Top 7 Features in Apple iOS 15 You Should Know Before Downloading

As Apple iOS developers are working hard to come up with the next version of the mobile operating system. It is a good time for you to know what will be new in Apple iOS 15. In this article we have listed some top 7 features that you should know before downloading and installing iOS 15 on your iPhone or iPad.  

1- Siri is Getting Smarter in Apple iOS 15

Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri is going to receive notable upgrades both in appearance and intelligence in iOS 15 release. The intelligent voice assistant will become far more proactive, being able to interact with third party apps from the system level rather than just stay within its own domain. You’ll be able to ask questions without unlocking your phone directly from a locked screen, for example, and Siri will even suggest actions to take without being prompted. In addition, iOS 15 brings “always-on” listening mode for better voice control while driving your car or cooking in the kitchen.

2- Apple Maps Offers Free Updates of Flyover City Tours

Apple’s built-in Maps app is also going to receive a number of notable upgrades in iOS 15. You’ll be able to get free updates of flyover city tours that were previously available only via paid subscription. More 3D buildings are added into the existing ones with each flyover update from Apple, which gives you a chance to see how they look from new angles and perspectives. Moreover, you can now add photos and notes on different areas of maps directly from the updated version of the app.

3- Apple News App Offers Interactive Content

Apple’s news app in iOS 15 offers interactive content, which means you can get access to all kinds of videos and photos while reading stories. More interestingly, this new capability extends to other sources too, not just official news publishers. You’ll be able to go through different informative contents from unofficial websites within the Apple News app without ever leaving it.   

4- Third Party Apps are Going to Get Smarter With Proactive Assistant Capabilities

With the passage of time third party apps are becoming smarter on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 / 10 . Similarly in the upcoming version of Apple iOS, developers will be able to make their apps proactive enough to get suggestions about what they want to do next. This feature will mainly be used by productivity apps, though it can also be used for other types of third party applications on the iOS platform.   

5- Apple Pay Will Support NFC Technology in More Countries

Apple’s mobile payment solution Apple Pay is already available in many countries of the world including the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, France and China. In addition to existing supported regions of Apple Pay NFC payments will become more widely enabled globally with the launch of Apple iOS 15.   6- Improved Security Features Make Devices More Secure than Before. One thing that makes people nervous about upgrading to new versions of OS is security issues and concern over increased vulnerability.

Fortunately this worry is being addressed with Apple iOS 15 release in that Apple keeps working on making its platform more secure not just from the inside but also from outside. In addition to improved security, users will get notification when someone tries to access their personal information from a previously used device via iCloud too. All these features make Apple iOS 15 one of the most secure mobile operating systems so far.   

6-  Camera App Offers New Ways of Editing Photos

Apple’s default Camera app is gaining new capabilities with iOS 15 release. You can have an automatic edit of your captured photos right from the device, which means you no longer have to share it on third party platforms for further editing. Furthermore, while taking a photo using a camera app you’ll be able to doodle over it before actually capturing the photo too.   

7- FaceTime Web Links Lets You Talk to More People at the Same Time

With iOS 15, Apple is bringing FaceTime Web links that allow you to talk with more than one person simultaneously in your chat. This feature is a direct competitor of Microsoft’s Skype service which offers video chatting facility between different devices too. If you are thinking about how this feature works then it’s pretty simple; there will be an app on OS X i.e Mac computers for example which lets users make audio and video calls using their iPhones when they are away from their desktops.


So these are the top 7 features that may be introduce in Apple’s upcoming iOS 15 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. These new capabilities being introduc with iOS 15 will give you a reason to upgrade your existing device to the latest version of Apple mobile operating system without question. However, if you want to experience all these features on your iPhone or iPad right now then don’t install beta versions of iOS 15 on them because it is not stable enough at this moment and can also affect performance of your device in unexpected ways. In case you still wish to experience everything mentioned above in iOS 15 then simply wait for a few more months before the final release comes out.