What is OGC Coin? Where and How to Buy OGC Coin?


OGC Coin or one get coin is a cryptocurrency that uses cryptography via block chain technology to easily transfer money worldwide. The transaction fee is 1/2,000 or less which makes it economical for users. There are various ways of making transactions such as iOS and Android apps, web wallet, Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals in convenience stores, online marketplaces, etc.

How OGC Coin Works?

  1. One Get Coin will be available to buy and sell with cash at offline stores in addition to online exchanges.
  2. You can experience the convenience of cryptocurrency when paying at a convenience store.
  3. It is possible to deal with customers around the world in an instant by using OGC Coin in many situations such as purchases, remittance, etc.
  4. Convenience stores that accept OGC Coin: CU (open nationwide in Japan), Ministop (open nationwide in Korea), FamilyMart (currently operating 5,300 stores worldwide) Convenience Store Group UNY Group Holdings Inc.: Lawson (operating 10,700 stores across mainly Japan but also overseas), Mini Stop (operating 1,900 stores across mainly Korea but also overseas), Sunkus (operating 600 stores across mainly Japan but also overseas)

Where to Buy OGC Coin?

Currently there are only three exchanges to buy OGC Coin – Upbit in South Korea , Bittrex in the United States , and YoBit . You can use these exchanges when you want to buy or sell OGC Coins.

1 – Upbit:

You can create an account at  Upbit with a Google or Facebook account. [Reference Link] [How to buy on Upbit]

2 – Bittrex:

Bittrex is designed for professional traders and has an easy and fast sign-up process. There are various kinds of cryptocurrencies available for trading such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. [Reference Link] [How to buy on Bittrex]

3 – YoBit:

This exchange was hacked several times but it does not affect the market price because it has an excellent security system. There is no fee for withdrawals less than 0.1 BTC (Transaction volume more than 0.1 BTC = 0). It’s an ideal exchange for those who don’t want to handle complicated authentication procedures of exchanges like Bittrex and Upbit.

How to Buy OGC Coin?

  1. First, you need to buy either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange that supports BTC or ETH.
  2. Then deposit the bought BTC/ETH into your Cryptocurrency wallet that supports OGC Coin.
  3. Then you can trade it for OGC Coin at Bittrex  or Upbit.
  4. After trading completes, withdraw the OGC Coin from the exchanges to your Wallet. You are now able to use your OGC Coins.

How is OGC Coin Valued?

What is considered when assessing the price of an individual coin?  Firstly, the launch date is January 15th 2018 at 12:00 pm Korea time on Bittrex.  Secondly, the total number of coins is 200 million OGC Coins which is a fixed amount. Thirdly, there are more than 500 members in the community and we expect demand to grow with this strong foundation. What about value?

  1. The price is decided by supply and demand so it is impossible to give an accurate assessment.
  2. We can look at similar cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for reference purposes –  At the time of writing, BTC = $12,350 ETH = $868 
  3. However, if you take into account the use cases that OGC Coin will have such as buying convenience goods or cash withdrawal from offline stores then we think that the value of OGC Coin is way more than that.

Where can you find the price of OGC Coin?

OGC Coin’s coinmarketcap ranking fluctuates according to supply and demand on exchanges where coins are trading; however, you will not be able to see the real-time fluctuations if you check it through coinmarketcap.  We recommend checking it through Upbit  which has the largest number of OGC Coins in the market (Upbit is designed for professional traders). At this point in time there are only three exchanges which trade OGC Coins – Upbit , Bittrex , and YoBit .

OGC Coin Price Prediction

Here I will share the OGC price prediction of the next 5 years.

Price Prediction YearPrediction Price

Why is the price going to increase so much?

The demand for a convenient payment method is increasing along with an increase in solo-related consumption and food delivery services, Uber Eats, etc. This trend will further expand in the future and we want to become a huge part of this new market by providing several use cases such as cash withdrawal from offline stores or buying convenience goods at regular stores . We also expect that there will be more coins that will enter the market soon. So basically, there are several factors that will contribute to an increase in coins’ prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – What if your currency crashes?

Every currency has a different purpose and use case. We are confident that OGC will not crash because it is a currency with real value. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, OGC has a clear business plan and vision for the next 5 years.

2 – How can I join your community?

You can join our Telegram here . The only requirement is to have an ERC20-compliant wallet. You don’t need to buy any coins yet because we are still in the pre-sale period where you can purchase at 1/100 ETH rate! If you have any questions about purchasing then please contact us on Telegram or through email.

3 – Can I buy your tokens with an EMMARES account?

Absolutely not! This is because you can only receive our tokens via ERC20-compatible wallet or EMMARES . If you send ETH to our contract address using your EMMARES account then you will lose your coins and nobody can help you retrieve them because they don’t your private key. Please study more about ERC20-compatible wallets before you make any purchase.

4 – Will your coin freeze when it reaches $50?

No! Our technology roadmap does not include any freezing mechanism because we do not consider OGC Coin to be a security token.

5 – Will your coin freeze when it reaches certain rank?

Our technology roadmap does not include any freezing mechanism because we do not consider OGC Coin to be a security token.

6 – What is the difference between ERC20 tokens and OGC Coins?

ERC20 tokens are only compliant with ETH blockchain while OGC Coins are compliant with all ETH, EXP, UBQ, POA, RSK blockchains with ERC20 interfaces. We also use Proof of Authority consensus protocol instead of Proof of Work in order to save electricity for miners who mine coins in multiple blockchains . This is why our transaction fee is much cheaper than other currencies’. Furthermore, our currency is designed so that the total number of coins will be 200 million which equal to the total number of ERC20 tokens that is currently circulating in ETH, EXP, UBQ, POA, RSK blockchains (the exact amount is 102 million).


OGC is a currency that has real value, uses Proof of Authority consensus protocol instead of PoW , and has 200 million total coins. You can receive OGC Coins only by transferring ETH to our contract address which you will find on our website.