The Ultimate Review of FXCM Forex Broker

FXCM is one of the leading forex brokers in the world. They have been in business for more than 20 years and are licensed by regulatory authorities around the globe. FXCM has a stellar reputation with traders because they offer great customer service, competitive spreads, high leverage, tight spreads on CFDs, and low margin rates. The company offers trading via desktop or mobile app to suit your needs. If you’re considering opening an account with FXCM Forex Broker then read this review to learn more!

Is FXCM Broker Legit or Not?

FXCM is a legitimate broker that has been in business for more than 20 years. They are regulated by top tier authorities around the world, including Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). The company offers trading via desktop or mobile app to suit your needs. FXCM Broker have three main divisions: Retail Forex , Institutional Trading Platforms, and CMC Markets.

Security and Privacy Policy:

FXCM takes your online security and privacy very seriously. Their website is SSL-encrypted to protect their customer’s data.  FXCM also offers two-factor authentication to increase security. FXCM has been in business since 1999 and is one of the largest forex brokers by volume traded worldwide. The company operates from various international locations around the globe, including North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

FXCM’s Trading Platform:

FXCM offer their traders a state-of-the art trading platform with all the tools that you will need to trade successfully on your desktop or mobile device. Some key features include streaming live quotes, charting packages such as SuperDOM (depth of market), drawing tools for technical analysis, integrated news feed from Reuters Financial TV & Analytics powered by InvestFeed Edge. In addition to these useful features they have recently rebranded their MT platform with a new design and layout.

FXCM’s Account Types:

FXCM offers two account types to suit your needs, including Standard Accounts (which are not margin accounts) and Capital Protected Accounts (which give traders access to additional features like negative balance protection).

Customer Service at FXCM Forex Broker : 

The customer service department is available via phone 24/5 or email seven days per week! You can also connect with an associate on their live chat system during business hours. Customer support representatives are well trained professionals who offer clients help in over 15 different languages. 

This enables individuals from around the world to communicate easily with one another . They have offices located all over the globe so there is never any time difference between you and their representative if you need assistance with any aspect of your trading experience.

FXCM’s Leverage and Margin Policy:

The leverage at FXCM varies from product to product, including forex pairs which have a maximum level of 50:one but for CFDs the margin rates are much lower. For example on equity products such as Apple or Microsoft stocks clients can trade in 100% margin accounts whereas currencies only offer 25%. 

This is an important thing to consider before opening an account with them because it impacts how traders should manage their money when they’re investing . The higher the percentage offered by FXCM means that you will not have to deposit as much capital into your trading account to take advantage of larger market moves. On the contrary, a lower percentage means that you will have to deposit more money into the account in order to take advantage of small market moves.

FXCM’s Regulation:

The company is regulated by top-tier global regulators, including the UK FCA and ASIC for traders who are based in Australia . Since FXCM operates across various international borders it has licenses from a number of different regulatory authorities around the globe. This makes them one of the most reputable brokers available on today’s forex market . 

They can be trusted because they follow strict rules regarding risk management, financial standards and trading procedures which protects their clients’ best interests at all times! In addition, they have been awarded numerous awards over many years due to being recognized as leaders within their industry on several occasions.

FXCM’s Education Options:

The company offers its traders the opportunity to improve their trading skills with a comprehensive education package. Experienced staff are on hand to provide training, seminars and webinars which cover all of the key topics that any potential trader should be aware of before opening an account . This ensures that new comers have everything they need in order to grow into successful traders without being left behind by other more experienced investors . 

A free copy of thinkorswim is also available for clients who sign up with them because this advanced platform has helped numerous people learn what it takes to consistently make money from investing ! Their online learning center includes articles, videos tutorials as well as useful educational material written by FXCM employees! All things considered, FXCM is a highly reliable broker that offers traders the opportunity to make money in any market conditions.

Fee and Commission Rates:

The company offers competitive commission rates which are all clearly outlined on their website. Their pricing structure for spreads is transparent, meaning that traders can easily calculate how much they will have to pay in commissions before placing any trades . They charge no additional fees beyond the spread so clients know exactly what they’re paying from the get go! 

There are also several different types of accounts available depending upon individual trading needs including Micro Accounts , Mini Accounts and Standard Accounts ! These give people with various levels of experience access to a variety of features, benefits and tools which help them maximize their returns while minimizing risk at all times! The amount you choose to deposit into your account dictates the level of service offered by FXCM.

FXCM’s Bonus Offers:

The company is currently running a special offer for new clients, offering them 100% deposit match up to $1000! This gives people the opportunity to take advantage of larger market moves and grow their trading capital much faster than before . Therefore this deal should not be missed if you’re looking for somewhere to trade with reliable brokers who have years of industry experience behind them.

Demo Account:

The company offers a free demo account to all potential new clients which can be used at any time, giving people the chance to practice trading in real market conditions before making any decisions . This enables them to build up their experience while minimizing risk and can help you determine what kind of trader you are without risking your own money! 

Furthermore, experienced forex traders will appreciate how much more effective this is than paper trading because it’s far closer to the real deal than reading about other peoples’ experiences online. Demo accounts also come with $10000 virtual cash so that everyone gets access to similar software features as those who open full accounts . However, no matter whether someone has an actual FXCM account or not they should take advantage of practicing on their free demo account before moving on to live trading!

FXCM Review Summary:

The company has been in business for over 20 years and provides their clients with a wide range of services including forex, CFDs , stocks, commodities and indices. Their prices are highly competitive because they operate an electronic dealing system which reduces the cost of transactions by up to 90% when compared with traditional methods .

Furthermore, there is no commission charged so traders can benefit from much cheaper rates than ever before when placing trades online. The best part about this broker is that new investors receive $10000 virtual cash upon signing up while experienced traders get access to advanced software features such as thinkorswim .

This means that everyone who opens an account will have everything they need at their fingertips to make money no matter what kind of market conditions they face! FXCM is a highly reliable broker with an impeccable track record and we recommend them for all new traders looking for somewhere to get started.


FXCM is an excellent choice for all new traders because they offer 100% matching bonuses, no commission fees and highly competitive spreads. Furthermore experienced investors will appreciate their advanced software features which enable everyone to make money in any market conditions! This broker has been around since 1999 so you can trust that they are here to stay . FXCM provides people with the tools required to start trading immediately upon opening an account while offering them a variety of different services depending on individual needs. Finally, there’s no need to worry about whether or not this company is legitimate as it has received several awards including being named “Best Currency Broker” by Shares Magazine seven years running!