iOS 15 Is Almost Here- Top App Development Ideas to Incorporate!

Apple has recently announced the arrival of the 15th version of iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021. Since the news got out, the developer’s community of iOS are making advancements in their processes to incorporate the brilliant features iOS 15 is about to bring.

iOS 15 brings significant updates in applications like FaceTime, Photos and Apple wallet, also completely revamp Weather apps. Since iOS 15 is expected to bring substantial changes in the app development industry, every entrepreneur has started hiring an iOS app development company to prepare their app for the update or build a completely new one. 

Either way, you will have to take some help from industry professionals. However, if you are looking for a new application to launch in the market while leveraging the power of iOS 15, you are at the right spot! 

In this write-up, we will present the best app development ideas to start with iOS 15. 

However, before we move ahead, it is essential to know the basics of iOS 15. 

iOS 15 – An Overview: 

Every year, Apple introduces fresh updates carrying modifications and fresh features. This year it’s iOS 15! 

The new update focuses mainly on neural networks and artificial intelligence. Most applications built with the version will experience integration of artificial intelligence and automation to provide an enhanced user experience. 

For example, it is now possible for users to watch real-time movies with their friends virtually, get a 3D map design and take actions on texts present on images. 

Note:  All devices above iPhone 6x can use iOS 15. Therefore, entrepreneurs will have a wide range of audiences to cater to. 

Best app development ideas for iOS 15:

Every iPhone app development company in the world is eagerly waiting for a new update. And the fact that it can run on any iOS device above 6x is a plus. 

Apple uses cutting edge technologies with a powerful operating system capable of doing everything! 

And with an innovative update like iOS 15, entrepreneurs and startups get exciting opportunities to create an application worthy of all praise while extracting the most benefits out of it. 

So why waste even a minute? Let’s have a look at the list of applications that can leverage the functionalities of iOS 15.

Apps you can create for iOS 15:

Text Recognition Application:

A text recognition application can analyze an image, detect the text present, and display it in a textual format. 

These applications are super advantageous for e-learning. Need to take notes from images or from a virtual meeting? A text recognition app will do the work! All you have to do is take a snapshot of the whiteboard or the presentation, and your Apple device will convert the image into text. 

By using the advanced text recognition feature in iOS 15, entrepreneurs can develop a high-performing text recognition application that the users fall in love with. 

Translator Application:

With every update in the technical field, a new form of communication is created. Therefore, the necessity of such translator applications has significantly increased. These apps play a crucial role in bridging the gap between different regions and dialects. 

The new feature known as Apple translate can now translate text in any application. In simple words, a user can choose any language to write texts on social media, notes, etc. 

Live Translate is an incredible business opportunity for all business owners to monetize on the idea of creating their own translator application and reach their audience in their preferred language. 

Features you can include: 

  1. Text, voice and camera translation. 
  2. Support various languages
  3. Native language keyboards
  4. Basic spelling and grammar checks
  5. Work offline in a poor internet connection 
  6. Suggest synonyms 

Video chat application:

Everyone is aware of the digital side of current living. In the times of this pandemic, we can not overlook the need of going digital. Offices, schools, gatherings, everything needs a digital platform to function even for their primary practices. 

Therefore, the relevance of a video chat application is evident in 2021! 

If you are an entrepreneur trying to reach a mass audience, this is your way. 

Look for an iOS app development company that can help you create a video chat application to help your audience carry out their tasks while helping out yourself (monetarily). 

iOS 15 introduces the new feature in FaceTime, known as SharePlay. Using this, you can develop a mobile application that allows users to binge-watch their favourite shows with their loved ones anytime they want, for however long they wish. 

Features you can include:

  1. Innovative live filters
  2. Live chats
  3. GIFs and Emoji reactions
  4. Support for calling
  5. Scheduling calls
  6. Auto-generated captions 
  7. Sound and screen sharing 

Digital Wallets:

Digital payments have made their way into our daily life. To be honest, no one prefers to carry cash now. Ever since smartphones have made people acquainted, people like to go the digital way in everything. 

Therefore, there’s nothing better than taking the opportunity from the digital dependency of users. 

iOS 15 comes with a robust security update. Thus, the only concern with creating a payment platform is eliminated too. Apple Pay is believed to be one of the most secure digital wallets out in the market.

You can smartly develop a digital wallet using the advanced iOS 15. Ensure this wallet compliments Apple Pay, and get advantages from its positives. When you do that, it is possible to instantly transfer the funds using Apple Pay, rather than simply saving the debit and credit card information. 

Functions you can include: 

  1. Offer loyalty cards, discounts and gift cards
  2. Support different payment methods
  3. Integrate third-party applications
  4. Offer support for multiple platforms
  5. Feature for scheduling payments
  6. Offer accessible transaction history
  7. Insert internal wallets


We are sure you must have heard of the phrase – “early birds get the worm.”

Well, that goes perfectly well with shifting to iOS 15. 

Since the advancements are not out yet, if you can adapt to it before your competition does, you can obviously enjoy its benefits. 

You can hire an iPhone app development company and take the professional help you need to leverage from the updated version and either update your existing app or make one from scratch using the above-presented ideas. 

Either way, if you adapt quickly, you will get results sooner than others.