Tips to Discover Marketing Techniques of Your Competitors

If you want to streak ahead, you must know what your competitors are doing – in order not to copy them but to find out how you can perform better than them. You should closely spy on their moves to ensure that you are doing something better and quite different from them. 

You are not alone on the market to sell goods, and hence your users are free to go to your competitors in case they do not like your product or customer service. As you are a part of the perfectly competitive market, you should ensure that you stand out from your competitors, so your users do not leave you under any circumstances. 

If you want to perform better than your competitors, you need to keep an eye on them. Now the question is how you can decide to keep tabs on your competitors marketing tricks. 

Tips to discover marketing techniques of your competitors 

Here are the tips that can help you discover the marketing techniques of your competitors:

Find out who your competitors are

First, off you should find out who your competitors are. It is not tough to know about your competitors. All you need to do is type a keyword or keyphrase in the search bar related to your product or service. You will come up with several search results. They are all your competitors. 

For instance, if you are an online lender that deals in high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders, you should type this keyphrase in order to know about other online lenders providing these loans. This is a great and simple way to find out competitors who are actually providing these products and services. 

Another way is to find out about your competitors dealing in the same product or service. You should use online tools like AlternativeTo. 

Check their website

The next thing you should do is to check their website. This will help you get an insight into what content they have generated to tell their users about their products and services. You should compare your landing page with theirs so you can get to know how their pages are better than yours. 

It becomes more crucial to look into it if they hold a better tanking than you. However, you do not need just to stay limited to analysing the content. You should find out how their website is different from yours. 

Does it look more user-friendly? 

Is it more convenient to navigate from one page to another? 

Look for the layout of the page, creativity used in images or infographics. All these basic things can play a paramount role in preventing your users from leaving your website or going to your competitors. 

Keep tabs on their social media activity

You should track your competitors’ social media activity to know what they are doing to engage their customers. Social media platforms are the best way to engage your audience. You should know what kind of activities they are doing on these platforms in order to engage their users. 

Figure out how you can do better than them. Here come social media tools. These tools will help you attempt social listening. This helps you know activities and conversations by users in which your brand name or your competitors’ brand names are mentioned. 

One of the greatest advantages of social listening is that you can get to know your and your competitors’ online reputation. Then you can come up with an effective strategy so you can perform better than your competitors. 

Evaluate their SEO strategy

SEO strategy plays a crucial role in maintaining the rank in search results. If you have noticed that your competitors rank higher than you, their SEO strategy must be stronger than yours. You should use tools to know what kind of keywords your competitors are targeting. 

By knowing that, you can frame your keyword targeting strategy. Choosing the right keyword can help you boost your website ranking and attract more customers. Needless to mention, ranking in high search engine results from your brand image also improves. 

Several tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush can help you pick the right type of keywords for your business. 

Make sure that analysing the keyword choice of your competitors is not to be copied, but you need to analyse how you can target the right keyword as per your business goals. 

Scrutinize their content strategy

The next thing to do is to monitor their content strategy. Content is king, and this is what you all know. If your content strategy is poor, you will not be able to maintain a high rank in top search results. 

This is why it is crucial to find out how your content strategy works and why it does not outperform that of your competitors. First off, you should analyse the topic they target for creating content. Then, you should find out the different styles they use to share content with their users. 

They may share infographics, videos, podcasts, and plain text with their audience. Find out which seems to be more engaging to their audience. At the same time, you need to find out whether your users like it if you use a different content format. 

For instance, if you just share plain text, you can get better results by sharing videos or podcasts. You need to analyse what your audience finds engaging. The purpose of checking the content strategy of your competitors does not mean that you will copy them but to find out a better strategy. 

The final word

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you should try to find out what they are doing. You do not need to copy them, but you need to analyse how you can market yourself in a better way. 

The tips mentioned above are a great way to explore what your competitors are doing, so you can frame a better marketing strategy. 

Use the right tool to make this job easier. In case you do not have enough money, you can fund your needs.