The Impact of Live Streaming On Influencer Marketing

Live streaming has transformed marketing for businesses. Now available on most social media platforms, live streaming has helped businesses engage with their audiences in real-time. What started as a fun activity feature a few years ago has now become an important medium for engagement that other mediums cannot give. Audiences love their influencers- they look forward to engaging with them in every way possible. Live streaming has made many things possible, it has left a deep impact on how influencer marketing is looked at.

Live streaming helps followers interact with their influencers in real-time

When an influencer schedules a live streaming session, his followers look forward to interacting with him in real-time. Though followers do comment on influencer’s posts, live streaming helps them to get quick replies and mentions that aren’t available with other types of content.

Live streaming is what it is-a LIVE broadcast. This means nothing is scripted or preplanned. The influencer shows around a particular place or interviews someone that everyone looks forward to. Comments and reactions to the live broadcast can be viewed by everyone, giving people the chance to not only interact with the influencer but also amongst themselves. On the other hand, the next most popular type of engaging content is recorded videos. Though they can be interesting, they are largely planned and scripted, something that works against it.

Ease in launching new brands

When a new or existing brand wants to commence its influencer marketing campaign, a live broadcast can be a great springboard to success. An established influencer, who has the right following of the brand’s target audience, can help new brands enter the market with a live broadcast. Here, the influencer can mix interviews with brand officials, take viewers behind the scenes or just introduce the brand from the customer’s viewpoint.

For example, a local fashion brand could hire an influencer with a large number of locals following him for a Facebook Live streaming session on the opening of its new showroom in the neighborhood. The real-time feature helps the brand to convey the various discounts and price range of its products. If the brand does not know who could be the right fit for them, they could choose an influencer from an influencer marketing platform.

High ROI

ROI for most marketing campaigns is hard to measure. With live streaming campaigns, you can get real-time insight into the people engaged with the live streaming video. In fact, live streaming campaigns have now become an industry worth more than $70.05 billion. They are being used by all sorts of businesses for various marketing purposes.

Establishes trust with audiences

As live streaming videos are unbiased and unscripted, it helps people establish trust with the brand. This is because they not only see their influencer engaging with the brand, but also see the influencer himself engaging with them in real-time with answers to their comments.

When the influencer does live streaming of the office or a behind-the-scenes production process of a product, they are keen to try the product or have subconsciously decided to buy the product later when they need it.

A cost-effective video marketing medium

Marketing your brand through video can be a resource-consuming affair. This is because each video requires professionals- cameramen, editors, animators, sound specialists, and the like. On the other hand, a live streaming session just requires a mobile/tablet and a sound internet connection.

What’s more, the live comments and likes show you how well the session is going- you can also use the live streaming session to further promote the brand’s website or products with an offer/discount or any other promotional activity.

Help influencers fine-tune marketing strategies

Live streaming helps influencers to promote the brand further. During the live video, the influencer can entice his audience to come back for more exciting content after the live video is over. The brand and influencer can also work together to promote the live video amongst all their collective followers. This helps both the influencer and brand to increase their follower count so that they can target them later on.

Hosting opportunities for influencers

Live Streaming sessions do not just catch the attention of the target audience. Some brands look for influencers who can help ‘hype’ certain events or products before the launch. Others are on the lookout for influencers who can work for them, giving the influencer in question a lot of new opportunities to earn.

In fact, a well-hosted live session can give the influencer unparalleled publicity that he can take advantage of later on.

Why live streaming is the future of marketing

All of this makes it quite obvious that for both brands and influencers, live streaming is the best marketing strategy to gain publicity. 

Usually, brands and influencers work together to plan the campaign where a select date and time is set when the live session is to be conducted. With promotion to the event from both sides, the audience for the live session is amplified. What’s more, with everyone online on their smartphones, accessing a live session is child’s play. People can use their commuting time or waiting time to watch either the live session or a recorded one as and when they are free. This gives brands and influencers a new set of opportunities with a bigger audience.

Wrap Up

Influencer marketing is not only about promoting a business via pre-recorded and planned content, live, unbiased, and unscripted streaming videos can also help both brands and influencers reach their marketing goals. Having said that, this cost-effective medium of advertising can also be a start of a new influencer marketing campaign with the brand and the influencer. That is why many people consider it the future of advertising.