SEO Techniques For Better Marketing Solutions

SEO is the easiest form of marketing to bring your brand to customers. However, you feel that your current SEO service does not feel right, has not yet achieved the desired results. So, now, which SEO techniques will bring the most effective here. In the following article, we will help you answer questions and learn how to SEO effectively.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also known as search engine optimization is the process of increasing website rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. SEO methods include optimizing websites and building websites. link to the website so that the search engine chooses the website that best matches the user’s intent. Implementing an effective SEO way will bring many benefits to your business, increasing the conversion rate (Conversion Rate) to help increase sales and profits significantly.

SEO has 3 parts: strategy, tactics and copywriting. When ensuring those 3 factors, your marketing strategy will be successful.

Effective SEO techniques

  1. Manage business listings

Businesses can be present in many online sections of Google, To achieve this, your listing must be consistent between business address, phone number, for Google to be able to crawl it well.

Consistent listings will help your business show up on Google’s search engine better. Any local business that wants to appear on Google Maps results needs consistent business listing management.

Implement an effective SEO way to help your business and company affirm the brand

  1. Pay attention to the content of the article

“Content is King” is a well-known saying in the SEO field. Just improving the quality of the article is not enough, it is necessary to incorporate SEO techniques to succeed.

Not only that, the content of the article must be short, concise, and useful to convince readers

  1. Promote keywords

The first step in keyword and website SEO is mapping your keyword strategy.

Keywords are phrases that potential customers type in to search. When SEO website, you have to see if your keywords are suitable for the target audience or not.

On the page, the factor is also an important criterion to measure SEO efficiency

To know if that keyword is suitable for users, you must regularly update social news, capture trends, and user behavior.

When you choose the right keywords, that means the SEO method you choose is right and on the right track. Some keyword research tools like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Explorer from Moz

In addition to keywords, you can also use SEO Entity to increase the likelihood of appearing in a user’s query.

  1. Create Links

Create a link on the first linking page in the entire content. It turns out that Google has been experimenting with anchor text and usually only counts the first links on the page in case a page is trying to link to many other pages internally.

You should incorporate internal links into your web content in order of importance. If your website is related to sales, you should leave internal links about discount codes and coupons to increase interaction and have extra income for you.

  1. Consider Using Shorter URLs

For years now, using meta descriptions and keyword-relevant URLs has been an effective SEO strategy. However, some studies have suggested that the shorter the URL, the higher the ranking.

The best way is to add your main keyword in the first words of your URL and keep your entire URL around 5 words.

  1. Social Network Link to Advertise The Website

These days, with the development of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, this is a good environment for you to find potential customers. Knowing how to take advantage of social networks will be very good for website SEO services and promoting your business image. Businesses that make good use of the development of social networks will devise promotional strategies for the company. In addition to marketing methods such as launching discount codes and coupons to attract customers, businesses should focus on website SEO through social networks, they will help increase customer reach for the company, thereby bringing great benefits.

  1. Measure SEO Success

Measurement is essential when implementing marketing strategies to see how successful the project will be.

The measurement here is to track data such as website rank, backlinks, conversion rate to analyze and optimize it successfully. In addition, most importantly you must come up with a suitable SEO strategy to drive sales.

Note: Do not block Googlebot, because Googlebot has an important role in traffic measurement, Traffic is also a measure of SEO success.


Above are the experiences as well as the basic SEO techniques to help promote the website that we synthesize. In the process of your SEO, if the website has not been up yet, please be patient and wait if you do exactly what is instructed, your website will surely come to the top.