Why system integration is important with cryptocurrency

Why system integration is important with cryptocurrency

Times are shifting where everyday retailers are becoming more and more interested in accepting various forms of cryptocurrency. There is a large groundswell of cryptocurrency and token investors who are collecting, exchanging, and holding different types of coins. This has put additional pressure on retailers who are starting to think of innovative ways to accept not just the big top ten cryptocurrencies but accept other tokens out there including their own.

There are now cryptocurrency system integration projects such as “PAY” which is XRPL token trading on Sologenics and the XRP tool kit. This token is a utility token and is used to incentivize retailers to open up to different forms of cryptocurrency payment. The company also helps to run a state-of-the-art business directory which is used to promote innovative companies that do accept digital currencies.

One of the challenges that is faced by asset and token issuers is gaining real-time pricing information from a variety of exchanges. PAY helps to utilize its cutting-edge technology to help bring live data for a variety of assets trading on exchanges. The project is expanding its development suite to include a variety of open source modules to help the cryptocurrency developer community.

About the PAY token: The pay token is a loyalty utility token that is available on the XRPL. The project assists retailers and developers with online and in-store payment acceptance methods. The team at PAY provides crypto system integration modules and custom blockchain acceptance. For more information please see their website at XRPL Pay. XRPL PAY is a sophisticated ecosystem based on blockchain and cloud technology that facilitates XRPL token payments for businesses and providers. The Pay system integration solution provides the ability for every day retailers to accept XRPL and expand the XRPL ecosystem.