Instagram Video Marketing Tips to Gain More Insights and Reach

Day by day social media post is getting better with creativity at the core. Whether it is a photograph or a video, or any written stuff, it needs to catch the attention of the viewers. It should fulfil the task of getting more reach and engagement. Video posts are engaged more frequently than photo messages by Instagram users. Due to their ability to provide information in an informative form, videos have become increasingly popular. You can even compare the impressions of a video post with that of a photo post, and you find the former higher than the latter. To reach more target Audiences on Instagram, you have to crack the art of creating simple yet aesthetically pleasing video content and the various ways to market it.

Let’s take a look at some video marketing guidelines for Instagram to help you get good outcomes.

Research isn’t going in vain:

Good things need a lot of proper research before it is implemented. You can scroll through your competitors feed and get ample idea about your next post and target. A little market research of your target client would help you in terms of business via Instagram. The use of direct messages to communicate and receive feedback is great. A good understanding of your audience can help you create effective content. If you are a brand you should research your niche and use relevant hashtags to get to your target audience. Research is an ongoing process to achieve your targeted views.

The caption is paramount:

The Instagram caption has a limit of 2200 characters which is enough to spread your message across your audiences. Utilise it creatively. Make sure the delivery and engagement factor is up to the mark in your text content. It should sync with your video as well.

Even if you are creating an incredibly valuable video does not imply that you should ignore the caption. You can also find relevant hashtags to increase the chances of your post going viral. It will be much easier to improve your search engine ranking for less commonly used hashtags.

Create informational videos:

The informational videos connect you to your audience in a crisp manner. It is preferable to create appropriate content rather than promotional videos only. Users will feel more connected to a brand if it offers more free video content having professional tips, user instructions, causing them to invest more time in it. Alternatively, a simple video with pertinent information is sufficient. You no longer need to create expensive videos. All you can do is buy Instagram auto likes to boost engagement and get more viewers to watch your videos.

Short Videos or Reels:

Most users either skip a large video or save it to watch later even though it is interesting. Sadly we all know we have saved piles of good videos to “watch later” but have not thought about it “later”. Around 70% of users prefer to watch videos with 60 seconds or less duration. As a result, to be effective, the video must be presented well and brief. The effective length for Instagram videos is 25 seconds. By presenting information in bite-sized chunks, the user can absorb all of the information on the feed as they scroll. Create short, impactful videos for maximum engagement. The length of your Instagram video should be determined by your viewers and the type of clip you are creating. You can change the length of the video using free video editing software.

Instagram Insights:

Instagram insights give analytics of your insta activity. It is very crucial to decide your further move. Instagram insights can assist you in determining the accurate duration and content of the video that can be better in the long run. To improve your videos, make sure you pay close attention to the content in them. Instagram has built-in insights that can be used to gather basic information about your followers. You can also install a third-party insights/analytics tool to get more info on your account.


You must be aware of the extra effort required in case of a video post on Instagram by now. However, a video is known to create immediate and better engagement as compared to a picture post. Follow these simple tips and get better reach and boost your brand.