Top 5 Ways to Earn with NFT in 2022 — A New Reality is Coming

With the NFT-economy growing on a daily basis, it takes time to get your head around all of the opportunities. It goes without saying that there are so many great projects out there and we can’t talk about them all.

Here we’ve picked some of our favorites and here you’ll get an overview and also more detailed info (**if listed). We’ll update this list regularly!

1: NFT Marketplaces:

The Next Level of Crypto Exchanges? Let’s take a look at OpenSea for example — they already have over 20 million items listed with dozens of new ones arriving every day. All collectibles are NFTs (ERC-721) and pretty much all of them can be traded with ETH or a variety of other digital currencies.

What makes OpenSea stand out from the crowd is their broad offering and the fact that they not only focus on games like CryptoKitties, but also on creative assets such as Cryptograffiti’s art. You can buy & sell almost anything here (even ENS domains).

2: Gaming:

NFT earning

NFTs in Games The crypto gaming space is growing fast and we’re glad to see more and more NFTs pop up every day! Now it might sound obvious, but we’ll still list it — especially because we’re often asked how to get involved and where to find examples: It’s simple — go to Enjin, collect some ENJ, and start playing!   Why Enjin? Well, they are the most popular gaming platform for cryptocurrencies & NFTs. Simply create your account, visit their Minecraft section (there’s even one with all of our collectibles) , pick something you like and start collecting!

3: Collectibles:

Start Collecting Now Now that we’ve pointed out some of the most obvious ways to get into NFTs, let’s go more in-depth with Collectibles. If you’re new to the game there are so many things you can learn. But how does it work? It’s easy — just think of anything you’d love to own as a digital copy or version of itself ! All items on this list are ERC-721 tokens with unique identities. What you see is what you get.

4: Gamification:

Make It Fun! Here’s an example of gamification that we find very exciting. Have you ever played Neopets? Well, now you can earn Ether while playing on your favorite games. For instance there is MonsterEther which is a blockchain-based collectible card game with adventure RPG elements. Monsters are ERC721 tokens and they can be traded or exchanged at various marketplaces like OpenSea for ETH & ENJ (Enjin Coin).

5: Art:

A New Kind of Collectible If you’re into creative stuff & especially digital art, then these new collectibles are just for you. Look what Cryptography has to offer — street art with smart contracts that makes it possible to buy and sell limited edition art without any middleman. Just visit , pick what you like and buy it with Ether!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – What are non-fungible tokens?

Non-Fungi are digital collectibles that have unique identities. They are not interchangeable, nor should they be treated like ordinary tokens or coins. You can think of them as rare and powerful digital artifacts. Each one is different from the next in some way and they exist only on Ethereum blockchain (or other compatible smart contract platforms). The most popular NFTs include items such as CryptoKitties, Cryptopunks and much more!

2 – Why should I care about this?

Well, if you want to be a part of the future then it’s time for you to get involved in crypto — especially because we’re all building this together. The best thing about NFTs is their immutability, meaning that the history of every object is stored on Ethereum forever . What you do with it after that is up to your imagination.

3 – Where can I see all the collectibles?

We’re working on a solution for this! For now you can check cryptograffiti’s art page , Crypto Kitties marketplace and OpenSea to buy & sell anything ranging from CryptoPunks to ENS domains. You can even find some exclusive items available at our own store

4- How were these non-fungible tokens created? 

What makes them so special? We’ve already talked about NFTs before — but basically they are unique objects that were created by issuing an open auction of tokens called Gen 0. This way, they became probably rare and the only ones of that specific kind. The process will be automated by design , so anyone can issue a new NFT on the chain anytime!

5- How do I find out which tokens are Rare and which aren’t? 

To keep things simple there’s no need to check individual NFT addresses — just visit cryptograffiti’s art page . You’ll see all artwork has an estimated value and general info about each piece. Still confused? Feel free to join us in Discord or Telegram for more information or shoot us a message here! 


Before you get all excited and start buying tokens, please be aware that most of them are completely useless. To figure out which ones are actually valuable check Cryptograffiti’s art listing or Crypto Kitties marketplace . We also have a list of Rare NFTs included in our store so don’t forget to check it out! All the best, everyone. Join us at Dappsify Community for more stories about decentralized applications & collectibles !