How to Install Apple WatchOS 8 Public Beta in 10 Minutes

Apple has released their latest Beta version of software. The iOS and iPadOS are available to the public, but you’ll need a developer account for tvOS 15, watchOS 8, or macOS Monterey. If you want to test out these new features too then keep reading below!

Apple’s newest release is in beta form and offers exciting updates across all Apple devices: iPhone (iOS), tablet OS-X (iPad 30), Watch OS2+, TV3+ , MacOs10+. Let me break down what each one means so that it’s easier on your brain cells than trying remember them separately…

WatchOS 8 is expected to get a full, stable release this fall. It brings new features like more workout types in the Fitness app and improved weather apps. WatchOS 8 also includes Apple’s first mindfulness application, which was designed with help from high-profile meditation teachers and scientists who specialize in mind training techniques such as neurofeedback research at Stanford University Medical School. The Series 3, 4 or 5 will be able to use it following the update if they have an active subscription for their iPhone’s used data plan on T mobile

There are few things you need to consider while you are going to install beta version of watchOS 8

  • Beta software can often have bugs and you might be experiencing issues with third-party apps. Sometimes, these bugs include poor performance or bad battery life which Apple Watch isn’t great at even when the software is stable. It’s best to try it out on a secondary watch if you have one (which admittedly most people don’t)
  • Apple has just released a new, beta version of watchOS 8 for its smartwatch. Unlike the iOS and iPadOS betas technologies, there’s no way to revert back if you install this one. If it turns out that your Apple Watch is buggy or not functioning well with the update- then tough luck! You are stuck until they release another stable update in fall (or after). This is enough reason alone to stay away from installing this particular beta; especially since we rely on our watches so heavily these days

WatchOS 8 Public Beta Installation  

In order to install the watchOS 8 beta, you have to get iOS 15 first. Follow these instructions and come back here when it’s done! 

  1. To do so, go into Safari on your iPhone (or any device). 
  2. Log in with your Apple ID. The website will now show a list of all available betas for various devices including phones or watches. 
  3. Scroll down until you see “watchOS 8” at the top of the page then tap that link; if this is what you’re looking for follow through by tapping “Get Started”. 
  4. You’ll be prompted about downloading and installing an app which may take time depending on how fast wireless connection speeds are where you live – but don’t worry because once installed.
  5. To enroll your Apple Watch in the latest beta development, follow these steps: login to the App Store on your iPhone and download  WatchOS 8 public beta. 
  6. Open up Settings app on your phone and tap General -> Software Update then select Download Profile button (or automatically downloads if you have it set). Install profile onto device from Phone menu > Watch tab where there is an option for downloading Beta. Reboot by going into Clock settings –> Turn off/on again or with long press of digital crown until display goes black as well as power down mode with side button & hold together until a sound indicates complete reboot completion. 
  7. Once that’s done head back over to iOS devices via iTunes sync cable or iCloud Backup restore will find new update waiting which can be downloaded
  8. You should see the watchOS 8 public beta ready to be installed on your Apple Watch. Tap “Install” and you’re good to go! 
  9. The software update will download onto your phone and then transfer over so that it can be installed directly through Wi-Fi or from a wireless charger. 
  10. If all criteria are not met, installation may resume at another time when everything is set up properly; but with this new app, there’s no need for stress—you always stay connected without ever having to worry about battery life running out again!

The watch will reboot itself and you’ll be all set to use it, but some complications or third-party apps may not work until they are opened manually on the watch. In our experience, we had to restart a second time for any of these applications that were experiencing difficulties in order for them to function correctly.