The Most Common Mobile Apps And Why They Are Important Today

This article provides insight into mobile apps to better understand how important they are in today’s technology. And we help to identify mobile apps we use in our daily life.

In today’s life, technology has resources and different kinds of devices that have made life easier and fun.

It’s so easy and comfortable that both young and adults use phones for different purposes.

Most mobile applications are user-friendly, convenient, and reliable.

Modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many multi-functional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone.

And with the invention of Mobile applications, we can do multiple things on different kinds of the app with different features.

I’m super excited about the way technology has made life more fun.

Specifically, we’ll look at: 

  • What is a mobile app?
  • Examples of mobile apps that we use in our daily activity.
  • Why Mobile apps are important in today’s technology


A mobile app or mobile application is a computer program or software application that is developed to run on mobile devices such as a phone, and tablet.

People often misunderstand Mobile applications and desktop applications.

Desktop applications are computer programs or software applications that are developed to run on desktop computers and web applications.

You can download mobile apps on the Google play store or Apple store, and there are over 5 million applications on both app stores combined.

Common Examples of Mobile Applications

Over 2.5 million applications are available on the google play store which is impossible to start listing but to mention a few that people couldn’t do without.

These are mobile apps the majority of people both young and adults, couldn’t do without using.

In short, mobile applications are what really make our phones smart in terms of features and their applications.

We have helped to identify some specific mobile apps that are way too important in today’s life. Specifically, they are as follows:

  • Google app
  • YouTube app
  • Google map
  • Facebook


The Google app keeps you abreast of every information that matters to you. With the power of the search engine, you can easily find answers to burning questions.

In addition, with the discover option, you can get personalized updates on all news or piece of information that matches your interest.

It is important to note that the app has been installed over 5 Billion times.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world right now. Basically, it’s for people who love the information in the form of videos for better explanation.

For example, as a football fan, you could be curious to know who the best midfielders are. Simply look it up on Youtube and you’ll see tons of videos that answer your question. 

We have different kinds of learners, and many love learning in video format rather than reading articles.

In today’s life, YouTube is more than just video platform. It is now an important platform for learning, entertainment, and business.

Furthermore, people love YouTube because of its user-friendliness.

More so, it is a very big platform for people that monetize their videos on YouTube.


Google maps are the most useful mobile application for location.

The majority of people rely on Google Maps whenever they are going somewhere they have never been before because of its features like address sharing, traffic updates, and many more.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform today and there are about 2.6 Billion monthly active users worldwide.

Almost everyone active on Facebook has the Facebook Messenger for instant messaging.


Twitter is the typical social media platform to get trending news. It is also the home of hashtags that makes it easier to cry out for justice than any other platform.

Businesses also take advantage of the growing audience on Twitter.

Of course, the above-listed apps are not the only mobile applications available but they are the commonest. For example, if you are a football fan, there are some good football mobile apps you should find useful 


Mobile apps are important today because they make life easier for anyone who has a smartphone. 

Moreover, it is more convenient to interact with mobile apps than surfing the Web on a smartphone. 

Thankfully, today we now have sophisticated mobile apps that can solve almost any common problem. This was not possible some 15 years back.


Give yourself some time, think of how you could get the best out of mobile apps.

In today’s technology, the majority of the traffic online is powered by smartphones.

Mobile apps could just be the missing link in your life.