How to Ship a Motorcycle Overseas?


Importing a motorcycle from overseas can be challenging. The process of shipping a motorcycle is lengthy, time-consuming and expensive.

Here are some steps that you can take in order to successfully import your motorcycle:
1. Research the cost of shipping a motorcycle as well as the costs of customs, taxes and other charges before you start your search for a shipping company.
2. Make sure that the seller will be able to provide proof of ownership when you purchase the bike so that you can avoid customs hassles later on.
3. When importing through a freight forwarder or another broker, make sure that they have experience in handling motorcycles and know how to deal with them in different parts of the world when they arrive at their destination.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle Overseas and Why is it Difficult?

When you are looking to buy a motorcycle overseas, you might be surprised to find that the cost is significantly higher than that of the same model in Japan. This is because of different regulations and taxes.

There are two types of international shipping

  • Free international shipping: The buyer pays for the transportation costs and only has to pay customs fees and VAT tax.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight): The buyer pays for all transportation costs plus the VAT tax.
    The latter has a higher cost because it includes insurance for both the bike during transportation and after reaching its destination.
    Here we will discuss some reasons why it can be difficult to ship motorcycles overseas.
    Biggest Mistakes made When Shipping a Motorcycle Overseas
    The 6 Biggest Mistakes made When Shipping a Motorcycle OverseasThe 4 Most Common Mistakes Made When Shipping a Motorcycle Overseas:
  • Buyers/seller beware of the shipping fees and other costs.
  • Be careful with customs and duty fees.
  • Do not forget to buy insurance for your bike.
  • Time it takes to get the bike delivered once you move overseas.

The 3 Most Important Things to Consider Before Moving Your Motorcycle Overseas:

  • What is the cost? (This includes registration, temporary import duty, shipping, etc.)
  • What are the taxes? (Know what amount you can register your motorcycle for in your country)
  • How long does it take for your motorcycle to get delivered
    Motorcycle shipping is an expensive endeavor. From negotiations to customs clearance, there are many steps that can be easily avoided if you hire a qualified motorcycle shipping company.

The Right Ways to Find the Best Affordable International Shipping Solution

The right way to find the best affordable international shipping solution is to compare different shipping providers. If you want moving a motorcycle abroad, please try Shiply’s shipping service.

Some of the key things you should consider when comparing different international shipping providers are:

  • The cost of shipping
  • The number of destinations they ship to
  • The types of services offered
  • Shipping speed.

Tips for Getting Your Motorcycle Exported in Less Than 2 Weeks

The U.S. motorcycle market is on the rise and in order to meet demand, more companies are exporting their products to Europe and other regions outside of the United States. The main issue is that motorcycle exporters must receive a DOT (Department of Transportation) number before they can export their motorcycles, which safeguards them from being stolen or sold on the black market. When it comes time for motorcycle exporters to apply for a DOT number, they have many questions about what steps to take and what information they need to provide.

People often ask me how they can get their bike shipped to them for less. I think the best way is to navigate the shipping process from start to finish, so that you know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.

One of my best tips for those who want their bike shipped for cheaper is to find a shipping company that has an established partnership with a bike shop near you. This will make it easier on both ends of the shipping process, as you’ll be able to question your shipment directly from the company’s website and they’ll be able to take care of any problems in person so that your bike doesn’t get damaged by any mishaps along the way.