How to Add Bot in Discord Channel: A Step-by-Step Guide

We all know how important communication is to any team. One of the best ways to communicate with your teammates is through Discord, a chat app that’s free and can be accessed anywhere. Setting up a bot for your channel on discord will make it much easier for you and other members in your channel to communicate efficiently by doing things like scheduling events or sending reminders. In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is!

What is Discord and How Does it Work?

Discord uses web sockets as its method of connection which means data sent from users within channels gets received almost instantly by others who are also connected at that time (the delay varies depending on server load). This enables users to see what’s happening in real time and also facilitates conversations that can involve several people at once.

Discord is a freeware application so you don’t have to pay for it even if your team grows beyond 50 members! It works on major operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Getting started with Discord couldn’t be easier; all you need is an invite link which we’ll talk about later in this guide. If you want more information before then or feel like there are things missing from the article above please let us know by leaving a comment below.

What Is A Bot?

A bot within discord is essentially just another user who has been assigned specific permissions from the server administrator (you). The bot interacts with users of the channel through text and can also send images, videos, GIFs and even MPQ’s! Bots are given roles according to what they’re programmed to do. There is a bunch of existing bots you can add too or alternatively create your own custom bot by writing code in JavaScript.

How to add bot in discord channel?

To add a bot to your discord channel, you’ll need the invite link which can be found on their website. The following steps will guide through adding bots in Discord:

  • Open up the chat window and click on the plus sign [+] at the bottom left of it. Alternatively, if you’re using Firefox or Safari press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + K.
  • Copy and paste this link into there: (URL) Then hit enter! You should see something like “Guest is now connected” along with an emoji next to your name indicating that they’ve been added successfully! There’s no limit to how many people can talk together so feel free to create as many channels as needed while keeping everyone organized by putting them under their relevant category.
  • Now that your guest is connected, type in the following command: `!help` to see how they can be of assistance for you and other people on your server. You can also use this link provided by reddit users called “How To Add A Bot In Discord” which gives step by step instructions with screenshots along with more detailed information about bots themselves!
  • If you’d like to invite a specific bot rather than just adding them by name then click on the three dots next to where it says ”Guest” or alternatively let us know through our contact page what one you want added if there are any particular ones we should add instead. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

Discord Bots – Useful Things They Can Do For You!

There are bots that can do many different things for you based on what they’ve been programmed to do. Some popular ones include:

  • Dyno bot with over 100 features including the ability to moderate your chat, set up user levels and assign roles accordingly along with custom commands which allows you to type one word instead of trying several complicated keystrokes every time. It’s also possible for users in discord channels to create their own unique commands through Javascript if desired so it doesn’t have any limitations as far as functionality goes. All you need is an invite link like we provided earlier!
  • Miki is another very useful cross server role management tool created by discord that allows you to assign roles and permissions based on the user’s group. For example, if they’re assigned as a member then they can read messages but cannot post them whereas assigning them as an admin would give full privileges back again!
  • GameStats is another bot which tracks your server’s stats such as how many members are online, their current status along with the last time someone posted in chat. It also sends out notifications whenever users join or leave ensuring nobody misses out even when away from Discord for hours at end!

Top 4 Best Discord Servers/Bots

There are many discord servers out there but only a handful of them actually worth joining. Here we’ve rounded up the top five to help you find your way:

r/LFG Bot

r/LFG is one of the most popular free Discord Servers currently on Reddit which allows users to post their own adverts for games such as CSGO, PUBG etc! The amount of members online at any given time can be seen through its live feed where you’re also allowed to vote based upon how useful it was or not. It’s perfect if looking for gamers who play specific types and not just anyone in general so don’t miss out by subscribing today!


r/MMORPG has been ranked number two among the top discord servers! Here you’ll find thousands of users who are looking for new friends to play with on games such as World Of Warcraft, Sea Of Thieves along with many others. It’s also another free Discord Server so feel free to join today if interested in finding gamers for your favorite game or simply meeting people from around the world!

r/Gaming Bot

r/Gaming is ranked number three among other discord servers out there but it doesn’t come without perks which make it stand out above the rest. You can share all sorts of gaming experiences and buy & sell stuff like controllers along with consoles etc directly through its chat making this a perfect place to hangout after work even when wanting some good banter about old school games rather than anything else; safe for work!

Discord Dungeons Bot

Discord Dungeons is another free discord server that allows you to play games within the chat itself which has been designed to be both fun and addicting (in a good way of course). It’s also perfect for playing with friends or even random people who are in your same general location making it much easier when wanting an adventure similar to old school MMOs rather than anything else. Good luck on finding what type of game play you enjoy best while here though as there are many types available including: Epic Seven, Clash Of Clans etc along with various others being added all the time so try not to get too hooked up before heading back out into reality once again!

Pros and cons of adding a bot to your server 


  • Bots are great for adding extra functionality to your discord server
  • Discord bots can be used in many different ways both within the chat itself or even outside of it making them extremely versatile. For example, you could have a bot announce video game news articles every hour on the half hour which would allow everyone to stay up to date with what’s going around online whether interested in seeing updates from Youtube or Twitch etc!


  • If not monitored closely then they may end up sharing information that is irrelevant and spammy over time getting annoying if too much data is shared through out multiple times each day. This makes moderation very important when inviting one into your own discord channel so keep this in mind while using them as it’s possible to have them suspended if they ever go too far off topic.


Bots can be a great addition to any discord server if used correctly. Always make sure you monitor them closely while using and never add random bots without knowing their purpose or who created it first!

The best way for adding a bot into your Discord Server is by simply searching through the store found within the application itself which will allow easy access from anywhere in the world. You’ll have full control over what they do including moderating chat, setting up custom commands etc so take these things into consideration before making any final decisions on using one yourself today!