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Usefulness of Parental Controls Android Phone Child Tracking Software

Monitor call logs, texts, location, and online activities. Protect your children on their smartphones and tablets.

Simple Reasons for Installing Android Child Tracking App

With the significant amount of time every child spends on the Internet via a mobile device, the need for control is becoming urgent. Thankfully, there are lots of monitoring apps to help us with kids’ security, including the ones for the Android platform.

There are three main reasons to choose a reliable Android parental control app for your child’s safety:

  • It is legal – such software is allowed for usage by parents towards their underage children, and unlike with spy programs, you will have no troubles here.
  • It is convenient – an Android app for tracking a phone is installed on the device only once and will watch over your kid’s activities until you stop it yourself.
  • It is multifunctional – according to surveys, 8-18 year-olds devote an average of 7 hours to social media. If you are teaching your child about responsible behavior online, cell phone tracking software for Android would be an additional way to see if your kid is following your advice.

At the same time, you will always know where your kid is and what he or she is doing. Android mobile tracking software will help prevent your children from meeting strangers or falling victim to cyberbullying.

However, parents should always remember that parental control software should be an additional plan, and you should always teach kids about the rules of behavior first before talking to them.

Opportunities Parental Controls Provide

android phone child tracking software

According to Pew Research Center, many parents agree that it is important to know what children do on the Internet. To ensure online safety, many of them use various methods for controlling kids’ activities, namely Android phone tracking software, allowing them to follow every step a child takes while surfing the World Wide Web. And it is even more essential to talk to kids and teach them safe behavior on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile tracking software designed for Android devices is a powerful tool that can protect children and let parents avert many dangers before any trouble happens. Let’s take a closer look at what parental controls can do for you as a careful parent.

First of all, let’s consider cell phone use. Talking on the phone with strangers as well as text communication are potential risks children can be exposed to. A reliable Android app for tracking your kid’s phone will show you who calls them or writes SMS. And as soon as you see that any misbehavior happens, you can intervene and stop the danger.

Internet activity is another major risk. Cyberbullying keeps taking children’s lives away. Meanwhile, online predators seek an opportunity to attack and abuse kids who use online media irresponsibly. Tracking software reveals communication on social media to parents and lets them keep an eye on online friends and strangers that may contact children.

Parents worry when children go anywhere alone. Especially when you don’t know for sure where they go. An Android cell phone locator tracks smartphones and tablets remotely, showing exact whereabouts and route history. In addition, there is an option to set geofences and receive notifications when kids leave or enter some specific areas. Thus, you can point to ‘home’ or ‘school’ as a safety zone and see when a child comes back or leaves.

Moreover, parental controls like allow parents to restrict some activities on mobile phones and even block the target device until children deserve to use it. Thus, you can block a phone for bedtime or when your kids do their homework so as to not distract them from what is important.

Another important issue is selecting a reliable parental control app. For E.g. Pumpic is recognized by TopTenReviews as one of the best Android tracking software. At the same time, it is trusted by more than 10,000 customers all over the world. It means that parents can rest assured that their children are safe while Pumpic is installed on their devices. The app provides comprehensive control over what is going on with your little loved ones when you are not nearby.

How Pumpic Secures Your Kids

android phone child tracking software

Pumpic provides reliable Android cell phone tracking to protect your kids online and during daily activities.

Monitor cell phone use

  • Follow calls and text communication
  • View calendar, multimedia, and contacts
  • Use SMS commands to control the device

Keep track of the location

  • Track real-time whereabouts
  • Follow the entire history of routes
  • Apply geo-fences, get notifications

Follow Internet activities

  • View browsing and bookmarks
  • Check social media and instant chats
  • Monitor private mode via keylogger

Monitoring Features for Android

Phone child tracking software is a multi-feature mobile application designed for remote parent-kid protection. The software comprises many useful features, including child location tracking, call, and text messages monitoring, and online activity control. With android phone child tracking software, you will always know where your children go as well as what they do on their smartphones and tablets.

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