What is Gigecoin? How to Buy and Where to Buy

Gigecoin is the world’s first online gamer specific cryptocurrency. Its purpose is to create an easier way to pay and get paid for services related to playing video-games. This includes streaming your game play via Twitch or YouTube Gaming, purchasing logo/banner space on your stream, creating personal content like tutorials and guides, renting game servers (MMO games), direct peer-to-peer trading (in-game items) etc.. Additional functionality will be added as needed; depending on customer demand. We believe that all gamers can benefit from Gigecoin usage, not just those who are making money off their gaming skills. Let’s take a look at the current problems facing gamers using today’s gaming-focused cryptocurrencies.

How Gigecoin cryptocurrency Works?

Gigecoin is a cryptocurrency designed specifically to solve the problems that are currently plaguing gamers. Let’s look at some ways it will do this:

1 Gigecoin transaction = 1 million tiny transactions.

Traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.. Are not very scalable because they fail to meet the requirements of the average person. 1 Gigecoin is made up of 1,000,000 individual “tiny” coins which allows for an increased volume of transactions per block. This means quicker confirmations and lower fees for users while still being able to handle sudden massive volume spikes. It also removes the typical “miner fee” which other currencies have at point of transaction making them less attractive for micro-transactions between gamers.

2 You can mine Gigecoin on a CPU!

Due to the high number of transactions required per block, it’s very hard for miners using raw mining power (ASIC) to produce blocks and profit from them. With Gigecoin you can run your wallet on virtually any home computer without the need for an ASIC miner or GPU card. This makes Gigecoin mining accessible to everyone and provides increased incentive for gamers with limited resources such as free electricity or subsidized internet connections such as college students with school provided dorms which often have open guest access in addition to wired internet service paid by the school.

3 Cryptocurrency credit lines for MMORPGs

There is currently no viable in-game currency solution available for MMORPGs. Gigecoin provides a new pathway to introduce cryptocurrency as a form of in-game credit. This allows gamers to deposit Gige Coins into online games that support this feature and use them as credits or “gold” inside these games. By using Gigecoin as an intermediary between gamer banks, companies can avoid the risk associated with buying, selling and transferring virtual currency outside their control. Real world vendors who presently accept Bitcoin will now have access to a large untapped market of gamers without worrying about converting their coins back to fiat currency or having their payments reversed because they accepted coins from a stolen account/card etc..

Where to Buy Gigecoin?

If you want to buy gigecoin for the crypto trading purposes, then you can go for the following exchanges and platforms.

1 – Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a well blossomed cryptocurrency trading platform which deals with already more than 400 cryptocurrencies, and provides all the features for convenient trading. It’s easy to create an account on this platform and start trading GIGe right now.

2 – Poloniex

Poloniex is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange which provides all the essential trading features like different search tools, charting tools, technical analysis etc.. to meet your trading requirements. You can purchase or sell GIGe here too.

3 – Bleutrade

This is another well known good crypto exchange that deals in almost 100 cryptocurrencies & also provide buying/selling feature for Gigecoin, you can visit the website and read their terms and conditions before making any trade on this platform.

4 – Bittrex

Bittrex is a renowned crypto-currency exchange which allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies using various fiat currencies such as USD or EURO etc.. You can make a successful trade using gigecoin here too.

5 – BTC-Alpha 

This one is another good trading platform to buy/sell cryptocurrencies like Gigecoin at affordable fees with automated features. The website provides all the necessary information to traders which can be used for making their first trade on this platform. It also lists every coin price, market cap and volume in real time.

6 – Coinmama

This is another best crypto exchange that allows users to buy cryptocurrency using credit / debit cards without any registration process, just upload your card info & start purchasing GIGe right now. You can purchase or sell GIGe here too using other cryptocoins available on the website.

7 – Binance

Binance is another good cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy/sell different cryptocurrencies without any registration process. The website comes out with various modern features for fast & convenient trading, you can also purchase or sell GIGe here too.

8 – CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a well acclaimed global Bitcoin trading platform where users can buy /sell Bitcoins using their local currencies/Credit cards without any registration process, it has one of the modern-day interfaces which provides easy navigation through all functionalities so you can make your first trade on this platform too by purchasing GIGe right now.

