do so.

Some issuers don’t allow for transactions that are considered to be high-risk. If you’re unsure whether your purchase will be categorized as cryptocurrency, ask in advance or use another payment method.

The transaction is first sent to the card issuer for approval when using a credit or debit card to buy cryptocurrency. If the card issuer doesn’t allow cryptocurrency transactions, the card will be declined.

Why Is Crypto.Com Being Blocked By Your Bank

Due to the risk of possible fraud associated with the cryptocurrency sector, several banks do not permit legitimate transactions by their clients using credit or debit cards. This might be the cause of a bank’s blocking of

Because trading in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is prohibited in many countries worldwide, including China, it is against the law for some institutions to execute transactions. The negative actors on prevent banks from allowing it. They are unwilling to cope with the ramifications of some persons engaging in the unlawful crypto activity.

They disapprove of such deals. Digital assets are volatile. Some clients request chargebacks on credit card-related cryptocurrency transactions. The banks forbid because they do not wish to deal with this. Another long-standing cryptocurrency problem that prompts banks to reject transactions is money laundering.

crypto com card declined

Many people use Bitcoin and other digital assets to clean illegal proceeds. Banks fear being held liable if they unknowingly facilitate these activities. It all depends on the financial institution’s policies. In some cases, a person’s bank may have decided that the cryptocurrency industry, in general, is too risky and has thus blocked all transactions related to it.

It’s also possible that a person’s bank is not currently blocking but may do so in the future.

Buying Crypto.Com Error

If the website is unavailable or undergoing maintenance, you can get the Error when purchasing cryptocurrency. Additionally, you could examine your net connection and attempt on a different network. If your order falls short of the minimum or exceeds the buying limit, a error may also appear.

It also prevents you from purchasing cryptocurrency on if your wallet address is blacklisted. When the system determines that your account is suspect, it occurs. In addition, the card issuer you are using to make purchases on the application could have refused or declined the transaction, resulting in a failed purchase and the associated error.

If you’re still having trouble, their customer service team should be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. You can reach them through the in-app support feature or by email at support.

Additional Tips For Using Your Crypto Com Card

If your crypto com card is declined, don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, ensure you have enough funds to cover the purchase. If you don’t, you’ll need to add more funds before you can use your card. If you do have enough funds, try contacting customer support.

crypto com card declined

They may be able to help you troubleshoot the problem or provide more information about why your card was declined. Sometimes, your card may be declined because of a technical issue. If this is the case, customer support should be able to help you resolve the issue so you can start using your card again. In the meantime, you can always use another payment method to make your purchase.

Crypto com cards are not the only way to pay for things with cryptocurrency. For example, you can use a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase to buy goods and services with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. You can also use a peer-to-peer marketplace like LocalBitcoins to find people willing to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Don’t let a declined card stop you from using the cryptocurrency – there are plenty of other ways to make purchases with crypto.

Troubleshooting Other Issues With Your Crypto Com Card

If you are having trouble using your crypto com card, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your crypto com card by taking it out of your device and then putting it back in. If that still doesn’t work, try contacting customer support.

If your card is declined, it could be for several reasons. One possibility is that you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover the purchase. Another possibility is that your card has been blocked for suspicious activity. If you think your card has been declined for either of these reasons, you can try contacting customer support.

If you’re having trouble using your card at a specific merchant, it could be because the merchant doesn’t accept crypto com cards. You can try contacting the merchant to see if they would be willing to accept your card.

crypto com card declined

If you’re having trouble using your card online, it could be because the website you’re trying to use it on doesn’t accept crypto com cards. You can try contacting the website’s customer support to see if they would be willing to accept your card.

If you’re having trouble using your card at an ATM, it could be because the ATM doesn’t accept crypto com cards. You can try finding a different ATM that does accept crypto com cards.

If you’re having trouble using your card to make a purchase, it could be because the merchant doesn’t accept crypto com cards. You can try contacting the merchant to see if they would be willing to accept your card.

If you’re having trouble using your card to withdraw cash from an ATM, it could be because the ATM doesn’t accept crypto com cards. You can try finding a different ATM that does accept crypto com cards.

If you’re having trouble using your card to make a payment, it could be because the merchant doesn’t accept crypto com cards. You can try contacting the merchant to see if they would be willing to accept your card. You can always contact customer support if you have other questions or concerns.

Crypto Com Credit Card Declined: Questions And Answers (FAQS)

What Other Methods Do I Have to Buy Cryptocurrency?

The most reliable site to buy cryptocurrencies is an exchange, and they all provide various payment options. Visit a cryptocurrency exchange to explore what possibilities are available. Other methods to buy cryptocurrency include:

  • ATMs
  • Local exchanges
  • Brokers
  • Peer-to-peer marketplaces and platforms 

As a last resort, you can always buy cryptocurrency using cash. There are many ATMs and local exchanges that allow you to do this. Be aware that the fees for buying cryptocurrency this way can be very high. 

Are Rejected Transactions Charged Extra?

No, you will not be billed for a denied or failed transaction. However, you may have to wait one or two business days for the pre-authorization checks to be canceled. Please contact their support team if you don’t see a credit for the declined transaction on your account within that time frame.

Why Do I Have Money But My Card Is Being Rejected?

Some financial institutions limit how much you can spend on your card daily to prevent fraud. Others might be because the bank doesn’t allow you to buy cryptocurrency. You have exceeded your daily spending cap, which is one of several reasons your card is being refused.


You now have it. You are now fully aware of the Crypto com card declined by Issuer mistake. Additionally, you are aware of certain simple remedies you may use to address the problem. This article ought to be useful. Please let us know in the section below if you have any further questions or comments.

We would also like to remind our readers that they should always research a project before investing and that this article should not be taken as financial advice. Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

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