Monkey Gladiators the upcoming NFT game with a new generation of play to earn model

Monkey Gladiators the upcoming NFT game with a new generation of play to earn model

Monkey Gladiators the upcoming NFT game with a new generation of play to earn model

Monkey Gladiators is a new play to earn concept created to be sustainable in the long run, the action side of the game it is based on 3d graphic and an hybrid turn/real-time gameplay, the manager side of this metaverse it is used from different kind of users to interact, participate, invest and make business inside the eco-system itself.

One of the most exiting part of this game is that it will be open to a different gameplay and it will include more ways to interact and earn.

The main events happening in this game will be a sort of league or tournaments series where different teams og monkey gladiators will be fight against each other to be the winner and win the final prize that will be based on our token MNG.

Around the main events there will be more activities created for different kind of users, users that will be not interested to participate in our events fighting and preferring a different kind of game based on business. For this user there will be the possibility to create different kind of business based on the activities of the meta verse and the initial one will be:

Clinics, where the gladiators will be regenerated at a faster speed.

Academies, where the gladiators will grow up their strengths to win easier the future events

Arenas, where the events will take life

Be an Editor. An user that have the possibility to collect and interact with sponsor that will be interested to be part on the event showing the ads to the audience or to interact and profile them, well any kind of sponsorship in our meta verse need to be managed by an editor which will be rewarded to make this job.

In future we plan to add more activities to be included in the system to allow people to create new business.

All the business activities are created with the aim to be useful for players and profitable for investors, infact each business have a sort of limitation to create scarsity on the amount of gladiators that can be served, then based on the increment of players there will be always need to increase the amount of business activity based on the real request from the player base.

Every business will have a complete set of utility to be used to promote the business itself inside the community of players, then each manager will need to promote his/her activities to be sure to be chosen from the players…

Until now we have seen the possibility to create a team of gladiators and use them to fight in our events to be rewarded in case of victory, we have seen even the possibilities for users to make business buying or participating in the purchase of an activity inside the game itself.

There is another kind of user that can find interesting to be part of our meta verse, and it is an user which will be not interested on the action game iself, he/she will be not interested in the business around the main events but they are just interested to earn without to have the needs of any investment and this kind of user generally will be the most common user… the fan.

The fan is a user what will be rewarded just to assist to our events, they will be able to follow one particular team and they will be called to interact with the event simulating their interest for the events in their beloved team. A fan will participate to a event lottery and will have different ways to earn our tokens during all the events.

The fan could be spontaneous people, or people or users invited from one of the participating team, since each and every team will have their fan base. The fan base will be very important to the teams because as more their fan base will be active during the match as more power they will give to the followed team, the fan base is the secret weapon that can help a team to be stronger during a match on an event.

In Monkey Gladiators every entity, a team, a manager or a simple fan will have many reason to participate, to interact with the game and to be rewarded to do so!

To learn more about the project, please visit the website