How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Instagram story is the most frequent feature of the Instagram app. This feature was launched after getting inspiration from snapchat. As snapchat allows you to post short videos and pictures for 24 hours, similarly you can post on Instagram stories. Usually people come to Instagram for the Instagram story. So it is right to say Instagram story is the most frequently used feature of Instagram. In this article we will talk about how to put multiple pictures and stories on Instagram to gain more attraction from the user.

Dimensions of Instagram Story

Maximum number of photos or videos: 15- video length limit:15 seconds- photo dimensions:1080x1611px (1080px wide and 1611px tall) – vertical orientation allowed? Yes, but horizontal is recommended. The Story feature was introduced to Instagram on August 26, 2016 as a way for users to share multiple images from an event in chronological order with their friends without cluttering up their followers’ feeds. It’s also the place where you can see what your friends are doing every day. Users had been asking for this feature since the launch of Snapchat Stories back in 2011. So how does it work? The new story button appears at the top right hand corner when scrolling through any user profile page

Types of Content for Instagram Stories

Different Types of Content to Include on Instagram Stories. The most basic type of content for an Instagram Story is a photo or video taken in the moment and then posted directly onto your story. You can also post multiple pictures at once by uploading them as one file, or combining multiple photos from different moments into one video. If you want to add captions or text over any media, use Tint Brush (Android)  or Over’s built-in tools! The best part about these apps are that they’re free with no ads so you never have to worry about getting interrupted while trying to create something special. Adding Text Instructions & Captions on the story will attract more users and stick people on your story for long

Pictures and Videos on Instagram story

Purpose of this post is to teach readers how to use multiple pictures and videos on their Instagram story so they can share more information with followers in an engaging way, or just have fun! This is a great tool for brands that want to highlight different aspects of the company’s products through various photos without having to take separate pictures each time. Brands are also using stories as a platform for promotion by posting content like coupons and giveaways which encourage viewers who may not be interested in the brand otherwise to engage with it over social media channels. Lastly, I would like my reader(s) know that Snapchat has less than half as many active users per day as Instagram

How to Add Multiple pictures on Instagram story

  • First of all, in order to take multiple pictures and videos on the Instagram Story feature you need to be using a newer iOS device.
  • Older devices are not supported for this function so if you have an older phone then it may not work.
  • When taking video or pictures on Instagram story mode, make sure that they are different from one another because once the user starts scrolling up or down their screen will only show them one frame at a time. 
  • Try adding movement and sound effects into your posts as well! 
  • They really can draw people’s attention towards what is happening in each post..
  • After every single one of these steps mentioned above is complete, tap “Done”

Pictures vs Video in Instagram Story:

There are many different ways to share in Instagram Story. We’ve gathered up the best tips and tricks for you, so that you can make your story stand out!- Put multiple pictures on an Instagram story: You can post as many photos or videos at a time as you want – whether they’re horizontal or vertical. To add more than one photo into your story go to “Add Media” where it says ‘+’. Find all of the media from your camera roll with this button, then tap each one individually and select what order you would like them in by dragging them onto the little blue squares next to their name. When finished adding content click Done. If there’s something important that needs explaining about any of

Uses of Instagram Story

Instagram stories are a great way to share what you’re up to with your friends. You can put multiple pictures and videos together, add text or filters, and post it all in one place for everyone who follows you on Instagram! -You can use them as an effective marketing tool by showing off different products – like new merch drops or clothing lines that come out this season. Brands will often do their own thing where they create a story around the product launch, which is helpful for people looking at those specific items too. Plus if they have any contests going on now would be the time to announce them so followers know how many times they need to comment before something gets sent back their way!

Instagram Story for Business

Instagram story for business is a very popular feature. You can use it to share all the latest happenings, promote your products and services or just make people laugh by posting funny videos of cats.- The process is simple: open the story, snap photos and video clips, insert them on the timeline in any order you want (you can even post multiple pictures at once) then press “Next” to add another set of content.- If you’re not sure what to say for each piece of media posted you don’t have to do anything because Instagram will automatically generate captions based off that particular photo or video clip’s location data like neighborhood name and landmark. – There are many different filters available for editing your Snaps before they go live.