Types of Budget Laptops And How To Choose The Best One

If you are looking for a budget laptop then this article is just for you. With the power of technology, everyone aims at having something which is new and advance but not everyone can buy a new one with their limited budget so people do like to buy used laptops or refurbished laptops too because they don’t want to compromise on their needs. Nowadays lots of companies have introduced cheap laptops in the market and there are also some sophisticated technologies that come into play to give an advanced functionality to these cheap laptops.

Types of Cheap Laptops

 There are many types of cheap laptops available in the market but few specific features differentiate them from other. Few types are mentioned below:


 It’s an amazing type of laptop which provides you a lot of facilities but it doesn’t have any dedicated graphics card in it. It’s mainly used by students because of its keyboard and additional applications that are useful for them. 

Apple Laptops  

Apple laptops are also known as Macbooks which can be afforded by anyone from the average middle class family to richer ones too. The interesting thing about these types of laptops is that you get what you pay for because they charge their customers according to their needs and preferences which also includes the rates of their models and versions. 

Gaming Laptops 

If you really need a cheap laptop that can give you some quality performance then gaming laptops will serve your purpose very well because these laptops provide more features than other types of cheap laptops at an expensive cost which can be afforded by anyone.

How They Work? 

These types of cheap laptops work on the bases like any other laptop but it has a difference in its hardware capabilities that make them different from others. These kinds of cheap laptops are not so powerful as compared to gaming laptops because they lack in graphics card, processor and many more things that makes a laptop capable of running high end games or applications smoothly . However these budget laptops have more power when we compare them with desktop computers because their price is not much high and there is no need to buy separate components for setting up your working area but you just need to buy a laptop and get started with it. Along with this ,there are some additional technologies like Webcam, DVD drive etc that comes into play in these cheap laptops to taste them by the users.

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How To Select Cheap Laptops? 

 If you really want to buy a budget laptop then it’s your choice that which one should be chosen. I would suggest you to go for the apple macbook which is the best laptop under $300 because they are not only limited with their functions but they also provide durability and high end performance though it costs more than other types of budget laptops. You can also search about gaming laptops online like dell or asus gaming laptops and find out which one is best suited according to your needs. However, if you don’t need heavy duty work then Chromebooks are just perfect for you because these types of cheap laptops are light weighted and portable similarly by keeping in mind all the conditions I have found out that Acer Chromebook R11 is the best choice for all those people who are looking for a budget laptop.

Why Acer Chromebook R11?

Acer is a well known company for its high quality products and services. I have used their acer aspire switch 10 myself and seen that it has so many good features in so less price which are unbeatable. So, if we talk about the cheap laptop I mention above then there are some key features of this model which make it different from others:

  1. It’s having 8GB Ram which makes its performance faster than other types of budget laptops . 
  2. Its OS is Chrome operating system which provides 1000 GB free space on Google drive. 
  3. It also comes with one year warranty and toll free number in USA, UK & India. 
  4. 12 hours battery backup after charging just for once 
  5. It has 2 USB ports and HDMI out put. 
  6. 720P HD Webcam included for video calling. 
  7. It’s light weighted only 1.2 kgs 
  8. 10 hours battery backup on stand by mode 
  9. It includes Wifi, Bluetooth etc
  10. Its sound is also up to the mark because it comes with 4 speakers having subwoofer . 

So, these are some of the key features that you won’t find in any other budget laptop which makes acer Chromebook R11 best suited for everyone who wants a cheap laptop for their work or gaming…

Ending Line 

So, if you are in need of a cheap laptop then go through this article and buy the one which suits your needs because not everyone can afford an expensive or premium quality laptop and these types of budget laptops serve the purposes very well . There is no need to compromise on your comfort zone just look around online and find out which one suits you most. All the best!