How metaverse tokens are helping with Covid recovery plans

IGC ihunt4 Realestate
IGC ihunt4 Realestate

IGC, a gaming and metaverse project on the XRPL is making new inroads within the United States by partnering with smart cities and business chambers to roll out its cryptocurrency treasure hunts. The IGC token is a utility play to earn assets and is one of the many rewards that players can earn for participating in retail treasure hunts. The covid recovery plan works directly with retailers impacted by covid to provide a free treasure hunt system. This platform assists retailers looking to gain additional foot traffic following the pandemic.  

The metaverse token is used within a mobile phone treasure game. The scavenger hunt platform enables retailers to enter promotions into a dynamic to entice new customers to their locations. It’s easy to see how everyone loves a treasure hunt. Players of all ages love the challenge and the reward involved with finding a prize or treasure. The iHunt4 application connects players with real promotions provided by the retailers. 

“Metaverse tokens are taking off and at IGC (In-Game Credit) we have partnered with smart cities and provide our treasure hunt software for free to assist struggling retailers to generate new foot traffic and put a smile on customers’ faces. We are working with associations, tourist spots, hotels, cafes, and restaurants to get things moving” mentioned Simon Church IGC COO. 

Metaverse Retail Treasure Hunts
Metaverse Retail Treasure Hunts

The team at In-Game Credit will also be displaying its state of the art application at the world’s largest retail show in New York “The Big Show”.The In-Game Credit team has forged multiple retail alliances to create one of the world’s largest treasure hunts. They are looking to connect your city.

The metaverse token treasure hunt capabilities include:

  • Exciting multi-level gameplay
  • Hide and seek tokens in the metaverse
  • Integrations with multiple wallets
  • Automatic treasure capabilities
  • New advanced indoor and multi-level coordinate capabilities
  • Addition of dynamic moving character play or NFT’s
  • UX and UI changes to the front end
  • Back end advanced loading processes 
  • Significant improvements to prize loading 
  • A more comprehensive toolset for business reporting
  • Powerful data visualization for the scavenger hunt

Much of the world is slowly reopening as concerns about the covid pandemic lessen, but mobile phone game producers have a message “get ready for all the fun new releases” Publishers and developers big and small are starting to unveil mobile games in the pipeline for the rest of 2021 and 2022 and iHunt is no exception.

How does the treasure hunt game work? iHunt4 is an augmented reality location-based game. The mission of the game is to collect the coins or prizes that are strategically placed by companies. This concept is assisting with getting more foot traffic into stores and restaurants following the Covid 19 Pandemic. iHunt4 is working closely with small, medium and large businesses to provide the prizes. To do this successfully the game is being rolled out to smart cities the team partners with. 

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IGC is one of the best metaverse play to earn cryptocurrencies on the XRPL. Businesses place real-time augmented reality promotions anywhere in the world to generate new customer foot traffic, branding, and loyalty. Retailers can quickly & easily create their own treasure hunt for FREE!  Join the smart retailers, cities, and business associations already signed up for our innovative post covid recovery platform. Further information is available via our website at