There have been at least one billion iPhone users worldwide. Each passing day more and more people get attracted to it. Those who can afford such a huge amount, never look for any other option instead of an iPhone. An iPhone is really a reliable and user-friendly device that provides all you need, in a beautiful package. So when the package is large, the battery should be high as well. This is the reason most iPhone users wish for a single thing i.e. how to extend the battery life? Let us give you some secret information in advance, that these tips are always suggested and followed by most of the top iPhone repair service centre Singapore.

The battery is the prime necessity of any gadget, and so is the case with iPhones. So let us talk about the tips to increase your iPhone’s battery life!

1. Remove your iPhone’s cover before charging

The first and foremost thing you have to remember before putting your iPhone on charge is to remove its case. The case makes the phones overheat while charging and this problem gradually leads to hampering the battery life. 

So never forget to remove the cover to ensure your iPhone’s long battery life.

2. Never charge your iPhone up to the last bit

According to Apple’s recommendation, an iPhone needs to charge only up to 50%. So never let it charge up to 100%, it will shorten the battery life. 

Another terrible thing you probably do is that you put your iPhone on charge for increasing a little bit of it, until you leave the home. It seems good for that short time, but this habit can be quite prejudicial to the lifespan of the iPhone’s battery.

3. Don’t let your iPhone fully discharge

It is a common belief that phones should not be charged until they are fully discharged. But it brings a lot of negative effects on your iPhone, including the short battery life.

So do charge your iPhone when the battery percentage is about 10% or 15%. But this is not for every time. You can fully discharge your iPhone twice or thrice in a year. It might help to extend the battery life. This is a common cause pertaining to how you harm your iPhone! If you want to know some more from such causes, then check here.

4. Don’t forget to keep your iOS up-to-date every time

Since Apple itself is always offering new ways of improving the autonomy of the device’s battery through various system updates, it would be the best thing if you keep your iOS always up-to-date. 

Take an example of iOS 9, though it is an old model, this model came with several good solutions to ensure the longest battery life as well as a battery-saving mode. Thus Apple is helping its users to fulfill their wishes. Besides this, you may keep the apps updated. It will also enhance the battery life by bug fixing.

5. Don’t use it in extreme temperatures

It is never good to keep your iPhone at a high temperature. iOS devices are always to be used between 32° and 95° F that means 0° to 35° C. Heat might affect not only the battery but also the device as a whole. Even it can lead to such a problem when you have to think about iPhone Screen Repair. So it is a vital responsibility to take precautions. 

To avoid these types of problems, try to leave your device in a well-ventilated space and don’t take it in your hands until it cools down. 

6. Always use the original charger

It is very important to always carry the original Apple charger with you and use only that to charge your iPhone up. And for using that always, you need to pay extra attention to the charger. Otherwise, the charger may lose its power and this won’t play a positive role in keeping your iPhone’s battery in the right condition.

7. Delete those apps that you never use

It is an extremely bad habit to keep every unused thing on the phone. Though this habit is not affecting you, it hampers the battery life of your iPhone. Too many unused apps take a lot of space in your iPhone’s memory and it can be one reason that your phone gets overheated. 

So in that case, you can do two things, one is to make use of the feature called “Offload Unused Apps”. It will delete the unused apps automatically. 

And the second one is, turn on the “background app refresh”. It will constantly keep checking for updates for each app. 


The above tips are must-listen ones if you want to increase your iPhone’s battery. An iPhone is never a cheap thing, so in that case, you don’t want to have to keep buying new iPhones every year. Thus, follow these tips to the fullest and bring them to the Apple iPhone Repair Singapore whenever you face any problem using your iPhone. In case you feel your iPhone needs attention from the best iPhone repair centres in Singapore, then without any hesitation get connected with us. Visit our website for more and explore your requirements!