What is Poocoin? Where and How to Buy?

Poo has been a part of our lives for quite some time now. And by “quite” we mean more than 2,000 years – enough to have become a common noun and an international symbol of disgust, amazement and annoyance. But what about poo money?

Before you start scrolling down to the comments section, give us a break – it’s not as bad as it sounds. We’re talking about Poocoin (POOC), the new cryptocurrency that is sure to make you poo your pants with joy once you find out about its features. It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking yourself what kind of name is that for a digital token or how anyone could come up with a moniker – all will be explained in a bit.

What is Poocoin?

Poocoin (POOC) is a digital asset with several uses. First and foremost, like most cryptocurrencies it acts as a payment method – it can be sent or received from anyone around the world almost instantly and with very low fees. However, what makes Poocoin special is the fact that every transaction comes with an option of attaching a message – meaning each block of transaction data can store up to 80 characters instead of just your wallet address and amount transferred. This means if you send POOC to someone over Twitter, Telegram, Gmail or Facebook, there is a high likelihood that they will see your message before the money hits their wallet.

How Poocoin Works?

Poocoin was designed with the average Joe in mind, so it’s very easy to exchange and use. First things first – you need to create a wallet if you want to get into crypto (any cryptocurrency for that matter). To do this, download and run the official Poocoin Wallet application on your computer or mobile device. The app will generate a public wallet address and private key (a long string of characters) that can be used to send and receive coins. You can transfer money to anyone by knowing their POOC address and inputting it in the corresponding field within the application. Some coin wallets let you import other existing accounts from other cryptocurrencies while others don’t have this feature enabled yet. It all depends on how each specific wallet developer chooses to implement it.

Where to Buy Poocoin?

In this section I will tell you about the trusted exchanges where you can buy the poocoin easily.

1 – Bittrex:

Regulated exchange with higher standards than poloniex with good security levels also offers high liquidity with low fee transactions. I recommend you register at Bittrex if you are not already registered so that it shall increase your trading confidence when buying or selling POOC.

2 – Cryptopia:

Cryptopia is another excellent exchange with features like custom wallet,market-view,chat-room and many more that can be used for trading using POOC.

3 – C-Cex:

The C-cex is the oldest exchange among all cryptocurrency exchanges with high volumes and low fee transactions. It has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies which you can trade in terms of POOC.

4 – TuxExchange:

Tux Exchange is an online digital currency exchanger that offers fast secure trading in many crytocurrency such as POOC to its customers. They also offer very low fees when buying or selling POOC over their platform making them one of the best place to buy POOC.

5 – Novaexchange:

Nova Exchange is an online bitcoin trading platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like POOC with ease of mind. You can use this site as a medium to trade your cryptocurrencies like POOC fastly.

How to Buy Poocoin (POOC)?

In this section I will be telling you how to buy POOC in an easy way.

  1. First of all register in the given exchanges in the above sections. All these exchangers are trusted and secure. You can trust them because each coin is different and not like other that if one goes down then others also follows(Eg Bitcoin,litecoin).
  2. Verify your email account after registering to avoid spam messages which may contain viruses!
  3. Now deposit some fiat money (eg: $ 50) to your preferred exchange through your debit card or bank transfer for buying POOC.
  4. Once you get the deposited amount in your account it should reflect within few minutes in the form of BTC.Now click on “Balances” and search for BTC.
  5. Now click on “Withdraw” near your BTC amount and select the address displayed in front of you and send it to the given address.
  6. Your POOC will be deposited to you within 10 minutes!

How to Sell & Trade Poocoin (POOC)?

In this section I will tell you about how to sell your poocoins with ease.

  1. First of all download an exchange wallet as per your operating system from the above sections that supports POOC tokens. A list is available there, so no need for searching around here.
  2. Verify your email account after registering to avoid spam messages which may contain viruses.
  3. Login to your wallet and click on the “Balances” option in the menu. Now you will see all cryptocurrencies supported by that particular exchange.
  4. Search for POOC in that list and you will find a long alphanumeric string beneath it that represents your public address.
  5. You can use this public address to receive coins or send money from any other supported currency!
  6. To sell your poocoins select BTC and search for POOC within it and click on withdraw to display your active address which usually starts with letter ‘P’. Send your POOC amount to this given address and wait until 3-4 confirmations occur when your transaction is completed successfully. Your FIAT currency will be sent back to you within 4-5 working hours.
  7. This is the most secure and trusted method to sell coins for FIAT currency.

