Hire Your React Developers the Pro Way: Tips to Consider

ReactJS is a popular technology when it comes to website development. In fact, approximately 9750 tech giants and known enterprises, along with 90,000 websites, utilize the technology worldwide. 

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Codecademy, Instagram, etc., are some big names that prefer to hire react.js developers to maintain and enhance their websites and apps.

As per the report by Stackoverflow, 68.9% of developers prefer to work on ReactJS, and its vast popularity has secured its position as the second most loved framework. 

The reasons behind this widespread popularity are its flexibility, simplicity, quick rendering, and the capability of developing interactive user interfaces. 

Although ReactJS can develop high-performance applications, its true potential can only be brought out when it is in the hands of the right professional. 

Every entrepreneur dreams of developing a project everyone appreciates; however, in this hustle-bustle of choosing the right technology, managing the funds, setting up a timeline, and other hundreds of tasks. Entrepreneurs often overlook the need to hire the right resource for the desired output. 

Therefore, we are here to help you make the right choice while you hire the “driving force” of your project, aka your ReactJS developer.

So let’s dive into proper decisions, learn deeply about the whats, whys, and hows of hiring a ReactJS developer. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a ReactJS developer: 

  • Constant code monitory for enhanced application performance
  • Use mock designs and wireframes to create quality UI code.
  • Use React toolkit to develop an interactive user interface.
  • Write expressive, modern, and concise UI codes using JavaScript stylesheets, features, and CSS like LESS and SASS. 
  • Optimize and create reusable CSS/HTML/JavaScript elements and make them cross-compatible
  • Use React workflows such as Content APIs and Redux to manage the app’s functional and state libraries for the asynchronous API calls and state-driven computed data. 
  • Participate in the QA process, including end-to-end testing, unit testing, and integration testing.

Things to remember when you hire a reactjs developer: 

The quality and popularity of ReactJS contribute to the expectation bar entrepreneurs have set for ReactJS developers. Therefore, every developer has to offer the best to manage a project. 

Since every developer has value to offer, it becomes even more challenging for entrepreneurs to choose the best amongst the best. 

However, since you have arrived at this write-up, things will be easier for you. 

Below is the list of skill-set your developer must-have. This will help you make the right decision while hiring your resource. 

Proficiency in JavaScript and ECMAScript: 

Since ReactJS is a JavaScript-based library, your developer must have a command over JavaScript syntax, features, and operations. Moreover, your developer must also know JS hoisting, scores, DOM manipulation, prototypal inheritance, functions, and event bubbling. 

Apart from the above, another element that holds a crucial role in developing React-based web applications is command over ECMAScript. Your developer must know how to use the ECMAScript to write single-line codes and use the destructing feature to simplify the JS code.

Basic knowledge of testing tools and frameworks:

Since the quick-deployment needs during the development phase have risen, React developers have included testing in their “must-do” list. The market is filled with many tools and frameworks available for end-to-end testing, unit testing, and integration testing for the React code. Some of the widely used and preferred frameworks and tools are: 

  1. Karma (for integration testing) 
  2. Sinon, Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha, Ava, and Tape (for unit testing) 
  3. Wenbdriver, Selenium, Puppeteer, Cypress, Nightwatch.js, Cucumber.js (for an end to end testing) 

If you hire react.js developers, ensure they have at least a basic knowledge of the tools mentioned above. Since testing is the core of error-free development, your developer must have relevant experience along with both practical and theoretical understanding of the tools. 

Well-conversant with JS build tools: 

ReactJs developers need various tools and packages installed to manage dependencies, run the development web server, optimize assets, run the file watcher and browser reloader, and much more. 

Therefore, they will require many JavaScript tools to extend the React library. Some of the widely used build tools used in ReactJs are:

  1. NPM – developers can download and install software packages using the dependency cloud storage – the NPM registry. 
  2. Webpack – the open-source JS module bundler generates a dependency graph while amalgamating all application resources into one file. 
  3. Yarn – the package manager optimizes the NPM workflow, manages dependencies, and installs software packages. 

Your developer must have significant knowledge of the JS tools mentioned above for high-quality, optimized web development using ReactJS. 

Experience with React workflow: 

The biggest challenge for front-end developers is managing the state of enterprise-level applications. You must only hire a ReactJS developer with relevant experience in projects where managing the state in the app components was clear. Their portfolio would perfectly display their ability to optimize enterprise-level applications. 

And if they have worked on your project niche, it’s an added advantage. 

Proper synchronization of the state of application across all components is super important. Therefore, you must see if your developer holds a firm command over libraries and structures of state management like Context API, Redux, and Mobx. 

  1. Context API – the component structure passes unique data across all levels of the app. It helps solve the prop-drilling issues. 
  2. Redux is a standalone library used for state management that consists of a massive amount of app states needing frequent updates in response to actions. 
  3. Mobx – The library makes state management scalable and simple with transparent functional reactive programming. 


The elements mentioned above together form the core of an efficient ReactJS developer. A developer who has it all can effectively create your project in the way you desire. Therefore, when you hire react.js developers, make sure to assess their personalities and portfolio based on their command and working knowledge of the above elements. 


Other than that, you must also choose considering your personal goals, ideas, and brand message. If you find a developer who has worked on your niche, fits perfectly with your brand idea, and has a working knowledge of the above pointer, hire them without a second thought. 

Once you find your ideal ReactJS developer, success is not a distant goal.