How To Fix PS4/PS5 Error Code nw-31246-6 Quickly

The NW-31246-6 error code can occasionally come up on the PS4, where it often serves as a manifestation of another networking fault. I receive a notice about once a month stating that the PS4/PS5 cannot connect to the internet due to improper DNS settings.

This issue is most commonly caused by not setting the DNS servers in the connection settings. To cure this error, it is generally sufficient to manually enter Google DNS server IP addresses and Unplugging your PS4/PS5 and router for 15 minutes can often solve the issue. Alternatively, you can set everything to be automatic or straightforward.

Let’s examine the best options to solve this problem: we’ll go over them in the following paragraphs.

Method 1 – Configure DNS Server Manually

This method has been used to correct the error code the most often, based on how frequently it’s mentioned in the forums. NW-31246-6, which mostly occurs due to misconfigured DNS server configurations, is raised frequently.

Simply navigate to your PS4’s internet settings and configure your DNS to resolve your problem! These are the actions you need to take:

  • Establish Internet Access
  • If you are connected through LAN or Wi-Fi, make your selection.
  • Use -> Discard -> Edit -> Close -> Delete -> and more -> Choose This page Use -> This is the settings page -> Here you can select which features you want to use -> From here, you can select various feature combinations, then apply the combinations to your page -> Open up the settings and choose the features you’d like to use
  • If you get to DNS Settings, then run through all the settings, but don’t change anything.
  • Switch to Manual for DNS.
  • In the Primary and Secondary boxes, enter one of the following DNS server pairs manually.
    • Primary: Google DNS back-up
    • Primary DNS 1st-level
    • More DNS servers are described in our Best DNS for Gaming post. Google DNS servers are the most widely used and frequently the most successful. They can be found all throughout the world.
  • It would be a good idea to save and then test the connection. This should solve most of your problems.

Method 2 – Hard Reset Your Router and PS4/PS5

If you have already set up your DNS settings or inputting them doesn’t resolve the problem message, resetting the PS4/PS5 and router may resolve the issue.

First, just reboot your PS4/PS5 and router, and then reconfigure your internet connection as indicated in the first approach by inputting the DNS servers manually. In the worst case, reset both your console and router to factory settings.

If you want to use these electronics for the next day, you must unplug them and then plug them back in after 15 minutes. This is an efficient method for refreshing and resetting networking settings, such as IP address/DNS servers, to their defaults, and can sometimes return a connection that has previously failed.

Method 3 – Resolve IP Address Error

Many people report getting error codes such as “couldn’t discover an IP address/IP timeout” when they’re trying to fix error codes like these. This is likely because you failed to properly establish your network settings initially, or because you messed up while manually configuring your DNS servers and as a result, your network settings were knocked off course.

Another solution to this problem is the 15-minute reset, which will reset all settings to default, including the IP address, and allow you to reconnect. While others elect to do this or are hindered by individuals utilizing the internet, people with a preference to stay anonymous can go with this alternative option:

If you receive IP address issues, make sure you go through the details of the manual DNS setting stages. Without making any mistakes, follow the details. Remember, under Settings, you’ll find… Network…. When you first turn on your internet, connect with Custom.

Then, make sure to run through all the settings and to leave all of them as they are, without making any changes. Change the DNS settings to manual when you arrive there. Never make any changes to the other settings; just accept the default settings and press on until you arrive to DNS. IP settings should be configured to automatic.

If you are positive you have completed everything perfectly and you’re still experiencing IP address difficulties or you just want to configure your connection as Automatic/Default/Easy Settings again, you will need to totally reconfigure your connection.

Below is how you do it:

  • Select Settings. Network. Connect the Internet.
  • If you are connected through LAN or Wi-Fi, make your selection.
  • Watch the video to find out how to reach this place.
  • Select Easy instead of Custom this time.
  • It may ask you to input your Wi-Fi network name and password if you are using Wi-Fi. It’s on a sticker that is located on the back of your router.
  • Go ahead and click all the buttons exactly as they are. Don’t change anything. Everything should be automatic and effortless.
  • With these settings in place, your IP address will be returned to the automatic option and should enable you to access the internet.
  • Ensure the internet is working so it can locate the IP address.
  • If your PS4/PS5 cannot connect to the IP address it finds after following these steps, revert to Method #1 and complete each step precisely as it is stated down. Except for DNS, avoid customizing any settings.
  • To see if your speeds are truly slow, go on to the next section.

Method 4 – Improve Your Internet Connection

It appears that some customers have trouble fixing this error because after they finish configuring the connection, Internet Connection tests fail to complete and return an error message about not being able to finish within the time restriction.

If this is your problem, then it’s probably because your console isn’t connecting properly to your router via Wi-Fi.

It could be hard, but moving closer to the router, moving obstructions, or changing your connection to a wired one should allow you to connect properly.

Although connecting wires around the house is unrealistic for many people, and thus other solutions are required, you can connect to your router with Powerline Adapters if you have a long cable.

A single adapter is for your console, while the other is for your router. Then, the two plugs talk to each other using the wires in your house to send you a fast, steady connection via your PlayStation 4, usually at a higher speed and lower ping than if you were on WiFi. A lot of extra cable work can be avoided.

Even if you are away from the router and keep getting these connection problem warnings, you can ignore Wi-Fi and use cable connections instead, which have a far more robust connection to the router.

If you can’t seem to resolve this error code on your own, give PlayStation Support a call for some extra assistance.