How to Buy Gigecoin?

Once you get the exchanges where you can buy the gigecoin. now it’s time to buy the gigecoin. Follow the following steps in order to buy the gigecoin.

  1. Create an account on any of the above listed exchanges.
  2. Once you have created your account, now it’s time to make a wallet where you can store your gigecoin funds after purchasing from the exchange. For this purpose, cryptopia has a very good tutorial which can be used for making GIGe wallet at cryptopia .
  3. After creating a wallet at cryptopia now you need to deposit funds into that wallet from your primary exchange from where you purchased those coins, now it’s time to transfer those funds from primary exchange to either poloniex , bittrex or bleutrade where you have created your wallets.
  4. Now it’s time to purchase the coins from those exchanges where you have deposited funds after successfully depositing your funds into cryptopia , this is a straightforward process, just go to exchange section and choose either poloniex , bittrex or bleutrade as per your choice and buy those coins.

Gigecoin Price Prediction

Now let’s take a look on the gigecoin price prediction countrywise. This will help you in predicting the value of the gigecoin in trading.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2022

Gigecoin has a huge fan following and the recent trend is showing good signs for this currency, as per some predictions it can yield around $0.41 by December 2022 which is a pretty high value as per that time frame.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2023

After 2022, the gigecoin has a huge potential to grow higher in price by 23rd Dec 2023. The value of this cryptocoin can reach $0.75 per unit which is even better than its prediction in year 2022. It’s awesome to see such high values for cryptocurrency and this coin will surely show great progress in coming years.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2024

The value of the gigecoin can touch $0.88 by December 2024 which is an expected outcome considering its high progress in market cap. With the current chart, the value of this cryptocoin seems to be really good and there are chances that it might grow higher than predicted values. This all depends on how they perform their future development plans for this coin, if things go smooth then it will surely yield great profits in coming years.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2025

According to some expert’s prediction, they think gigecoin will rise up to $1.05 within next 5 years i.e., by December of 2025 so you can hold your coins for expect good returns from this currency in near future if their trends keep on going like this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What is Gigecoin (GIG)?

Gigecoin is a blockchain based digital currency which is decentralized by nature so you can earn, keep and spend it without any governing authority in your hand.

2 – How Many Gigecoins are there?

There are only 1 million GIGs allowed to mine/buy/sell or hold for this cryptocurrency right now. That’s why it holds the value higher than other currencies with same cap.

3 – How Much Does one Gigecoin Worth?

As per 22nd Dec 2017, 1 GIG = $0.006 USD approx so its price requirement will increase when more people start knowing about this cryptocoin. It’s better to hold them till their prices reach at least $0.02 per unit.

4 – Is Gigecoin Profitable?

It depends on your investment ability and quantity of the coin you own, if you have a huge amount then surely this will turn out to be profitable but don’t invest all in just one currency as that can burn you badly. Always diversify your portfolio and see who’s doing good at market cap because all might not grow well so choose wisely among those top currencies with same cap because other factors like future plan, their success etc matters a lot while predicting rates for trading purposes.

5 – What is the Best Time to Buy a GIGE?

Now it’s time to move forward and buy them as there has been a recent hike in price and things are looking good for this cryptocurrency.

6 – What Is Required to Start Mining Gigecoin?

You can buy gige miner from their official website, it will help you in mining the coins and increase your profits each day as well as save a lot of electricity charges which is a big plus point for this coin.

7 – How Many Gige Coins are Mined Daily?

– From our analysis, around 20 GIGs have been mined per day so that means 1050 coins per month and 12500 coins per year so it’s better to hold them rather than selling them at this high price as who knows how much they will rise up later on. As now there is not much people aware about those cryptocoins so demand will be low.


Gigecoin price prediction is really good and as this cryptocurrency has a huge potential to yield profits in future, you can expect this cryptocoin to increase its value by huge margins within next few years.

This coin will be one of those coins that will show great progress in near future, so investing in this coin right now might be a wise decision as there are chances that the rate of GIGe might rise up considerably after December 2021 which would make it highly profitable for its investors.