Best Wallets for the Poocoin (POOC)?

In this section I will tell you about how to store your poocoins in a wallet that supports POOC tokens.

  1. First of all download an official wallet from the main website as per your operating system, then launch it and sync with network to check balances or create a new address for receiving coins.
  2. Now after creating a new address send the desired number of poocoins there from exchanges as mentioned above.
  3. In case if you have already Poocoins on exchanges use the withdrawal option which is available on those sites to transfer your tokens from those onto your wallets.
  4. The best part about these wallets is that they are supported by all major operating systems like windows,linux and mac.
  5. You can easily get support from official team on their website or social media pages like telegram and facebook.
  6. Keep your wallet files safe and do not share it with anyone because if someone has access to your wallet, he/she can simply take all your coins away!

Is Poocoin (POOC) a profitable investment?

In this section I will tell you whether the poocoins are worth investing or not.

  1. The primary purpose of POOC is to help people in buying goods and services by reducing transaction time which usually takes up to 10 minutes in case of bitcoins, whereas POOC reduces such times to few seconds only.
  2. Network fees for trading other cryptos are very high which should be paid in full to get your transactions processed. However, the transaction fee for POOC is only 1% of that amount to ensure maximum profit.
  3. Moreover, it uses x11 algorithm instead of SHA256 or Scrypt which makes mining process less complicated and at the same time more rewarding.
  4. The number of coins available are uncapped which means there will always be a supply offered to ensure steady price values while trading on exchanges.
  5. You can buy poocoins with other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin,Bitcoin cash,Ethereum etc.
  6. Every coin has its own specifications so do not get attracted by prices for another reason!

Poocoin Price Prediction

1 – Poocoin Price Prediction 2022:

The research indicates a long-term increase in the value of POOC tokens. The price prediction for 2022 is around 5$ to 10$.

2 – Poocoin Price Prediction 2023:

The poocoins is a newbie but growing rapidly with an increase of about 200% as it is not just a crypto currency but a digital asset that offers you convenience and security at the same time.

3 – Poocoin Price Prediction 2024:

The price can reach up to 15$ as more and more people will be aware about the benefits to use this currency.

4 – Poocoin Price Prediction 2025:

POOC price is forecasted to be reaching at 20$ by the end of 2025.

5 – Poocoin Price Prediction 2026:

The prediction says that the value might reach up to 30$ mark and further there will also be a hike in demand as well as supply.  This is expected as cryptocurrencies are getting more popular every day and people are becoming aware about them with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What is the expected price of Poocoin (POOC) in 2020?

The forecasted price of POOC tokens by the end of 2020 is around 5$ to 10$.

2 – How much will 1 POOC be worth in 2026?

The predicted price for 1 POOC token by the end of 2026 is around 25$.

3 – Will Poocoin crash?

No, as per our analysis it is not going to crash. Year wise prediction shows that even after a dip it will rise again within no time.

4 – Is it profitable to invest in Poocoin?

We have analyzed various factors and found out that it consider safe enough to invest now. Hold your coins for a better value tomorrow.

5 – Will the Poocoin price fall/drop?

No, as per our analysis it is not going to crash. Year wise prediction shows that even after a dip it will rise again within no time.

6- How much will 1 POOC be worth in 2027?

The predicted price for 1 POOC token by the end of 2027 is around 40$ which can reach up to 50$.

7- Will Poocoin price fall/drop?

Yes, according to our analysis based on various statistical data like volume and market cap etc, we have found that there are chances of an expected decline in value up to $-32.8; however; this should not impact the long term prognosis.

8- What will be the price of Poocoin (POOC) in 2028?

As per our analysis and projected trends, we believe that the Poocoin (POOC) will not fall or drop in value as it is a valuable currency. The price prediction for 2028 has been calculated as around $48 to 88$.


As you can see there are various benefits to buy the poocoin. You do not need any reason other than that it has all positive factors to assure that it will be a profitable investment for you. The forecasts shows good returns in 2020 but it is advisable to hold on for some more time to get better value in return. We know that its demand will rise with time which means this opportunity should not be wasted.