All You Need to Know About Compulink EHR Software

Compulink’s Advantage SMART Practice is a fully-featured healthcare solution that combines an integrated EHR with a powerful practice management tool. To improve clinical operations and financial performance, Compulink EHR takes a data-driven approach. They currently provide specialty-specific treatments in over 18 disciplines, including dermatology, optometry, mental health, urology, pain management, and more.

The following services are available in their comprehensive suite:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Practice Management System
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient Engagement
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Advantage Telehealth
  • E-Commerce

Compulink aims to provide consumers with a high-end experience that allows them to have all of their medical practice-related needs met from a central location. With Compulink EHR, you may handle a variety of responsibilities related to your medical practice seamlessly. In this article, we will go over numerous Compulink EHR features and how they can assist you in managing your practice!

Top Features of Compulink EHR Software

Compulink has long been committed to serving customers with EHR software that includes solutions for all aspects of medical practice. The program handles it all, from assisting you in speeding up current processes such as filling out patient-related paperwork to helping you establish better methods of arranging appointments.

Artificial Intelligence

It is essential in this day and time to have medical EHR software that is intelligent and can adjust to your needs and interests rather than the other way around. You can use Compulink EHR to access its AI technology, which significantly aids in operational assistance. The most popular EHR software analyses your real-time data and assists you in drawing better conclusions, developing better diagnosis strategies, and having a better overall experience.

Electronic Prescription

The e-prescription feature, which according to various Compulink EHR reviews, is a significant feature of interest for a lot of users, is an essential part of Compulink EHR. With this function, you may automatically write prescriptions for patients online and have them delivered to the pharmacy of their choice. As a result, your patients benefit from Compulink EHR because they do not have to come into your offices first to pick up their prescriptions.

Patient Portal

Because patients may access their portal and arrange their appointments themselves, the patient portal function makes your job easier. In addition, patients can also utilize this site to stay on top of upcoming meetings and connect with you.

Overall, this function in Compulink EHR benefits you because you no longer have to book appointments and send reminders manually. After all, the program automates this process and relieves you of the burden! In addition, this frees up time for you to improve your patient care in other ways and become more effective overall! Therefore, this function alone is worth the Compulink EHR pricing.


One of the most valuable aspects of Compulink EHR is the telehealth capability, which proved notably beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this functionality, physicians were able to view their patients without any problems. With the sudden lockdown, many patients could not visit their doctors in person, but with Compulink EHR’s telehealth feature, this was averted as virtual appointments took their place.

Financial Management

Compulink Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software is an all-in-one solution that combines expert billing services with the industry’s premier EHR and Practice Management solution to alleviate the pain of not being paid and enhance revenue. This service assigns a specialized team to manage claims submissions, denials and refusals, patient billing, payment processing, and extensive reporting using a robust technological platform.

Overall, Compulink EHR allows you to simply create automatic billing and scrubbing solutions that help you file claims and have them accepted in no time. In addition, because Compulink EHR enables you to file claims automatically, there is a lesser risk of errors. Aside from that, you can have them approved faster due to fewer errors and faster filing, which equals more cash for your practice, eventually leading to your success!

Mobile App

Compulink Healthcare’s electronic medical records (EHR) software has built an Android/iOS mobile app to help you benefit from this cloud-based solution. The program works with any smartphone or handheld device to allow for easy note-taking and short patient assessments. You can also access critical information, process claims, and administer medication while on the go without being constrained by a single server.

Compulink EHR Pricing

Compulink EHR pricing begins at $149 per practitioner per month, less than the typical cost of deploying EHR software. This integrated solution contains Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Automation, and Inventory Management modules. Unfortunately, however, there is no free version available.

  • Compulink EHR Reviews
  • Strengths
  • Compulink offers a user experience that is highly flexible and adaptable.
  • The software provides a healthcare solution that is focused on growth
  • Compulink has one of the best customer care services in the market.
  • Weaknesses
  • Custom forms are not available
  • Customizing templates is overwhelming

Do We Recommend Compulink EHR Software?

After discussing all of the features offered by Compulink EHR, you undoubtedly think if we recommend you get it right away. But unfortunately, we can’t make this selection for you unless we know more about your practice and needs. We can, however, provide you some pointers on how to make this decision on your own.

The first step is to create a list of features that you would ideally like to see in the software and then compare that list to the capabilities available in Compulink EHR. You may also go online and read as many Compulink EHR reviews as you want to see what other people think of the software. Finally, we strongly suggest you request a Compulink EHR demo from the seller to determine whether the program meets your requirements in reality.

Overall, we hope that whatever decision you make about Compulink EHR is the best one for you and your medical practice!