Why Graphene FX is A Trustable Broker in Forex Industry?

In this article, we’re going to review Graphene FX and give you ten reasons why it’s recognized as one the leading forex brokers around the globe. Whether you’re a veteran to forex trading or a newbie who wants to step into this ever-growing forex industry, you might already know about Graphene FX. Graphene FX is a well-established broker and a legit name in the forex market all over the globe.

Graphene has created a new approach for traders to feel highly proficient in order to trade by providing them with tactics and ideas which, when effectively implemented, can assist outline the methods in which someone can trade and increase one’s probability of victory. At present, the marketplace is like a wide sea, and Graphene FX appears to be causing a stir in the forex industry. So, without any further due, let’s jump into our Graphene FX review and find out the reasons why does it have such a big reputation among the traders.

FSA Approved

One of the major reasons behind the trust shown towards Graphene FX is its regulation under the laws of Financial Services Authority (FSA). When one is going to put the hard-earned money on big stakes he thinks twice before doing so and the first thing that comes to the mind is will it be safe. With Graphene FX Limited regulated under FSA as an international broker, the trust and the reliability factors are ticked for every forex trader, making it a well-established and legitimate forex broker around the world.

Forex Experience

When it comes to forex trading, experience of the broker is something that counts for most of the traders, specially if one is a novice at forex trading. Graphene FX has hosted more than 350,000 customers since its inception in forex industry in 2012. This extensive experience of 10 years and a huge number of users makes it an easy choice for the beginners.

Expanding Boundaries

If wouldn’t be wrong to say that sky’s the only limit for Graphene FX. It has been expanding to every part of the world since its start in 2012 and Pakistan is no exception either. Graphene FX has been proudly serving the forex traders in Pakistan for almost 1.5 years now, and this relationship is going to be lasting one.

Huge Market

Every day, Graphene FX Group and its subsidiaries complete around 1,300,000 trades. Graphene FX is a recognized broker in the forex trading sector, with over $4 million in capital reserves making it one of the leading forex brokers in the industry.

Customer Centric Approach

One of the x-factors that play into the hands of this broker is its customer centric approach. They value their customers and are always committed to make things more fluent and convenient for them and maximizing their chances to success. This also replicates in swift transactions of the orders being performed, where the success rate is 99 percent of those completed in less than a second.

Balance Security

Protection of one’s balance is of utmost importance to every forex trader and Graphene FX has earned the trust of its customers by providing them with complete protection of their balance and secure transactions to their personal accounts.

Multiple Account Support

Another box checked by Graphene FX is their diversified accounts support. Whether you want to trade with a standard account or use your Islamic Accounts to keep the both worlds intact, Graphene FX has you covered with multi accounts support.

Multi-Platform Support

Graphene FX offers multi-platform support to its customers for better convenience. They offer the traditional MT4 and MT5 platforms, which are available for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets, and are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Expert Advisor, single-click trade, analytical tools, more than 50 indicators, three chart kinds with tools, hedging, and working VPS availability are only a few of the platform’s top features.

Customer Service

The customer service team of Graphene FX is great, quick, responsive, diligent, and devoted, and they work around the clock to provide assistance to all clients via phone, email, or WhatsApp.

Customer Training

Graphene FX also assist its clients in improving their skills over time by providing high-quality instructional content such as daily blogs, news updates, and YouTube videos.