Characteristics of a Social Entrepreneur | Interstellar Consulting

There we talked about what those people really are and even made some illustrations to easily understand who they are.

But it is time to move on to another point, and it is nothing more and nothing less than the characteristics of a social entrepreneur. How are these people? What characteristics define them?

Pay close attention because below you will know the characteristics that all people who aspire to social entrepreneurship have and should have with the help of business branding consulting.

# 1 Social responsibility and commitment:

These entrepreneurs feel committed to society. They mix a “Will” with a “Duty” which results in “Doing”

… And it is that sometimes it is not enough to have a duty. Well, we do it in an obligatory way. But wanting is not enough either because if at some point we get discouraged we can stop wanting and give up.

Social entrepreneurs “want” to do their job with passion. But they also believe in themselves that responsibility that when they want to throw in the towel they say No, this is my duty!

For this reason, they are driven to “Do” and achieve positive results. This feature leads us to the following:

# 2 Taking risks An exemplary feature!

Responsibility and commitment lead us to another attribute of this type of person. I am referring to the ability to face challenges by assuming the risks that may exist.

It does not mean that they are not afraid at some stage of their endeavor, but despite that fear, they assume whatever is necessary to fulfill their objectives.

# 3 Perseverance and perseverance:

Unlike other ventures, the social one needs a dose of perseverance. Why? because it is not the same to find a hole in the market and sell something than to offer the solution to a social problem.

Mostly what we sell in another type of enterprise offers the client comfort and satisfaction. But in the social sphere to find that comfort and satisfaction first, the “Client” has to go through a somewhat uncomfortable process.

It is not the same to make ice cream where people come to it because they want to treat themselves. To promote a drug-free world where people have to deny their tastes (consumer), deal with different and aggressive people (a society that looks at the drug addict from afar) . This just to cite one example.

So you have to persevere, even if it is not easy, you have to believe that you can.

# 4 Be a social person:

Entrepreneurs of this type have to be sociable people. Well, it is necessary to have a good relationship with other people to be able to form a team to lead.

If you do not connect with others, it will be difficult for you to achieve social good.

# 5 Business vision:

Among the characteristics of a social entrepreneur is the business vision. Do not think that money is the enemy of social enterprises!

In the article “What is a social entrepreneur? A 360-degree turn ”I said it and I repeat it here. Money is necessary if our undertaking is serious!

For this reason, entrepreneurs are almost forced to have a business vision because they have to solve their economic problems to achieve their objectives in society.

# 6 Search for professionalism:

Being people with business vision, they are people who seek to learn and be professionals. They are also entrepreneurs who seek to form a professional team.

Interstellar consulting is a social entrepreneur who does not seek professionalism or professionalism is like a person who sees another drowning and without knowing how to swim jumps into the water. They will both drown!

More than feelings, we must also put the capacities we have to work and improve and strengthen ourselves every day.