Mark Zuckerberg Launched Metaverse

The founder of Internet social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has published a post on his personal page where he announced that he began development of a virtual reality platform called Metaverse! He also held a conference dedicated to the new service, which shall be available both in VR and not only. The first news about this project appeared back in June 2015 when Mark launched the initiative.

Then it was known as Facebook Reality Lab. It is not clear why Zuckerberg changed its name but there are several assumptions on the subject. For example, some users have suggested that Metaverse will be an analog or virtual alternative to the real world for people who want to escape from daily problems. Or rather – an alternative reality where internet users could manage their digital life instead of a physical one. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the goal of Metaverse is to create a virtual world similar to ours where people could meet with friends, go shopping or just travel. Users would be able to visit places they like without leaving their homes.

Purpose of Launching Metaverse

As an example Zuckerberg named the teleportation to different parts of the world, including Rome or Tokyo without leaving his room. Mark also plans to add a special section for gamers who could play cooperative and competitive games in virtual reality. It appears that Facebook has hired lots of professionals from the cinema and gaming industry to help with the Metaverse project. The company is going to produce its own films and games for this platform too. However it is not clear whether there will be any fee for using Metaverse. 

Some analysts suppose that this service may launch as a competitor of Twinity , Second Life and Sansar. All these platforms give their users the opportunity to meet online, create an avatar and communicate with other users. Information about the second conference dedicated to Metaverse should appear soon. By the way, it would be interesting to see how users from Second Life will react to this initiative which is considered to be a direct competitor of theirs.

Benefits of Metaverse

According to Zuckerberg, virtual reality is a great way of communication and we should definitely use it. He promised that Metaverse would be free and available for people around the world. Facebook has already collaborated with different hardware manufacturers such as Oculus which allowed launching social networks in VR so users could watch videos or read news together. It appears that Metaverse will not only help to save money but it will also be more effective than usual social networks. 

Mark Zuckerberg said he wants this project to unite people who like travelling and sightseeing just like him: “One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology. You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too, if you’d like”.

Mark’s Speech during Metaverse Conference

Zuckerberg also stated that the Facebook team had been developing virtual reality for a long time and it would be possible to create new worlds thanks to advances in computer technology. He said that the company has already created a system where users could send 3D objects to each other in real time. It appears that he wants users of Metaverse to experience plenty of different adventures together with their friends from all over the world: “We’re working on this because we think more immersive social experiences will help create a richer and even more meaningful online community”. In addition, Zuckerberg promised to launch special tools which would allow older people to meet up with their families who live far away from them. Facebook users already have the opportunity to create virtual avatars. It appears that in the future they would be able to control them not only on screen but also in real life thanks to motion sensors and virtual reality glasses.

Virtual Revolution

Since Mark Zuckerberg is very optimistic about the Metaverse project, it may become an impressive alternative for Second Life. It is interesting whether people will dare to invest their money in such platforms when they are not certain about its benefits. According to researchers, increasing awareness of virtual reality devices would lead people to spend more time online rather than in real life. 

We expect this information will be really helpful for those who want to find out how virtual reality works and what makes its technology so much better than traditional social networks like Facebook. If you are interested in virtual reality devices, you should know that the HTC Vive is the best choice at the moment. Virtual revolution has already come to us and it brings numerous benefits. However, before investing money in VR glasses or other gadgets, it would be better to compare different models of virtual reality devices.

Future of Metaverse

At the moment, it is not quite clear whether Zuckerberg’s plan of building Metaverse will be realized. After all, Facebook has to compete with other virtual reality companies which would definitely try to use its popularity among users. According to researchers, virtual reality devices are likely to become more popular during the next few years. Their future depends on availability and possibility of using different virtual reality software like Oculus Rift.

If you want to find out how virtual reality works , you should know that this technology is based on numerous sensory stimuli. It gives people an opportunity to experience completely new sensations which they could only dream about before. Thanks to its help they can see various things or events taking place several miles away from them or even in another part of the world (telepresence). At the same time, they can feel like they are in an entirely different place (virtual reality).

Virtual Reality is also used for training since it gives people an opportunity to experience certain situations without exposing themselves to danger. On the other hand, this technology would most likely be used for business purposes in future. It is already possible to hold conferences with several participants thanks to virtual reality devices. 

Instead of meeting face to face, people meet in a virtual world where they discuss their affairs and make important decisions which affect them all. Many companies use advanced CGI techniques when creating various educational video games or virtual tours. They consider that people prefer learning with the help of exciting adventures rather than boring lessons at school. Technology develops very fast so it is no wonder that virtual reality devices become more popular every year.


Facebook plans to launch its own virtual reality platform which would be available to every Internet user. It would enable them not only to talk with friends and family members living in different parts of the world but also take part in virtual meetings thanks to an avatar. However, there is no doubt that Facebook will have a lot of competitors who will try to make their product more attractive than Metaverse. Virtual reality devices are likely to become better and more advanced thanks to numerous technological advancements. It remains to be seen whether they will become more affordable for everyday users or still remain too expensive for the mass market.